Articles by Don Nicholas

The Application Subscription Website Business Model

An application premium subscription website archetype allows access to specialized online software that allows users to input information, use calculators and/or search a proprietary database, and access results. When we first  

The Best Digital Magazine Subscription Website Offer

While many magazine publishers struggle to find the right subscription marketing strategy, The Economist demonstrates its regard for long-term subscriber relationships. The simplest subscription website pricing strategy is Universal Access and  

9 Membership Website Mistakes

Membership websites are hot for 2013 All the sudden in 2013 I found myself hip-deep in subscription and membership websites. Perhaps it’s the tablet market evolving, the publishing market maturing, the continuing  

How to Make a Membership Website

Six membership site ideas all digital publishers must follow How to make a membership website is a topic many publishers struggle with. Membership and subscription websites can be hugely successful in  
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