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Archive for Digital Magazine Publishing

Digital Magazine Publishing posts focus on the digital revolution that is taking place for digital magazines.

In this section, you will find posts on components for creating and publishing the best digital magazines.

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“What Do You Publish?”

Using the Google Keyword Tool to determine audience interest

Gail and I just moved into a new house in a new neighborhood. We’re only about a mile from our old house, and still in the town that we’ve lived in since 1987. Still, everyone I meet is new to me. Once or twice a day, I’ve been having the new neighbor conversation. Most of the time, it includes the question “what do you do for a living?”   Continue

Five Tablet Guidelines Presented by the MPA

The MPA Tablet Metrics Task Force recently announced new guidelines for tablet metrics

The action was taken to better serve advertisers while attempting to create consistency among digital magazine publishers.

In addition to tablet metrics guidelines, the group created a common set of definitions and decided when data should be released.

The MPA Tablet Metrics Task Force consists of a group of magazine executives from seven publishers, including Bonnier Corporation, Conde Nast, Forbes, Hearst Magazines, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Meredith Corporation and Time Inc. Advertising agencies and the MPA Executive Committee were also consulted during this process.   Continue

The Three Top Reasons for Buying E-Books

Don’s recent article reminds me of some recent data digital publishers will love. According to Pew Internet & American Life Project, 21% of American adults have read an e-book. For the e-book publishers in the group, have you seen similar results from your own data or sales?

The summary for this study brought up another important statistic that speaks to the larger world of digital printing. Towards the end of 2011, Pew reported that 43% of Americans at least 16 years old have read some form of long-form content on a digital device, be it mobile or from the desktop.   Continue

Google’s New Revenue Stream for Digital Publishers

Who will benefit from Google Consumer Surveys?

The major players in online business – Google, Apple, and Amazon – have two theories of thought on content. Apple and Amazon believe that premium content should come at a cost. These two retailers have developed successful online stores that have led to billions in sales.

Google on the other hand, believes that great content should remain free, with advertisers and sponsors supporting the associated costs. Google’s Adsense service has made billions of dollars based on this principle, as it places aligned text ads on search engine results pages.   Continue

Managing the Customer Experience

Publishers today have a complex mix of digital opportunity at their fingertips. Complexity is familiar to publishers – from the intricacies of printing and distributing physical products, to harnessing the newfound power of digital.

With the opportunities of digital publishing comes a lot of clutter. Not every new digital trend will be valuable to your brand. Understanding your audience’s behaviors will help you determine the digital strategies worth your time.   Continue

Three Noteworthy Findings on Apple’s App Store for iPad

Developers and publishers engaging in digital magazine publishing through Apple’s App Store need to know these new statistics

With the iPad taking the lion’s share of the tablet market, most publishers creating digital products have focused on developing for iOS and the Apple App Store.

Recent data from Distimo provides insights on the value of selling digital content through the App Store.   Continue

An Option for Publishing Digital Magazine Content

Digital publishers have seen apps come along that provide the option to publish digital content while also serving as a digital newsstand. Zinio and Apple’s Newsstand app are perfect examples.

However, there is another competitor, offering free and paid publications through its app as well.   Continue

How Digital Publishers Can Use Listings to Generate Profits

The Mequoda Summit West 2012 features a Master Class dedicated to revenue generation

Generating revenue is always on the minds of CEOs, investors, and managers, but their thought process may not always be completely focused. With opportunities growing and changing online, some strategies for generating revenue may suit particular publishers better than others. Knowing the options available to your business is vital.

During the Revenue Generation Tactics and Tips Master Class, you will discover six ways digital publishers are making money online.   Continue

Email Highlighted as Shareable Component of Digital Publishing Strategy

Today’s live webinar – Seven Pillars of Digital Publishing Success – features a section on shareability. This pillar dictates the many ways that digital publishers can reach new audience members by spreading content through different platforms.

