Helping Users Find Things Easily and Quickly Using Persistent Navigation

The key to persistent navigation is to help the user find anything on the site, fast. No clicking about, desperately hitting the back button. Make it clear where they are, and how to get somewhere else. Even with deep layers of content, multiple topics and content formats, covering three continents— answers this challenge. The navigation strategy includes:

  1. A drop-down to types of content (for example “IT Research Library” or “Video & Audio”).
  2. A search content or quote box.
  3. Top navigation bar with topics and rollover to see sub-topics.
  4. Topic index pages with deeper content presented as bold headline links, with photos, to highlight feature stories.
  5. Within an article, the breadcrumbs indicate the article’s location within the site.

All of these are standard website navigation tactics and earn high usability marks.


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