Developing Persistent Navigation for Your Website

A persistent navigation is specifically valuable when websites are complex, with a lot of pages and options. This can include a blog, service information, different storefronts, and an about us section.

When users come to your site, it should be clear where they are within your site. They should know where to find your content, products, how to login and how to contact you. They should also be able to determine where they can go, and how to maneuver back to where they started, if they so choose.

With the exception of some processes, like order flows, users should be able to navigate to all major areas of your website. How effective is your persistent navigation in reflecting the depth and breadth of your content? Does your persistent navigation allow for a quick and easy customer service inquiries? Is it consistent throughout your site?


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Our research shows that a change in top-level navigation is accomplished best when the nameplate and the URL are also changed.

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