‘Tis the Season for Holiday Landing Page Templates

Landing page optimization tips for the holiday season

If you ever wondered whether or not you could build your email list by giving away free “holiday” themed products, the answer is yes. In fact, it’s recommended if you have the time to put into it and resources that you are willing to use within it.

For example, KnittingDaily.com offers several holiday-themed knitting items. Items like a poinsettia ornament and cabled globe ornament can be found on their site. These items are already free and downloadable.

If Knitting Daily wanted to come out with a holiday-themed eBook, they would need to take the following steps:

First, they would have to see if anyone was searching for holiday-themed knitting patterns. I did this research myself and found that  “Christmas knitting patterns” has 9,900 broad searches per month. For exact searches, there are 880. For competition, there are only 38,800 competing pages in Google for that keyword.

Let’s say that this was the best keyword they could find with the least competition. They would name their new pattern ebook something like “5 Christmas Knitting Patterns”. Or to be more niche, they might say “5 Christmas Knitting Patterns for Kids”. You get the picture.

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They would then take five of their holiday knitting patterns and compile them into this new eBook. They would throw up a landing page that targeted at least the main keyword, “Christmas knitting patterns”.

This would be followed up with a “Knitting Daily Releases 5 free Christmas Knitting Patterns” press release and a social media campaign to support it.

I realize that this type of campaign is better suited for B2C publishers, but let’s put a B2B company like Mequoda in this spot. We could release a holiday-themed white paper that only talked about writing holiday subject lines, making viral holiday videos, offering holiday promotions on B2B products, so on and so forth.

So let’s go over the steps that it would take for you to create your own holiday campaign:

  • Find content that you already have, that is holiday themed.
  • Do your keyword research (try the free Google Keyword Tool) to find out what people are searching for and decide what angle you want to take on the content.
  • Bundle that content up into a downloadable PDF. Use the keyword in your title.
  • Create a landing page that gives away the PDF while collecting email addresses. Target your keywords in your copywriting.
  • Promote via press releases and social media. Send the PDF to bloggers in your industry.

And there you have your holiday campaign. Will it be short-lived? Yes. Is it likely to be highly searched for and have a better conversion rate during this short period? Yes.

So look at your archives and see what you might be able to cook up before the holiday season is over!


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