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Today we are focusing on multiple blog posts from CMS Wire relating to website analytics. CMS Wire is a great site that focuses on website analytics news and is the place to be for up-to-date website analytics information. They have tons of new, fresh content on ways to improve analytics and lots of new info on social media analytic news.

IDC: Big Data Driving Business Analytics Growth – Acquisitions, Staff Shortages Follow

If the pace of economic recovery is still dragging in the IT sector, it seems that at least in the case of business analytics, things are looking up, according to new research from International Data Corporation (IDC).

Apart from the fact that business analytics has become one of the software industry’s catch-phrases, along with business intelligence or customer experience, it has also benefited from the emergence of a new software space that, though relatively small at the moment, is going to be very big in every sense of the word in the coming years.

Big Data and Analytics

Of course we are talking Big Data here and the impact it is having on the analytics industry. Entitled “Worldwide Business Analytics Software 2012–2016 Forecast and 2011 Vendor Shares,” the research examines the market from 2007 and predicts trends up to 2016.

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Social Media Analytics – Following the Adoption Curve

If you look at your company’s efforts to analyze social media data and optimize social media engagement and they seem ill-defined and / or lagging behind what is actually happening in the space, you are not alone. In an exclusive interview with CMSWire, Kushal Saha, Managing Director of the Information Technology Practice at investment bank Cascadia Capital, described how social media’s explosive adoption curve creates an inevitable lag in the capabilities of analytical and optimization technologies and services.

Unprecedented Adoption Curve Creates New Challenges

“Broadly speaking, when you look at the social space, it seems like it has been around forever, but really it’s only been in popular use the last five or six years,” said Saha. “The pace of adoption surpasses anything we’ve seen in the history of technology services. It’s quite unprecedented.”

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Is Your Content Shareable? Find Out with Social Crawlytics

A new free, easy to use analytics app called Social Crawlytics can help find out what pages have been shared the most over social media, and all it requires is a Twitter account to log in.

Social Crawlytics will look at a given URL, and then produce a handy report and graph of where websites are getting shared and how often. It’s not as thorough as other analytics software, but it is fast and will knock out a quick overview in just minutes.

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