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Archive for Audience Development Strategy

Audience Development Strategy posts focus on how to build a bigger online community by utilizing a number of different strategies. In this section you will find posts that combine multiple audience building techniques, blogging for audience development, descriptions of great audience development personnel and much more.

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How to Get on TV to Increase Targeted Website Traffic

Discover how one savvy Internet marketing professional increased her targeted website traffic beyond her wildest dreams and generated 252,978 new email newsletter subscribers worth more than $3 million. Learn the simple steps she took to get on TV and drive targeted website traffic to her niche media website.   Continue

Mequoda Applauds AOL and Yahoo! Premium Email Delivery Plan

Internet marketing professionals, users, email services providers and Internet service providers are all winners with AOL and Yahoo!’s plan to provide legitimate email senders a premium delivery email plan that guarantees their mail makes it to the inbox.   Continue

Using Keyword Marketing Clusters to Drive Your Internet Strategy

Discover the simple, keyword-driven Internet Strategy that hundreds of savvy authors, publishers and other information marketers are using to transform their books, magazines or newsletters into multi-million dollar niche media empires.
Keyword Marketing Clusters (groups of similar phrases used by people to search for information on the Web about a particular topic) are a driving force behind the Mequoda Internet Strategy for publishers and authors. This simple yet powerful Internet Strategy requires an author to focus their effort on specific Keyword Marketing Clusters, develop great answers to questions users are asking and then deploy that content in five ways.   Continue

PR & Earned Media 101: A Scorecard

Internet Marketing System guidelines for conversion architecture

Many publishers can accomplish an Earned Media Campaign using PR to drive traffic and do it very well, meaning that they’ll do something newsworthy and then they’ll do an okay job—or even a terrific job—of getting the story picked up by the bigger media outlets.   Continue

PR & Earned Media 101: Maximize Website Conversions and Start Relationships Internet Marketing System Review

As we’ve mentioned before, a press release, tv spot, or any other type of public relations outreach should always include promoting a free product. Whatever the item a publisher decides to give away, it should be linked to a dedicated landing page with a strong conversion architecture that requires the visitor to give up an email address to download the free item. The dedicated landing page should also invite the visitor to sign up for a free email newsletter—one that promises to be filled with tips, tidbits, and interesting information about a specific topic of interest.   Continue

PR & Earned Media 101: Getting Reviewed & Mentioned Internet Marketing System Review

Getting on TV is just one of many ways to leverage other people’s media and drive website traffic—people who will log onto your website, register to download the free item, and, you hope, sign up for your free email newsletter. From simple search-optimized press releases to radio talk shows and local newspapers, PR is an effective Internet marketing tactic that works best when the release includes a crystal-clear reason why readers and viewers need to visit your website.   Continue

PR & Earned Media 101: Isolate a newsworthy idea and tie it to a free downloadable item Internet Marketing System Review

To draw traffic to your Mequoda Internet Hub—the place where people can sign up for your free, relationship-building, email newsletter—you need a catalyst, a free item that lines up with a topic that’s endemic to the audience in terms of their interest and on which the publisher or author is a source of authority. To even consider mentioning your free item, the other journalist—the one whom you hope will pick up your news item—must be convinced that the producer or author of the giveaway is a credible provider of information.   Continue

Making PR & Earned Media Work For You – 3 easy steps

Three essential for a Mequoda Internet Marketing System

The Mequoda guideline for using public relations to drive website traffic comprises three basic elements that are simple to understand and easy to accomplish.   Continue

Using the Motoricerca Keyword Density Analyzer to Improve Search Rankings

Understand how to use the Motoricerca Keyword Density Analyzer to calculate true keyword density (KD) and how KD varies for two- and three-word keyword phrases that are your best opportunities to improve your search engine rankings.   Continue

How Fred Gleeck Uses Mass Market Books to Build His Email Subscriber Database and Sells Millions in Information Products

Discover how information-marketing guru Fred Gleeck uses a steady stream of mass-market soft cover books to drive subscriptions to his email newsletter database and the online media network for his vast array of information products and services.   Continue

Using $1.99 eBooks to Boost the Value of Your Email Marketing Database

Discover how one special interest consumer publisher uses low-priced eBooks to increase the lifetime value of his email marketing database by 59 percent.   Continue

How Hurricane Katrina Increased My Email Newsletter Click-Through Rates By 74 Percent

I’ve seen three sets of test data in the last month that demonstrate the power of urgency for driving readership and email newsletter click-through rates. In each of the three tests, the email newsletter subject line was changed to reference a current news event by name, versus a more generic version. Click-through rates and site traffic was then measured for each of the two test groups.   Continue

How to Increase Click-Through Rates (CTR) Overnight

After 11 years of website design testing, I’m still amazed at the long list of simple website design changes that can increase click-through rates overnight. With a simple advertising design change, one publisher I know recently doubled his information product sales by implementing a design change to increase click-through rates.   Continue

Using Premiums to Increase Free Email Newsletter Sign-Ups

While many publishers assume that giving away a free email newsletter should be enough to maximize visitor traffic conversions, others treat their free email newsletter marketing programs like any other serious direct response program. Over the past 10 years, I’ve seen free email newsletter publishers test creative, placement and premiums to boost conversions rates. One publisher who had never used premiums to “sell” his free email newsletter decided to give it a try.   Continue

How to Test a Successful Co-Reg Lead Generation Program

Building a targeted, opt-in free email newsletter database is job one for website publishers who use The Mequoda System. The size of your controlled circulation email newsletter, and the revenue per subscriber, per year are the key metrics that drive your top line revenue. A very methodical publisher who was creating her first co-reg lead generation program was kind enough to share her process and the impressive results from her new program.   Continue

How Much to Spend on a Website Search Engine Optimization Specialist

While chatting recently with the publisher of a large, circulation-driven consumer magazine, I was surprised to hear that until about 18 months ago, they had made no effort to generate organic search engine traffic for their very successful free companion website.   Continue

Improving Email Delivery Rates Using White Lists

I received a call from a publisher who had recently gotten very aggressive about building an email database by offering website visitors a free email newsletter. It seems that the conversion rate for new sign-ups was running seven to eight percent and he’d built a list of more than 300,000 active email subscribers in less than 90 days. That was the good news. That bad news was that his email delivery rates had tanked and he didn’t know it.   Continue

Using Website Branding to Increase Targeted Website Traffic

The publisher in charge of website branding and increasing targeted website traffic for websites published by a mid-size, mid-western media company was contemplating what to call his new Mequoda Editorial Hub. The Hub was to be an interactive brand extension for one of his well-known magazine brands. For example’s sake, let’s say the magazine is called the Ohio Business Review.   Continue

How to format attractive, easy-to-read, printer-friendly pages

Create “print and read” email newsletters

Many subscribers prefer to “print and read,” rather than read on screen. But, often, printer-friendly pages appear only marginally better than the original web page.   Continue