Warning: We’re Only Building Out Eight New Mequoda Systems a Year (And Why This is Good News for You)

Unbelievable but true: We’re willing to reveal all of our secrets and provide you with a detailed blueprint for success — no kidding!

All the documentation behind our state-of-the-art Mequoda Systems — plus all the Mequoda WordPress plug-ins — are yours for the modest Mequoda Pro membership fee.

Mequoda websites are multiplying like rabbits!

We’ve launched 17 state-of-the-art Mequoda System websites to date, but we’re rapidly reaching the limit of our capacity. Going forward, we can only build out eight of these each year.

Why is this great news for you?

Because it means we’re making all our resources available to you for the ridiculously low price of only $197. That’s the Mequoda Pro charter membership fee — just $197.

That means, if you’ve got the engineering team to build out your own Mequoda website, you should do it right now and make yourself a lot of money. Some of our most admired colleagues have done precisely that — built out websites using the proven Mequoda System website architecture — and are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

We’ll give you the blueprints, the proven marketing strategy, all the Mequoda WordPress plug-ins, and the interactive Excel spreadsheets — everything you need to succeed with a Mequoda System website — for only $197.

It’s practically unbelievable, but it’s true.

Consider this: The brand new module #3 of the Mequoda Pro Online Seminars devoted to online system architecture explains the nine website templates required to handle multiple sources of traffic to your website.

In module #3, you’ll discover how to implement the conversion architecture that will maximize site traffic and covert visitors into subscribers and buyers. This Mequoda Pro Online Seminar alone is worth $197.

The simple fact is, if you need some help with creating your Mequoda website, we have all the resources that will enable you to succeed.

Here’s the short list:

Mequoda Pro Online Seminars: Get unlimited access to all eight Mequoda Pro Video training modules online. These are high quality, HT-64 QuickTime videos, each ranging in length from 22 to 55 minutes, each explaining in detail the Mequoda Pro best practices for online marketing and publishing.

Mequoda Pro membership also entitles you to access the Mequoda Pro Seminars Q&A. There you can ask me and the other members of Mequoda Research Team any question about online publishing and marketing strategy and get a direct answer.

Plus, you’ll have access to the Mequoda Pro Download Library, a growing list of tools for measuring the performance of your website, including the Google Visibility Report, Email Performance Report, Email Circulation Calculator, Email Lifetime Calculator, Key Metrics Dashboard, Online Publishing Model, Link Building Lifetime Calculator, SEO Lifetime Calculator, and the Online Market Audit Sample.

Join Mequoda Pro right now.

Mequoda Summit: Held twice annually, the Mequoda Summit is widely regarded as the most authoritative publishing seminar anywhere and attracts publishing professionals from around the world. It includes 12 information-packed sessions covering SEO, budgeting, staffing, editorial strategy, email marketing, link-building, etc., and enables participants to ask questions directly and interact personally with me and the other members of the Mequoda Team.

Sign up for the Mequoda Summit right now.

Mequoda Consulting Services: You could transform your business into a profitable online publishing company in 12 months or less with intensive coaching. Get immediate results by harnessing the full resources of the Mequoda Team.

Within 90 days, you could have an Online Market Audit, a Keyword Universe Benchmark Study, and a comprehensive Online Marketing and Publishing System Project Plan. Plus, we’ll coach you on how to implement your plan for maximum effectiveness

Mequoda System Services: Outsourcing your Mequoda Marketing System design, development and support may be the fastest and most economical strategy for building your online marketing program. We can translate your online business plan into a complete Mequoda Marketing System and Website Network. But our capacity is limited, so sign up soon.

To explore the full range of Mequoda Consulting and System Services, including retainer terms and pricing, please contact Kim Mateus at (401)-396-9677 or email Kim@Mequoda.com.

Don’t you love a bargain? Here’s a deal that’s unbeatable.

If you hire me and the Mequoda Marketing System Design Team to build out your website, the cost to you is $50,000 to $100,000.

Alternatively, you can enjoy all the benefits of Mequoda Pro membership for $197 and discover how to build your own Mequoda System website.

Mequoda Pro membership includes a step-by-step explanation of a Mequoda Periodical Website Project Plan, complete with detailed, functional examples, plus all the required webpage templates and a comprehensive user task flow for the entire system.

Simply join Mequoda Pro today at the special charter membership fee of only $197 and get answers to your questions about online publishing and marketing, plus unlimited online access to all eight Mequoda Pro Video modules — and more.

This limited-time offer is exclusively for publishing professionals. Your complete satisfaction is assured with our 100 percent, money-back guarantee.

But you must act now, because the low Mequoda Pro charter membership fee will soon increase to $697 annually.

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