Using the Color Wheel to Design Content

Whether you are designing your homepage to launch an online business, a template for an email newsletter or the components of a digital magazine, a color wheel helps for picking contrasting colors for your content.

Some color wheels offer you complete options visually, and when you hover over the colors of interest, you’re provided with the correlating HTML font color code.



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This specific color wheel also provides web-safe, web-smart and unsafe color patterns. Web-safe palettes contain only 216 colors, and not the maximum 256 colors because these basic colors will display the same on all types of computers. Although this may not be as big of an issue in today’s technological world as it was when the web was younger, it’s still nice to see suggestions from the color wheel as to how the colors may be perceived. Web users are typically familiar with some certain colors, and many of the top websites have similar color schemes in common.


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