Writing and Designing the Rapid Conversion Landing Page for SEO Campaign Management

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Online publishers have a challenging job nowadays.

Many Internet users have a belief that the web is synonymous with free content. This is an initial thought at least, as many who experience free content are often persuaded to pay for additional, aligned content.

The process of content marketing may have started in response to this belief. Online content producers and marketers probably witnessed that Internet users were downloading a lot of free content and wanted to get involved in the process. They began offering free content to promote for their brands, give users a taste of their content and work to up-sell to better, premium content.

This process has worked, as solid content is seen as a necessity for success for online-based businesses. The Custom Content Council in conjunction with ContentWise has reported on it and many online publishers have been making the shift towards content marketing.

At Mequoda Group, we are well acquainted with content marketing and all that is involved with it. For instance, when promoting for content we focus heavily on organic SEO campaigns.

We begin the process by creating a valuable information piece that we will give away without asking for money. These “freemiums”, as we like to call them, educate clients, potential clients and allow individuals to become familiar with the content we are knowledgeable on.

After creating the freemium, we have to create a webpage for the product to live on. This webpage is known as the Rapid Conversion Landing Page (RCLP) and is hugely important to the success of SEO campaigns.

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Guidelines for creating an Rapid Conversion Landing Page

Publications can only sustain themselves if they have relevant circulation. There are many ways of building circulation online, including paid and organic – or free, methods.

One of the most popular organic methods involves the Rapid Conversion Landing Page.

Rapid Conversion Landing Pages are used to entice users into a low-risk transaction with content publishers. They house a freemium and allow users to download said freemium as long as they sign up for a free membership. No money is exchanged and the user receives a free information product. After a user becomes a registered member, he or she can download any of the free products offered by the publication.

When writing and designing a Rapid Conversion Landing Page, it’s important to keep a few aspects in mind. Doing so will make SEO campaign management much easier.

SEO Campaign Management with an RCLP Tip #1 – Keyword usage and density: Use as many keywords you can naturally within your RCLP. For your primary keywords, strive for a keyword density of 2-4%.

SEO Campaign Management with an RCLP Tip #2 – Email Asks: Since your RCLP is designed to get conversions and build circulation, it’s important to have email asks. These are the boxes on the page where users can enter their email address in exchange for the free product. Each RCLP should have five email asks to be as effective as possible.

SEO Campaign Management with an RCLP Tip #3 – Words: Visualize your RCLP as a sales letter. Content publishers have experienced a lot of success with long-copy sales letters over the years. An ideal RCLP should be around 1,500 words in length.

The process of SEO campaign management is one filled with many steps. However, with proper time and consideration, online publishers and content marketers alike can perform SEO campaign management successfully.

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