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Archive for Audience Development Strategy

Audience Development Strategy posts focus on how to build a bigger online community by utilizing a number of different strategies. In this section you will find posts that combine multiple audience building techniques, blogging for audience development, descriptions of great audience development personnel and much more.

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Content to Share Through Email

Five email content types that benefit receiver and sender

A good email strategy benefits both parties. The email recipient gets informative or entertaining content, and the sender gets the chance to expand their brand through forwarded content and product sales.

What type of content should be a central part of your email campaigns? Let’s take a look at a few types of content, and the reason publishers provide them.   Continue

Free vs. Paid Video Hosting Sites — Let’s Discuss

If you’re interested in reading this, you’re probably already aboard the video train, right? Choo-choo!

No, but seriously, video hosting is one of those things where you really want to decide early as to how you plan on hosting your videos. Some videos take hours to upload, so after uploading 150 videos to YouTube, it’s going to be a tougher transition to private video hosting especially if you want to track your analytics in one place.

Since I can’t possibly know whether free or private video hosting is appropriate for your content, let me just offer some insight to both, and some items to keep in mind as you build your video database.   Continue

5 Tips for Starting Online Video Endeavors

A brief guide to get you on your feet with video production

The startup costs associated with creating high-quality video are minimal, especially compared with what they once were.

Today, you can get a more than adequate video camera at a reasonable price. I wrote about a few great options in this article for the Mequoda Daily.   Continue

Updating SEO For Video Landing Pages

Our upcoming Playing Nice with Google Penguin webinar will help you re-optimize your website where needed, including landing pages with video content

Offering video content is an exciting endeavor for digital publishers. And beyond the excitement of reaching the online community with this content, it can help you build a larger audience.   Continue

What is SMO?

It’s no secret that Facebook and Twitter are taking over the cyber world. These forms of social media have become vital parts to many firms..   Continue

Will Facebook Kill Online Advertising?

The recent Facebook IPO and surrounding uproar has created a robust discussion about the future of online advertising business models.

Advertising works for a couple of fundamental reasons. Advertising works when it helps someone find something that they want or need. Advertising works when it makes someone realize they have a want or need. And advertising works when it helps someone discover an alternative to a product or service they already use.   Continue

A Collection of Resources for Using Facebook

Increasing engagement with your Facebook page

The evolution of Facebook has been quite rapid. I recall when the social network first appeared, available to a few dozen college populations with valid school email addresses. Then it opened to any user with a valid email address. Now, with over 900 million users, businesses have been growing audiences, sharing content, and selling products.   Continue

3 Reasons Publishers Like Facebook

Why are you using Facebook? See if your reasons align with other publishers

It will be interesting to see what happens to Facebook now that the company has gone public. One thing that seems to be expected is that its popularity will continue to grow towards one billion members.   Continue

The Right Social Media for Your Needs

The Digital Publishing Bootcamp emphasizes the creation and distribution of great content

Social media is one way publishers can assure their content gets in front of more interested parties. However, since each social network is used in a specific way, it’s important to understand how to create content for the targeted social crowd.   Continue

The Relevance of Mobile Email

5 key stats on the mobile email evolution

I recently moved to a new city, with a population nearly four times the size of the town I formerly lived in. While acquainting myself with the town, I’ve realized one thing: nearly everyone I’ve seen thus far is attached to their mobile phones.

This has been the case in local restaurants, in coffee shops, and even in the house I’m living in. The interesting thing, is that all the phones have been smartphones, and that the individuals aren’t talking on them, they are perusing the Internet and sending text messages.   Continue

Top SEO Companies & Blogs Offer Free SEO tools, Advice & Tips

With the recent Google Penguin update it can be very confusing deciding which SEO techniques to utilize. Here are a few articles that might help dispel the confusion.   Continue

Does Content Curation Lead to Email File Growth?

There are plenty of reasons why casual website visitors become email subscribers. In some cases, the content provided is rare or hard to find. In other scenarios, the breadth of content changes rapidly, and they want to receive updates whenever possible. Others sign up to receive promotions for products or services that they hold dear.

As publishers, any of the above scenarios may be truthful to your audience. And since you have specific knowledge on particular topics, showcasing your expertise is one way to build a larger, email-receiving audience.   Continue

Two Out-of-the-Box Unsubscribe Pages That’ll Make You Think Twice

The other morning I woke up, ate a bowl of Rice Krispies, and sat down at my laptop like I do almost every day of the week. Except, on this particular day, I opened my inbox to find more than sixty email newsletters waiting for me. We’ve all been there, right? On most mornings I’ll sift through, read a few things, and hit delete on a lot of other things.   Continue

In Email Marketing, Timing is Important

There are days when active decisions lead to favorable results

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I took a trip to northern Vermont. After a long day of hiking the state’s tallest mountain, I experienced the concept of ‘timing is everything’ firsthand.

