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5 Quick No-Nonsense Landing Page Tips

Give your landing page readers everything but the kitchen sink

Landing pages are fickle. You can change the color of a button and it can increase conversion rates by 30% or more. You can change the headline on your landing page and lower your bounce rate dramatically. There are always going to be endless opportunities to improve any and every landing page you ever publish.

Even if you miss just one landing page best practice, you’re going to find that conversion rates are low, and while your product is amazing, your landing page isn’t doing its job. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, does it make a sound? Sure, but nobody really cares do they? If you publish a potentially best-selling handbook and nobody buys it, does it make a dime? No.

So run through these tips and see if there’s anything you can bring home to your landing pages so they can start shouting from the rooftops.

Landing page tip #1: Remember that the landing page for your product needs to be just as helpful as the product you’re selling. The more you “give” away, the more value that a customer will see from your product. I mean, if your landing page is this good, then your handbook must be great!

Landing page tip #2: Make sure your landing page contains an interesting, engaging, believable story told by someone your audience can relate to and appreciate. After all, you’re asking them to spend their valuable time reading your pitch… you owe them a good read. Plus, a compelling story will move them smoothly along to the purchasing decision.

Landing page tip #3: The reader came to your page to solve a problem that they’re having. Your job on any landing page will be to remind them of those problems and tell them how your product will solve each and every one of them.



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Landing page tip #4: The more expensive your product, the more copy you’ll need to provide. Giving more information than necessary is better than not giving enough information. Long copy tells them as much as they need to know – and much, much more.

We know that nobody truly reads an entire 5,000 word sales letter.However, they do skim sales letters and they do find what they’re looking for in all that copy. More importantly, they end up buying a product that they know more about than one they know less about.

Landing page tip #5: Pay attention to other landing pages, especially ones that you’ve personally felt compelled to buy from. Recently I bought a smoker for my backyard. Looking for a rub recipe for smoking ribs, I happened upon a landing page. Despite numerous free recipes online, I ended up paying almost $20 for a recipe from this landing page based on its testimonials. For some examples of some tested and proven landing pages, check out our Million Dollar Landing Page Templates white paper.

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