For multiplatform publishers, the shareability factor isn’t only for digital products; traditional print products, like books and magazines, have a lot of potential. These products can remain as legacy imprints, sold as one-off items, or can be turned into digital products. This route allows for an archive to be developed, or enhanced by more content, and new content utilized for marketing purposes.   Continue

Tomorrow: Discover the Strategies for Digital Publishing Success

Integrated digital publishing has evolved exponentially in a short time. The first major tablet to reach the market, the iPad, was released less than two years ago. Now, Forrester is predicting that 112.5 million tablets will be in the hands of US consumers by 2016.   Continue

Digital Publishing Information Found Online

4 digital publishing stories you may have missed recently

I’ve been tracking related to digital publishing for months. In late 2011, the term, and closely aligned terms, retrieved a couple of responses each day. That number has quadrupled lately, as the digital magazine publishing industry has more news to share, and is optimizing their content for Google.

Today, I wanted to share five articles on digital publishing with you.   Continue

Two Ways to Get Smarter Here and Abroad

Seminars by banks prove popular, and bilingualism helps us think better

Small businesses in the U.K. have found an ally of late in banks. The New York Times reported yesterday of a “ThriveOnline” seminar held by Barclays “to explain how best to buy Google ads and create a profile on Facebook to promote their companies.” The main goal is to “encourage small and medium-size businesses to borrow more.” Apparently there have been hundreds of seminars held by banks in the last couple years for this purpose. With the Olympics coming up this summer in London, the hope is that everyone can profit from it.   Continue

A Sneak Peek at 10 New Facebook Timelines for Magazines

The Facebook Timeline isn’t official until March 30th, but most businesses have early access at this point and are able to design and even publish right away. Last week I rolled over the new advertising opportunities Facebook will be offering soon, but there’s also an entire new fan page design to work with that your designers might like to get their hands on.   Continue

Google Digital Newsstand & 2 Other Industry Myths

With so much bad information in the marketplace, many publishing industry CEOs are making bad decisions about their digital magazine publishing strategies

I had the pleasure of spending the evening recently with a group of publishing industry colleagues – most of them company CEOs. Unsurprisingly, the conversation turned to digital publishing, digital newsstands, and the programs offered by Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Zinio, and the rumored Google Digital Newsstand.   Continue

Tablet Ownership Grows in a Popular Market

If 18-25 year olds are a popular audience for your content, you will be happy to hear that, according to Pearson Foundation, tablet ownership is up three times among college students.

Tablets, the most valuable tool for digital publishers, are believed to replace textbooks within the next five years, according to those students surveyed.   Continue

Classifying Your Brand to the Digital Audience

Digital magazine publishing success requires a broad footprint that audience members are aware of

The number of digital magazine sales continues to increase. Recently, Cosmopolitan became the first Hearst Magazine brand to reach 100,000 paid individual subscriptions. Cumulatively, Hearst has sold over a half million digital subscriptions, and expects to hit one million by 2012’s end.

Conde Nast reported reaching half a million digital subscribers during the fall of 2011. At that time, 225,000 of those digital subscribers were receiving the magazine content in digital format only.   Continue

Take a Look at the Brochure for the Mequoda Summit West 2012

This is an important week for all the potential attendees of the Mequoda Summit West 2012. This Friday, March 16th, is the day our early bird pricing expires. If you are planning on attending the two-day Mequoda Summit West 2012 in Lakewood, CO, registering this week will save you hundreds of dollars.

Beyond the discount, the Mequoda Summit West 2012 is priced lower than years past. This is your chance to learn advanced digital strategies from experienced publishing professionals with first-hand knowledge at historically low prices.   Continue

Concerning the Media Habits of Your Audience…

How does your audience prefer to consume content?

Some digital publishers have it all figured out. They know their audience, it’s been the same for decades, and although some have taken to social media, not too much else has changed.

