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Author: Michelle L. Rodriguez

Michelle L. Rodriguez

As Mequoda's Research Editor, Michelle authors articles and columns for Mequoda Daily. Her column series "Blogging for Profit" includes profiles of successful bloggers and highlights their reasons for blogging and how it generates revenue. This series of interviews has culminated with a special report titled Blogging for Profit.

Michelle is also researching books written in the last five years referencing online publishing strategy, landing page templates, social media strategy, internet marketing, etc. The goal is to impart tidbits of insight from each author's ideas.

Prior to joining Mequoda Group, Michelle owned Another 9 Months, a resale maternity clothing store in Sacramento, CA. After implementing tips from the Mequoda Daily Newsletter, business improved. As a small business owner, she quickly realized the importance of developing a good internet marketing strategy. Starting with designing an appealing and user friendly website. In particular, her business benefited from Mequoda's numerous SEO and landing page layout suggestions. Internet referrals went from 25% to 40% in less than one year. After generating a regular email newsletter campaign, which included pregnancy tips, sales promotions, new business affiliates and printable coupons, there was a 20% increase in customer referrals. Also, customers were shopping more frequently. After having a baby in 2008, Michelle decided to sell Another 9 Months and work from home.

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