After the hike, we were seeking refreshments to replenish after the five-hour trek. In true Vermont style, we stopped at the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury. We had arrived at 5:58 pm, and just as we entered the line to place our order, the gate was closed. If we had arrived mere seconds later, we wouldn’t have been able to satisfy our craving. On that humid, sunny day, our timing was just right.   Continue

A Suggestion on Email Newsletter Best Practices

Relying on social engagement to retain email subscribers

In the days of dial up, I dreamed of a social Internet. I wanted to form relationships with like-minded people – people that didn’t live in the same town, state or country as me.

Now that opportunity exists to some degree. People can virtually meet people who share the same interests, regardless of their geographical locations.   Continue

Twitter Launches Email Newsletter

The inherent value of email newsletters can be seen in Twitter’s recent actions. As combining social media and email has become a valuable content strategy, Twitter is launching a new weekly email newsletter.

Twitter’s new email newsletter will include the most-shared stories from the person’s followers. It will also include some of the most engaging tweets viewed by the people you follow. The tweets in this section may come from people that you don’t follow directly, broadening your knowledge of potentially relevant Twitter users.   Continue

5 Winning Tweet Formulas That Get Clicked

Writing a great tweet is like writing a great email headline. You have 140 characters to get someone to read your headline and click the link you’ve provided. Using a combination of Twitter Ads and HootSuite analytics, I’ve been running some tests on the tweets we send from Mequoda in addition to ones I craft for other accounts. Test these formulas with your own audience to see if they’re just as effective.   Continue

Getting Social to Improve Search Rankings

Two ways to increase your SEO power away from your website

SEO is such a small acronym with such large potential. And in today’s digital landscape, SEO isn’t just about using keywords on your website. There are additional ways to optimize your content that leads to better ranks in Google. Let’s take a look at some of these strategies now.   Continue

An Important SEO Reminder…

Buying links can come back to haunt you.

There was a time when black hat SEO techniques were used to generate significant money. Do you remember searching for content and receiving page results where there was no content – only the keyword phrase repeated over and over?

This was one of my first experiences with black hat SEO, and back in the day, people could get away with this. They would create “optimized” pages with no actual content, and would sell advertising. To this day I wonder about the revenue they generated by doing this; I imagine it was significant.   Continue

Strategies Shared for Twitter, SEO

We discussed the significance social signals have in SEO before, but much of what we’ve shared involves the engagement that comes with these social activities. Now there is more evidence to prove that social media involving keyword phrases has a positive impact

The messages you create, whether through social media, email or directly on your blog, have a purpose and a target. The target is always a mix of the keyword phrases endemic to your brand, and the audience members who consume content based on those keyword phrases.   Continue

Audience Development Upgrade Easy as 1-2-3

New workshop, new needs analysis, new analytics suite and consulting program

It’s been said that it may be hard to remember that the original goal was to drain the swamp, when you’re up to your ass in alligators. The process of building website traffic is complex and varied. There are day-to-day responsibilities, analytics everywhere, conflicting priorities, and more to do then any team can ever hope to accomplish.   Continue

3 Core Goals from Audience Development Analytics

How do you reach your audience development goals?

It’s not difficult to understand the point of audience development. It is pretty explanatory. The actual processes and the reporting methods may be a bit harder to understand and act on.

It especially hard to get a grasp on an actionable audience development strategy with all the changes that take place online. Pinterest, for example, turned into a valuable audience development tool for some brands and publishers in a fairly short time.   Continue

A New Tool for Audience Development

As the managing editor and lead audience development professional of a digital publication, I’ve come to utilize a variety of audience development tools. Search engine optimization, in particular, has been very beneficial for me. However, the most valuable audience development tool is something I only recently started using.

This tool is inherently for professionals who have a hand in managing overall content strategy; the topics being targeted and the keyword phrases being used in the process. It also relies on the content marketers favorite product – the free report.   Continue

The Audience Development Analytics Suite

Maximize your audience development efforts by looking at the cold hard facts

For the last six months, our keyword analysts have been working on a new reporting package that helps guide an audience development strategy through detailed data.

Personally, I was very impressed when I first saw the report and started using it for my own content.   Continue

Email Newsletter Marketing: A Digital Guide Roundup

Email newsletters are the ideal product for content marketing. They incorporate informative and actionable content with aligned products. These components have value to both consumer and publisher; the consume gets content they are interested in, and the publisher gets the chance to generate money through their email file.

