Up Sell Order Flow

A well designed “thank you” page should always offer the user an additional product or service that is closely related to the product they have just purchased, or to the free report they’re about to download. There are many websites that offer NO up sell on the thank you page — clearly a missed opportunity. We’ve seen up sell opportunities generate anywhere from 5 to 35 percent take rate at similar price points often generating a substantial additional amount of revenue.
Up Sell Order Flow

Example of Mequoda Daily Up Sell Order Flow

    Ken L.

    The thank you page, aka order confirmation page is fertile ground for the right kind of upsell, whether it is an additional item to qualify for free shipping or an affiliate offer. Affiliate upsells which are category-consistent with your store and which offer an incentive for your customer to return and shop with you again perform best. The right partner adheres to best practices (no data pass from your cart, clear consumer workflow) and treats your customers like gold; this makes the relationship add value to your brand and store experience, increasing loyalty and revenues.


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