Does that scenario look familiar to you? Or does it look completely foreign?   Continue

Considering ebooks? Keep these things in mind…

Diving into ebooks can be profitable with right moves

A colleague friend and I used to have a running dialogue at the last place we worked, usually after a very long, busy day. “How does ‘our company’ make all its money?” we asked each other. “One word. Volume.” It appears that Canada’s National Post has followed this strategy, diving full-force into the ebooks pool. According to an article on the Nieman Journalism Lab website, Canada’s National Post has published six ebooks since December, in a range of forms. One compiles investment columns from personal finance columnist Jonathan Chevreau; another puts together the Post’s favorite films of 2011; another expanded a web feature exploring Canada’s role in the Afghanistan war; and the most successful ebook was written by “controversial columnist” Christie Blatchford who covered an honor killings trial in Toronto.   Continue

IT Department Job Description

Five expectations for hiring staff in a modern media company IT department

I suppose most people my age in the IT industry have a favorite character from the original Star Trek. When I was 12, I wanted to be the chief engineering officer for the Starship Enterprise. I love watching Montgomery Scott push his ship to the limit, often at the last moment, to save the day. I must admit I did find it somewhat disturbing that Scott seldomly got the girl.   Continue

An IT Department for Publishers Lacking One

Not all digital publishers have the opportunity to staff their own IT department. This is especially true for very niche publishers operating with a small internal staff.

However, to succeed in the digital magazine publishing world, frequent updates to your website are needed. And if it isn’t major changes to layout or ecommerce, it’s typically the daily task of testing to make sure your most important pages are operating to their highest potential. Testing changes and current settings is instrumental in avoiding bugs that can cause a site downtime.   Continue

Building a Better Website for Less

The demands of digital publishing websites today is much different than five years ago

Do you like the way your website looks? If so, don’t get too attached to it. Your website will continuously change to meet your customers needs, and functionality needs of your business.

In order to grow online, digital publishers need their website to do a few specific jobs. First, it has to be well optimized so it can drive website traffic. Next, it was to include subscription opportunities, so visitors can convert into email, RSS or email subscribers. Finally, the website has to have an ecommerce aspect, which for most digital publishers, includes the ability to sell single products or subscriptions.   Continue

Digital Magazine Publishing: The Art of Monetization

As digital grows, membership strategies are a focus

Three interesting notions came upon me recently.

The first involves creative software superstar Adobe. The company announced that between March 1, 2011 and January 31, 2012, they experienced “over 16 million downloads of digital publications powered by the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite”.   Continue

Is the Digital Magazine Publishing Environment Your Next Stop?

A clear approach will help the long run of digital transformation

Publishers who haven’t stepped into the digital world are facing a few issues.

Costs associated with print products are yielding the results they once did. Circulations are decreasing and production isn’t getting cheaper.   Continue

Learn from Your Audience on Digital Content Creation

When social conversations are the norm online, you need to be harnessing them properly.

If your audience is inclined to share their time with you via social media, you need to be providing them with valuable insight. This can be in the form of educational information, or simple pieces of a conversation. Asking questions of your audience shows that you care about their input, and that mutual respect is given to your relationship.

Discover Who’s Buying from You with this WordPress Plug-in

A customized WordPress plug-in helps facilitate email reward programs

How are you tracking the transactions that take place through your website?

You obviously need to be doing so to make a segmented list of buyers and non-buyers, which is the start to offering lifecycle email campaigns.   Continue

Do Audience Members Easily Find Content Within Your Website?

How a single plug-in can help your audience development activities

The audience that develops around your content does so one main reason: they find alignment with the information you provide.

Of course, there is more that goes into this. Audience members want high-quality content. They want it delivered frequently and they want it easily accessible. They want to interact with it on the platform they prefer, and the medium that fits their content consumption habits.   Continue

Digital Publishers Not Prepared for Mobile

In a world where mobile Internet is growing rapidly, many websites still aren’t prepared with an acceptable mobile site

There are a few online components that can protect the future of legacy publishers.

