How to Create Your Own Apps

No need to hire a developer with this new service

If you’ve held off on creating an app for your online publishing company because of the associated cost, you may be in luck.

MobiFlex recently launched a web application that allows companies to create their own apps for the iPhone or Android.

It can be done with minimal technical knowledge and requires no coding knowledge.

A service that helps you design your own app isn’t a new concept. However, according to an article from Mashable, MobiFlex allows “back-end data and integration functions like the phone’s camera, speech recognition and GPS.”

Needless to say, MobiFlex is a bit more advanced than previous do-it-yourself app creators. According to the Mashable article, the beta version of MobiFlex has been used by companies to create a coupon-generating campaign, a store-locator app and a diabetes patient glucose reporting app, among others.

MobiFlex comes with a price, although it isn’t as costly as having a developer create an app. MobiFlex charges a monthly fee between $2 and $4 per user or $499 per month for unlimited users.

What do you think of MobiFlex? Does it sound like it’s worth a shot having an app created with the company’s help? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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