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Author: Peter J. Fogel

Peter J. Fogel is a high response copywriter who specializes in website, direct mail and radio copy. He’s written copy for Agora Publishing, Thompson Cigar, Stealth Stock Investor, Taipangroup and Musical Heritage Society.

Peter also gives seminars on copywriting and public speaking and his articles have appeared in DM News, Inside Direct Mail and on the Internet. He’s also the author of the critically acclaimed book, If Not Now… Then When? Stories and Strategies of People Over 40 Who Have Successfully Reinvented Themselves.

Most Recent Article’s Online Success Blueprint Workshop Landing Page Review

If You Want a Landing Page that Excites the Senses and Hits all the Hot Buttons with Ample Proof, Then This is the One to Mirror.

We are back now with another offer from her highness, Alexandria Brown, “The Ezine Queen.” After seeing this site I have decided that I might want to be a loyal subject. “The Queen” has brought you into her kingdom by earlier selling you her ezine course. This is good. This is how you get folks into your funnel. NOW, Ali is joining other Internet Marketers (with one main difference that I shall discuss later) and upselling them to a hands-on business marketing seminar.   Continue