Top 10 Subscription Website Publishing Posts of 2013

Our most popular subscription website publishing posts of the year

Subscription websites are at the core of modern online publishing and have even been considered the Holy Grail of the industry.

The popularity surrounding subscription websites stems from the fact that they are among the most profitable websites on the Internet. Any publisher or content marketer that is looking to have the most profitable website should know exactly how to build a subscription website.

Our top 10 subscription website publishing posts were the most viewed posts that we published in 2013. Enjoy!

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Mequoda’s Top 10 Subscription Website Publishing Posts of 2013

1. The 9 Most Profitable Subscription Website Business Models [+ Video]

Choosing your content focus is a business-critical decision, as the focus you choose pretty much dictates your chances of success with a subscription website. However, more serious than the focus of a subscription website is the business model. Not considering the subscription website business model is a major mistake some publishers make.

2. 8 Subscription Website Homepage Ideas for Audience Engagement

Mequoda has long quantified its own best subscription website homepage ideas, which we put into action with all of our clients. Having recently launched two brand-new websites and re-launched a third, this is an excellent opportunity to show you how we put our subscription website homepage ideas into action.

3. 5 Signs of Bad Website Design & How to Fix it

Websites are not magazines. However, magazine content can be the basis of a successful periodical website that follows the basic rules of periodical websites design and content management.

4. The Portal Subscription Website Business Model

It’s a Mequoda best practice to build a portal for every subscription website we create. Portals are seen most often because not only are they a profitable model on their own, they’re also intended to build and feed an audience for affiliated premium subscription websites. They are specifically designed for SEO, email marketing, list building, lead generation and building engagement and loyalty.

5. 18 Website Development Tools to Try in 2013

There’s a never-ending stream of new tools that pop up every day to help us become better web developers. We have a dashboard of tools we look to for ideas, assistance and even implementation, and it’s safe to assume that you probably do too. Here are ours.

6. The Newsletter Subscription Website Business Model

The newsletter subscription model is one of the more profitable models on the Internet. Newsletters have long been a staple of the periodical publishing industry, focusing on a specific, narrow topic in a shorter, less graphic format than magazines, usually black and white text only and shorter than 20 pages. And the newsletter subscription website has defined characteristics that help to promote the newsletter and increase circulation and profits.

7. Website Design Samples of Our 16 Archetypes

The Mequoda Research Team has analyzed more than 2,000 media websites and concluded there are 16 primary website archetypes—or basic templates from which all other similar websites are patterned. They are different based not only on the type of content they provide, but also how that content is paid for—by the user, by a sponsor, or both.

8. Membership vs. Retail Subscription Website Information Architecture

Although the marketplace uses both names interchangeably, there are big structural differences between a membership and subscription website.

9. The Community Subscription Website Business Model

Some of the most successful publishers let their users generate more than 99 percent of their content. The publishers who can do this become masters at building communities that draw users to both read and post.

10. The Best Digital Magazine Website Subscription Offer

While charging customers separately for the same content or similar content on multiple platforms in multiple editions may provide the opportunity for some short-term profit taking, it is not in the customers’ or publishers’ long-term best interests.

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