Email newsletter marketing can create a mutually beneficial relationship when the mix of content is right. Too much promotion will annoy readers. No promotions at all will make it hard for digital publishers to justify having an active email program.   Continue

The Difference Between An Email Copywriter and an SEO Copywriter

Copywriting was once a very coveted skill. Writers would hone their skills for years to develop the right mix of storytelling and emotion grabbing writing that sells a product.

However, after the Internet grew, developed, and became a medium for commerce, the need for copywriters grew. This brought a variety of other professionals to the craft – including online editors, content marketers, and audience development professionals.   Continue

Scheduling is Key While Boosting Traffic with Twitter

Online editors and audience development professionals don’t just work the standard 9-5. Deadlines and new projects pop up and audience members make comments at random hours. Due to these elements, our jobs may take on sporadic duties.

And since we are in the business of providing timely, informative content, the frequency in publishing is important. If you publish too infrequently, your audience may look to competitors for constant information. It’s like reading or watching the news each day – people do it to stay informed about the most recent things relevant to their lives.   Continue

Audience Development in the Blood?

The opportunity to pass on skills to your offspring is a wonderful thing.

This summer my son Ryan will be working for us as a social media specialist. His time will be spent promoting our popular and free digital books and reports. In the spirit of practicing what we preach, Ryan will be using our daily blog and social media platforms to alert writers, editors, publishers, and audience development professionals to our presence. It’s possible that our existing staff might spend as much as 20 hours a week engaged in audience development. That level of effort gains us about 500 new subscribers per month. Over the next 90 days, we’ll discover whether doubling our efforts will double the number of new subscribers we generate.   Continue

An Audience Development Plan for Targeted Writing

Five steps to an audience development plan

Writing for audience development begins with keyword research. What are your audience members searching for? How many people are searching for the content you provide? What is the related competition on the keyword phrases that you want to rank for in search engines?

Knowing the answers to these questions will provide you with a foundation for your audience development plan. Let’s take a look at a step-by-step approach for audience development writing.   Continue

Tools for Audience Development with Social Media

A couple of social media tools that will help your audience development activities on Twitter

How are you developing audiences with your social media activities? I know some online editors and audience development professionals who like to tweet about educational articles, and add a hashtag to the tweet. This allows them to target audience members who track that same specific hashtagged keyword.   Continue

Improving Your Audience Development Program

The new Audience Development Consulting Program will help you plan, target, and track your keyword campaigns

Online audience development has evolved, although not every online business owner realizes this yet.

This evolution isn’t just about the audience development strategies that exist online. It also includes the preparation, monitoring, and measuring that comes along with a well-devised audience development strategy.   Continue

Your Email Marketing Campaigns Are Doomed…

If you aren’t able to catch your audience’s attention

Depending on the sources you believe, people spend between 2.6 and 30 seconds on the email you send them. Hopefully your efforts are able to create more engagement than these reported numbers.

However, a lot of engagement through email isn’t always the case. People receive dozens of email messages each day. Some of these are information-based or deal-based, while others are purely promotional pieces aiming to create a sale.   Continue

An Email Copywriter’s Look at the Email Feedback Loop

Understanding how email feedback loops work will help email copywriters and email marketers present better content

An email feedback loop exists between email marketers and the recipients. And since email copywriters often assist email marketers, it’s important for email copywriters to understand how email feedback loops work.   Continue

Using Video in Conjunction with Email Marketing

Email marketing is used by 78% of marketers. Similarly, email newsletters are used by 59% of marketers. These stats were reported by eMarketer, and they came from a survey from Chief Marketer, which was released in late April. Out of all the marketing efforts listed, email marketing and email newsletters were used the most.

The popularity of email marketing is clear. Marketers and consumers both use the medium. And as opportunities develop, email marketing takes on new potential.   Continue

Online Editors Look Into the Psyche of Their Audience

Learning how to write a Blockbuster SEO post is paradigm altering for online editors. By adequately researching keyword phrases, and determining the competition you face on those keyword phrases, you will have the opportunity to find Blockbuster SEO post topics.

The best part about creating Blockbuster SEO posts is that, when done correctly, they will continuously drive a significant amount of traffic to your website.   Continue

Audience Development Consultant for Hire

Writing a professional bio that must double as a landing page on your website, is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks a writer can face

As a consultant, author, and speaker for more than 20 years, I’ve had some practice writing many variations of my professional bio. For me, it’s much easier to write a bio for someone else, than it is to write one about myself. Back in college, writing your own bio was an early learning assignment. My favorite version of the workup was to write the bio you’d like to have in 10 years. Later in life, I took a course on seminar marketing, which focused intensely on writing long form bios for seminar leaders. Most recently, I’ve added search engine optimization to the biography writing process. While every good bio should be optimized for the individual’s proper name, there are instances where it’s possible to take it a step further and optimize the bio for a generic search terms.   Continue

On-Page SEO Tips for Audience Development

7 on-page SEO elements you are in control of

There are many audience development strategies that can be used to find audience members, and allow audience members to find your content directly.

