10 Top Subscription Website Publishing Posts of 2015

Our most-read subscription website publishing posts of 2015 reveal a desire for better understanding of building, publishing and pricing subscription websites

Top 10 Subscription Website Publishing Posts of 2015This year in our Subscription Website Publishing articles we’ve tackled everything from choosing profitable subscription models, to choosing the best colors and fonts for your redesign, and pricing your subscription websites appropriately. However, there are a few that have consistently been our highest read, commented on, and shared articles of the year. Before you start out 2016, catch up on what’s considered our most popular advice on subscription websites, and share it with your fellow publishers.

1. The Most Profitable Subscription Website Business Models

Choosing your content focus is a business-critical decision, as the focus you choose pretty much dictates your chances of success with a subscription website. However, more serious than the focus on content for a subscription website is the business model. Not considering the subscription website business model is a major mistake some publishers make.

2. Usability Testing: 5 Heat Map Tracking Tools to Watch What Your Visitors Do

If you want to know why your website design is, or is not performing, start conducting usability tests. A/B tests are great for content, but when it comes to seeing how users engage with your website, online heat map tracking tools can make all the difference.

3. Best-Practice Font Tips for Effective Website Design and More Readable Content

Changing the predominant font of your site is a reasonably simple process with perhaps the single biggest potential impact.

4. How to Analyze Your Referring Website Analytics + 7 Steps for Using them

There’s a lot to learn in Google Analytics, but unless you’re a business analyst or marketing manager, you probably don’t need to know all of them. Here’s how to extract the most usable information from your website analytics.

5. Google Visibility Math: Organic SEO Metrics that Matter

Knowing your Google Visibility – how much qualified website traffic Google should be sending you – is just a matter of doing the numbers.

6. Choosing Website Color Schemes: 16 Tools for Designers

Branding comes into play when choosing colors for your website. Most brands stick with their main colors. However, some businesses also go through an entire rebranding when they launch or relaunch their websites, causing the “color” question to be taken into serious consideration.

7. The Portal Subscription Website Business Model

Website business models never stand still, but the portal website business model remains nearest and dearest to our hearts here at Mequoda. Discover how Yahoo News, Warfare History Daily, NAPA and Ceramic Arts Daily leverage this subscription website portal.

8. Building a Google Visibility Report: A Step-by-Step Guide

Our clients publish in many different niches: food, investing, archaeology, environmental infrastructure, natural health and clinical pathology among many others. When they first come to us, they have nothing in common with one another, but after working with us for six months to a year, they have many things in common, perhaps the most important is that they all have a Google Visibility Report (GVR).

9. 5 Subscription Management Software Requirements

For every publisher who dreams of creating a subscription website, choosing the right subscription management software can be a daunting task.

10. How to Choose the Best Subscription Pricing and Single Copy Pricing Strategy for your Subscription Websites and Subscription Apps

While the challenge of choosing the right subscription and single copy pricing strategy is not new to magazine publishers, it’s virgin territory for most subscription website publishers and many publishers exploring the digital newsstand landscape.

There are lots of other great posts about subscription website publishing that didn’t make the list, but we think deserves another spin—so here’s our personal list of favorites we’d recommend reading before the new year:

Do you have any favorite articles of the year that helped you run a better business? Share them with us in the comments below, even if they’re not ours!



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