Beyond the audience development opportunities of social media, search engine optimization, and link building, there is the ability to utilize new, popular platforms.   Continue

It’s Time to Activate Your Brand

You may be thinking that your brand is already activated. After all, it exists, right? However, with all the changes in the digital publishing industry, there is a greater activation that is taking place.

Digital publishers are getting active on tablet devices, displaying their digital magazine content through rich-media and including visual, aural, and interactive components.   Continue

Understanding a Comprehensive Customer Experience Management System

The future of digital publishing focuses on automation and an array of platforms

Email is only one of the ways to approach effective communication.

In fact, a fully integrated, holistic approach to a customer experience management system consists of both premium and affinity platforms.   Continue

Digital Publishing Profits Set Milestones

With reported increases in profitability, digital publishing strategies are proving successful

Digital magazine publishing on tablet devices has turned into a weekly topic for us that continue to present new information to share.

We dove into the process of sharing the most up-to-date digital magazine publishing content with you by releasing our Digital Magazine Publishing Strategy Basics free report earlier this month. The 42-page free report shares digital publishing information, including tips and strategies, with additional content pertaining to the industry’s possible evolution.   Continue

Adobe Announces the Creative Cloud

Calling all creative entrepreneurs – this information is for you

Has the cloud benefitted you lately?

If you are a creative, but currently lacking some of the tools needed to enhance your visual prowess, then Adobe is preparing to help you out.   Continue

Is Digital Magazine Publishing Here to Stay?

Digital magazine publishing is taking off; where will it lead?

With the direction the digital publishing market is headed, it appears digital publications are here to stay. We will likely see new devices reach the market and more editions take shape.

However, attention still needs to be given to the creative process and audience acceptance of digital products.   Continue

Digital Magazine Publishers: Survey Your Audience to Determine Tablet Penetration

Some digital publishers discover relevant information by surveying their audience

The publishers who survey their audiences and do not experience the survey results they expect may be asking the wrong questions.

For instance, your audience may be more apt to respond when you explain to them that the data you’re looking to collect has the ability to enhance their content consuming habits.   Continue

How to Monitor your Digital Publishing Strategy

The iPad, like most publishing digital platforms, offers publishers many metrics that can be managed for business optimization

On Sunday afternoon, I found myself leaning back in my favorite easy chair reading on my iPad. As a publishing consultant, this activity has both a professional and leisure time component for me. I won’t bore you with the leisure time part here, but I will share some business observations that might help you improve your use of the iPad publishing platform including iBooks and Newsstand.   Continue

A Needs Analysis for Digital Transformation

Looking to the future and acting upon it now

Thus far, content publishers have been actively discovering the best practices for digital content marketing. They’ve been analyzing their publishing assets and experimenting with how their legacy content could be used to build audiences online.

Much of this process is still the same, but there is another variable thrown into the equation now. Publishers have the chance to create more digital content that will actually sell – if isn’t just about the freemium model of content marketing anymore.   Continue

App Store Boosts Security

Watch out app producers, or you may get booted

Is the Apple Store a valued tool in your digital publishing arsenal?

With over half a million apps, it’s safe to say the App Store is an important utility for many companies.   Continue

The Value of Digital Magazine Publishing

A clear example of the digital publishing’s profitability

Many publishers have been curious about the successes that digital publishing can create. We’ve presented you with some examples in the past, and are bringing you a new example to present the possibilities to you.

Magazine and web publisher Future, out of the UK, has shared the information that, “UK digital revenues made up for print revenue falls between October and December”.   Continue

Information on Digital Magazine Publishing

There is digital publishing information we’ve come across that’s made digital publishers hopeful

Millions of tablet devices are expected to ship in the coming years. The ownership of digital reading devices has reached 29% for Americans.

More than one in four US consumers own a digital reading device. The time is perfect for digital publishers to enhance their print magazine content by making the digital transformation. After doing so, they have the opportunity to provide a better content experience through the help of rich digital media.   Continue

An Introduction to Digital Magazine Publishing

A brief glance at the evolution of digital magazine publishing

What’s there to say about the digital publishing industry? It’s been booming as of late, when prior, it had been lifeless.

