Using Landing Pages to Sell Products

Insight on creating sales letter landing pages from our Landing Page Handbook

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With all the content present on the Internet today, it’s important to create landing pages that are designed with irresistible offers that intrigue visitors.

If you operate a commercial website, the goal of your website’s architecture should be intended to get the visitor to take action. This action could range from buying a product or service, or simply getting the visitor to sign up for a free email newsletter. Either outcome will mark the beginning of a sustainable relationship that publishers and marketers should nurture.

Our free Landing Page Handbook: Creating Sales Letter Landing Pages that Sell offers 12 best practices for creating sales letter landing pages that will lead to more conversions when executed properly.

Landing Page Handbook best practices

Landing Page Handbook Best Practice #1 – How to write effective headlines: It’s exceedingly important to capture the attention of your visitors as soon as possible. If you don’t do it within the first dozen seconds of them being on your site, they are likely to bounce and go elsewhere.

A forceful, promise-laden headline that offers helpful information aids in attracting attention. Our handbook offers pages on how to write effective headline copy.

Landing Page Handbook Best Practice #2 – Use a compelling story: Even the best products benefit from a well-crafted story. A great sales letter landing page begins with a story that aligns with a product and creates desire with each paragraph.

Landing Page Handbook Best Practice #3 – Engage readers with webified content: Multimedia content is everywhere nowadays. We don’t suggest you use technology to overshadow good sales copy, but do include it where it makes sense. Adding audio or video clips to a sales letter landing page will create a more personal and engaging experience for your visitors.

To learn the other nine best practices for creating sales letter landing pages that sell, download your free digital copy of the Landing Page Handbook now.

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