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Author: Terri Edmonston

Terri Edmonston is a freelance writer and online marketing consultant focused in the publishing industry. She has worked with both print and online media companies, B2B and B2C, planning marketing strategies, analyzing data and executing campaigns. In addition to writing for the Mequoda Library, Terri also serves as Project Director for the Mequoda Group, LLC, where she has worked on projects for the Asay Media Network and Mother Earth Living.

Most Recent Article Brand Marketing Website Case Study, a Very Successful Brand Site, Chose a Target Audience, Explored the Audience’s Needs, Determined Their Own Business Goals, and Designed a Smash Hit of a Site

The first question everyone asks: “Why would anyone go to” This is because we mostly think of the Web as a distribution vehicle. We think of ordering books at Amazon, or reading content at CNN, or downloading music from MTV. How do you drink a soda on a computer screen?   Continue