Although digital publishing has been around since the 1990s, it had never reached any desirable level of success. Digital publishers were historically offering some amount of content for download in the form of PDFs…but there wasn’t anything very interesting about them. And there wasn’t a good method for consuming this content. Whereas print magazines were portable and collectable, digital editions had to be printed or accessed on laptops to be portable. The return didn’t justify the investment in time and effort for most consumers.   Continue

Mequoda Tops 30,000 in January

3 best practices for increasing website traffic

January 2012 has been a record setting month for Mequoda Daily.

As a small B2B company, it can be hard to reach specific milestones since most are resourced at a smaller level. However, this past month has yielded more significant results than usual, and it is due to some slight changes that many can implement easily.   Continue

Digital Magazine Publishing for Everyone

Independent publishers have been struggling for more than a decade to monetize blogs, portals, and communities; digital books and magazines are changing their Internet business models from sponsor to user driven.

At our recent Digital Content Marketing Bootcamp in New York City, Kim and I were happily surprised at the number of entrepreneurs in attendance. More than half the class was startups in prelaunch mode. Traditionally, 80 percent of our attendees hail from legacy publishers who are making the conversion to digital. While the sample is small, I believe it is indicative of a larger trend.   Continue

Tracking the Health of Digital Content Products

Using plug-ins to help increase data tracking

Envision this scenario: You recently turned evergreen content into digital products; some are purely text-based and a few are special editions that include brief videos related to the content.

In creating these products you decided to build about the marketing efforts so you work on building keyword clusters even larger.   Continue

The Opportunity to Ask Experts Tough Questions on Digital Magazine Publishing

Mequoda Alumni, what are your most memorable parts of past Summits?

It’s hard to choose the most memorable moment from past Mequoda Summits; there are just too many options to pick from.

Like, for instance, at the Mequoda Summit East 2011, when we debuted the video of our Digital Native Survey. All attendees were present, and they seemed to find great interest in our findings.   Continue

Digital Magazine Publishing Strategy Basics Free Report Released

Download your free copy of Digital Magazine Publishing Strategy Basics: Digital Magazine Publishing Tips and Expectations for the Digital Publishing Revolution now   Continue

Benefits of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite makes the world of digital magazine publishing a bit easier for publishers.

Adobe DPS seamlessly integrates with other popular Adobe products, like InDesign CS5.5.   Continue

Updated Digital Publishing Bootcamp Announced

Do you recognize the keys to a sustainable, integrated digital publishing plan?

As a publishing professional, what do you consider to be the greatest areas of concentration for your work? What are the pressing questions you’ve yet to answer?

Digital magazine publishers have to focus on three main parts of their operation: content development, content distribution and data measurement.   Continue

3 Digital Magazine App Pitfalls

Many digital magazine apps are still underperforming due to some of the following reasons

With growth in the tablet industry, digital magazine publishing offers a significant opportunity. Unfortunately, the publishers and content marketers who have created inferior digital apps are currently missing this evolutionary opportunity.   Continue

Digital Publishing Tips Found On-Demand

Are you looking for ways to optimize your entire digital publishing business?

Legacy publishers new to the online environment may feel overwhelmed by the operating tasks at hand.

For instance, the design of your media website is crucial to consumer usability and product monetization. It also needs to be Google-friendly so more audience members can find your content.   Continue

Digital Magazine and Book Publishing Roundtables Held at Summit

In less than three months, the Mequoda Summit West 2012 will take place in Lakewood, CO.

This spring’s two-day Summit incorporates Master Classes taught by the Mequoda Team, three keynote presentations and roundtable events.

Since this Summit is only open to Mequoda Alumni who are familiar with running digital content marketing systems, you have the chance to learn from other digital publishers with direct, first-hand knowledge and experiences.   Continue