Using the Tierra Billboard Manager to Promote Your Best Content

Daily publishers create and distribute a lot of high quality content. However, only certain pieces of content can be considered the ‘best’.

The best content does not take into account the editor or writer’s opinion of it; the best is defined purely by the audience’s interactions with it, the amount of social sharing it experiences and the valuable they find from it.

We’ve written about creating Blockbuster posts before, the articles that have a chance to rank well in search engines and present your audience with the information they are seeking.

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Presenting your best content is a way to build a bigger audience and bring your current audience to new pages on your website. This is especially important if you have hundreds of thousands of pages of content.

One way you can bring your best content to your audience is with the Tierra Billboard Manager plug-in for WordPress sites. With this plug-in you can customize the billboard panel to “present images, animations, audio and video files to tout content” that you want your audience to see. You can create multiple playlists and assign links to each asset within the billboard.

The Tierra Billboard Manager is one great way publishers can present great content to their audience. For more plug-in that enhance the efficiency and aesthetics of publishing websites, contact Kim Mateus via email. She can offer consulting options that include dozens of WordPress plug-ins we recommend to clients.


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