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Tips for Creating Successful Mobile Apps

Identify the uniqueness of mobile apps

Mobile apps can greatly impact the way people interact digitally while on the go.

Due to the popularity of digital devices, mobile apps are a game-changing component for online publishers and content marketers.

However, since mobile apps are new to the market, there isn’t the same understanding about them as there is for web design.

There are a handful of best practices for mobile app design from Paul Myers, the CEO of Bappz, which were published on Mashable today.

The five pitfalls listed include:

  1. Don’t Over-Promise and Then Under-Deliver
  2. Don’t Let Your App Lapse
  3. Don’t Try to Be Something You’re Not
  4. Only Release It When It’s Ready
  5. Don’t Over-Think the Development

For additional commentary from the original author on this list of pitfalls to avoid while developing a mobile app, take a look at the article from Mashable.



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