SEO is one of these audience development strategies.   Continue

The 5 Ultimate On-Page SEO Elements

What do you think makes up on-page SEO? Is it all about your keyword density?

Some people new to SEO may believe this; that SEO success relies solely on the ways you enter keywords into your title, subhead, body copy, and all related tags.   Continue

Attracting Email Subscribers Through Mobile

Google Currents can help digital publishers distribute content and build their email marketing lists

Mobile email and mobile website design have become topics of interest to digital publishers since the popularity and usage of mobile devices has grown.

In the past, I published posts about nine design elements for mobile email and three tips for keeping mobile email subscribers. After seeing how much interest there was on the topic, particularly relating to the first article, I decided to keep an eye out for new, exciting information to pass along on the topic of mobile email.   Continue

5 Offers for Building Email Circulation

These methods will help you add more registered members to your email lists

One of the Best Tools for Building Email Circulation

How are you building your email marketing file?

Every online marketer and audience development manager has a preferred method for building their email file.

As a content creator myself, and the person tasked with audience development efforts, my favorite way to build an email file relies on great content and superb targeting.   Continue

Online Editors Taught at Digital Publishing Bootcamp

The Digital Publishing Bootcamp has relevance for many online business professionals, including online editors.

CEOs, group publishers, managers, and high-potential employees should be sent to this program, because these individuals are responsible for creating and deploying your digital publishing strategy. Online editors are an integral part of this mix because they are in charge of the content and responsible for using it to build an audience.   Continue

5 Ways to Lose Email Subscribers

Are you making avoidable mistakes that lead to fewer email subscribers?

I wonder how many readers will unsubscribe from this email newsletter after reading today’s article. For the ones who do, I’m sure there is a good reason for it…perhaps you don’t care about email marketing, audience development or digital magazine publishing anymore. Or maybe you get way too many emails in your inbox, and you’ve decided to purge them all (except Groupon, of course).   Continue

Optimize Your Email Campaigns for Better Leads

Earlier this year eMarketer reported on the online marketing tactics being used for lead generation. For B2B marketers and agencies in the US, email was the main source for driving qualified leads. Paid search, social media, and display advertising are also being used, but not to the same extent as email.

It’s clear the goal of building email marketing lists is still important for email marketers. A bigger list means a potentially bigger customer base, and more opportunities to generate revenue.   Continue

3 Things You Should Know About Digital Natives

Did you grow up with technology readily available? If so, you probably couldn’t imagine without it.

If you grew up without the ability to be constantly connected, then it might be hard to comprehend it. After all, it is a significantly different world.   Continue

A Checklist for Marketing to Millennials

Six elements of engagement for better content marketing to a very important demographic

The American writer Carl Sandburg once said, “Nothing happens unless first a dream.” In today’s digital world, many Internet marketers and audience development professionals would paraphrase this differently by saying: “Nothing happens unless engagement exists.”

That’s what we are all looking for online – engaged audiences who will contribute to a mutually beneficial relationship. We, as digital publishers, develop an audience by providing the information they want, through a multiplatform approach. Our audiences then have the choice to support us further, through spending money with us, if they like the content we offer.   Continue

Managing New SEO Changes

Actions taken to avoid negative Panda impacts

It began with Panda and has moved on to Penguin. Google’s latest update – known as the Penguin Update – launched on April 24th. The goal of this update was to stop websites from keyword stuffing and other forms of spamming Google. According to Google, the rollout is fully live.

If you were hit by Penguin, you should be able to tell already. If your traffic significantly decreased after the 24th, then it’s likely that you were a victim.   Continue

Audience Development Discussed at Digital Publishing Bootcamp

For success, digital publishers rely on driving website traffic. During the Digital Publishing Bootcamp, you will learn dozens of ways to drive traffic, including SEO, link building and social media marketing.

These strategies aren’t complete until we share additional information on using your website’s architecture to build your email marketing file.   Continue

Become a Better Email Copywriter By Eliciting an Emotional Response

New data suggests which emotions are most important while branding

How exactly are you targeting audience members with email newsletters and promotional email campaigns?

While life on the Internet constantly changes, the manner in which you communicate does not have to, especially if you are using the type of language that gets people to click and take action.   Continue

3 Tips for Motivating Your Audience

Audience development with the help of a few specific words

Appealing to the emotional state of your audience members was discussed in a recent article. It is this type of communication that can get an audience member to take action, like opening an email or engaging with your brand by making purchases.

Conversions are the goal of turning visitors into registered members, and for email marketers embarking on numerous campaigns. However, it’s slightly different for the audience development professional utilizing social media.   Continue