Responsive Website Design Cost, Mistakes, Ideas and the Need for a Great CMS

Today we are looking in depth at different website design tips from top bloggers. We will be going over some of the “do’s and don’t’s” in website design and we will look at the importance of having a content managed website.

Lots of people are looking into responsive website design these days but some people seem to be having concerns about cost? Below are a few articles that should help with the confusion surrounding these subjects.

5 Most Common Mistakes Website Developers Should Avoid

Nowadays when the Internet is full of websites suited to every fancy it is highly important that your website is to be of the highest enhancement level and satisfy particular requirements of web users. While you strive to make your website one of the most desirable for users (as many other web developers do, by the way) you should oversee all potential mistakes and, if it is found impossible, avoid it in every way possible.

Let’s take a look into five the most common mistakes that every web developer should avoid.

Security fault

You have nothing to worry about until your website doesn’t contain a huge amount of information. But if it does so, you should prevent any unauthorized access to the database of your clients’ information and to your company information that is under your Privacy Policy. The best way to take care about security is to include such clause into your development plan at a very beginning.

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Content Managed Website

I am often surprised when I meet with a new web design client and they describe the kind of site they want and they make no mention of a content management system (CMS.) Now to be fair, I understand that there are still a lot of people out there who are unfamiliar with what exactly a CMS is, and how it can positively impact their business.

A CMS is a computer system that allows for publishing, editing and modifying content all without having to touch the website’s code. This is great news for business owners who aren’t particularly tech savvy. Typically, the process you would go through to have a site designed for you is the same as it has always been. You meet with your web designer and communicate your needs with them. They then design and build the site, but they do it within the framework of a specified CMS. Then you can take control of the site by adding content and expanding the site as needed.

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How Much Does a Responsive Web Design Cost?

Answer: $13.47.

Asking “How much does a responsive web design cost” and expecting a cut-and-dry, prescriptive answer just ain’t happening. Brian Hoff (@behoff) handily explains why in his article What Does a Website Cost?

Imagine asking a Real Estate company, “How much does a house cost?” Well it depends. First off, what are the essentials you need? Three bedrooms because you have two kids? Central air conditioning because you live down south? Now that we have the essentials, what are some of the less essential, yet nice features? Basement? Extra storage? Large backyard? Three car garage? What if you could have it your way? How about a pool? Sounds nice right?

The fact is that responsive web design costs more…than doing nothing. Sure, you could continue building sites the old fashioned way and ignore the multitude of web-enabled devices accessing the web now and in the future. But this is 2012. At the very least a web experience should have at least some mobile consideration, and at the very most a site should be full-on mobile optimized.

I’ve seen a project that didn’t take mobile into consideration at its inception, and about 80% through the design process the client asked “How will this work on an iPad?” And everybody freaked out. Schedules got rearranged. Budgets increased. And ultimately a desktop-only design was shoehorned onto mobile devices.

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Mobile Site Design for Content Publishers

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Usability doesn’t end at Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. With the advent of iPhones and other SmartPhones, there is a sudden influx of people accessing information on-demand with their cell phones.

So what does that tell us? That tells us that the easier it is to access the Web from a cell phone, the more likely a user is going to use it. Let’s face it, we didn’t have a lot to worry about when users were struggling and frustrated with working their tiny browser on a 2×2” screen.

Now it’s time to start taking mobile more seriously

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Learn how to choose the best subscription pricing & single-copy pricing strategy for your subscription websites & subscription apps when you download a FREE copy of How to Use Contrast Pricing to Increase Subscription Revenue.


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