Top 10 Reasons Why Visitors Resist Subscribing to Your Membership Website

Do new visitors to your site subscribe, or do they take one quick look, then click back to where they came from? Here are the top 10 reasons your visitors may not be converting to subscribers.

1. They feel as though they’re slumming.
First impressions really do count, especially online. If the look of your site doesn’t immediately gain the respect of visitors, you are in trouble.

Studies have shown that visitors decide within the first 10 seconds whether they will investigate further or move on. That’s how long it takes to run the look of your site through their mental filters and determine whether you are worth their time.

The quickest way to lose visitors: design your site to look like an amateur did it.

2. The colors are offensive.
Ever wonder why so many of the top 10 sites use the same basic colors? It’s simple: studies have found those colors are attractive to visitors.

But many sites don’t bother to choose a good color combination. In fact, it looks like they do just the opposite, choosing colors almost guaranteed to send visitors packing.

Colors matter, especially in delivering first impressions, so pick your colors carefully. Or just forego the colors, and go for simplicity.

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3. Visitors are confused by your design.
Have you ever been to a carnival where there are so many side show barkers vying for your attention that you couldn’t wait to escape to peace and quiet?

It’s the same way with a website. If your site has so much going on that it confuses the visitor, making it hard to find a central theme or point of interest, they probably won’t hang around long.

People don’t like being confused.

4. You make them take an IQ test before they can enter.
If visitors can’t find out quickly how to navigate the site, they’ll move on. You’ve got to make it easy for them to find what they are looking for.

5. You’re too pushy.
You don’t have to shout. If the content is what your visitors are looking for, they’ll stay. It only hurts you to put the strong sell on them before they’ve had a chance to look around.

6. You’re too needy.
Don’t ask if they really, really like you. Don’t be eager. Play it cool. Let the quality of your content speak for you.

7. You’re too wordy.
Writing for the Web is an exercise in restraint. Follow the model of the famous writer who said, “If I’d had more time, I would have used fewer words.”

8. No compelling reason to stay.
If you don’t offer your visitors a series of rewards that leads them further into your site, you need to rethink your design. The rewards are articles, tips, columns and other content that fits what they are looking for so well that visitors feel compelled to join.

9. No call to action.
Do you ask your visitors to subscribe? If you don’t ask, in plain language, most people won’t figure out that you want them to take action.

10. There is no easy, obvious way to join.
Think about this. Do you have a department, ad or button, that reads “Join Today,” with a link to the subscription form where visitors can pay with their credit cards?

If you don’t, visitors will think the site is a hobby, or under development. Maybe they’ll come back later, maybe not.


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