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Archive for Digital Magazine Publishing

Digital Magazine Publishing posts focus on the digital revolution that is taking place for digital magazines.

In this section, you will find posts on components for creating and publishing the best digital magazines.

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Onswipe for Online Publishers

How to create an iPad-friendly version of your website with this new platform

Onswipe, which was once available only as a WordPress plugin, was released today as a publishing platform for all types of websites.

Those who have used Onswipe will tell you about its ability to create an app-like experience for its users. And according to an article from Poynter, the platform includes “lots of photo and video thumbnails, minimalistic article presentation and touch-based interaction through dragging and swiping.”   Continue

The Mequoda Digital Native Documentary Project

Learn how to adapt so you can accommodate digital natives when you attend the Mequoda Summit East 2011

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, I discussed the plight of digital immigrants, and how all media companies need to truly understand the activities of digital natives.

After all, it’s these individuals who buy our products and use technology to share what they’ve grown to love. These digital natives also hold the key to the future, as one day they will be leading organizations through executive positions.   Continue

Dealing with Change is Necessary for Digital Immigrants

Without understanding and interacting with digital natives, digital immigrants may never truly ‘get it’

By the time I was 21 years old, I had already lived in 21 places.

On my 21st birthday, I was living onboard the USS Enterprise, which was based in Subic Bay, in the Philippines. By day I was a nuclear engineer running electrical systems for the ship, and by night I was a reporter and producer for the Armed Forces Network.   Continue

New Forecast on Digital Magazines Predicts Growth

The future for digital magazine circulation, and its associated revenue generation, is predicted to be positive for publishers

The tablet and e-reader marketers continue to prosper, which impacts the growth of digital magazines.

Currently, eMarketer predicts that by the end of 2011, 8.7% of the US adult population, or 20.6 million people will be among the installed base of e-reader owners. By the end of 2012, this number is expected to grow to 12% of the adult population, with a total of 28.9 million people owning an e-reader.   Continue

iPad Subscriptions Attract New Readers

Data from Bonnier’s Popular Science shows how other magazines might fare

Many magazine publishers have been searching for data on how iPad subscriptions have been selling.

This is especially true for smaller publishers who wanted to see results from big media brands before releasing digital subscriptions.   Continue

Publishers Make iPad Subscriptions a Reality

Negotiations between Apple and major publishers have allowed the digital publishing evolution to continue

Major magazine publishers have started using iTunes to offer subscriptions to iPad editions.

Among these publishers is media giant Hearst, which will offer subscriptions to Esquire, The Oprah Magazine O and Popular Mechanics this summer.   Continue

Tablets Impact the Use of Desktop and Laptop PCs

Nielsen data shows promising signs for tablets

Tablet devices are gaining popularity among owners.

Recent data from Nielsen shows that 77% of tablet users are using their tablets to perform actions that they once did on a laptop of desktop computer.   Continue

The iPad’s Impact on Ecommerce

How retailers should be taking advantage of the iPad’s capabilities

The iPad, and other tablet devices, offer an experience like no other device.

Since their inception, tablets have been primarily for entertainment purposes. The top three reasons people want an iPad, from a November 2010 survey conducted by Vision Critical, include Internet browsing, engaging with photos, music and/or video, and the access to and use of apps.   Continue

Innovation in Digital Publishing

4 components being used to go beyond magazine publishing

As the discussion of digital publishing’s future continues, some publishers are taking a step back to look at the environment.

For instance, publisher Conde Nast has decided to slow its process of digitizing their magazine portfolio for the time being. According to an article from MediaPost, “Conde will focus on increasing sales of its current suite of releases”.   Continue

2 Digital Revenue Home Runs for Mother Earth News

Bryan Welch answers pressing questions facing online publishers in 2011

I recently had the opportunity to speak with my friend, and colleague, Bryan Welch.

Bryan is the publisher and editorial director of Ogden Publications and its flagship media brand Mother Earth News, a popular environmentally-conscience magazine on living “with little money and abundant happiness.”   Continue

Tablets Diminish PC Usage

New findings discuss how often tablets are being used

Almost 70% of tablet owners are spending at least an hour everyday on their tablet device.

This data was reported to AdMob, which was released in their March 2011 “Tablet Survey”.   Continue

‘Extremely Important’ Characteristics of a Digital Magazine

The top five results from our survey on creating the perfect digital magazine

Yesterday, at the Mequoda Summit West 2011, we discussed the results from our survey on creating the perfect digital magazine.

As our regular readers probably remember, we asked for your input on the nine characteristics Don Nicholas, Executive Director of Mequoda Group, outlined in a post earlier this year.   Continue

Digital Magazines – Defining and Dictating Requirements

Characteristics of the perfect digital magazine will be discussed at the Mequoda Summit West 2011

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, I shared seven facts about digital magazine publishing from the MPA Digital: E-Reading event in New York City.

The biggest piece of advice from the conference that I took away came from James McQuivey of Forrester Research. He, similarly to what I’ve been saying for months, believes that publishers need to develop subscription websites that can serve as a direct-to-consumer alternative to buying through Apple. Doing so will keep pressure on Apple and stop them from gaining too much power over your content.   Continue

Tablet Users are Happy with Their Internet Experience

Online publishers can rejoice, as tablet statistics look promising

Tablets came to the market with a lot of potential, and a lot of expectations.

Fortunately for digital publishers, statistics are showing that tablets are meeting these expectations by making users happy.   Continue

Share Your Thoughts on Creating the Perfect Digital Magazine

Share your opinions in our survey on creating the perfect digital magazine

Take our Creating the Perfect Digital Magazine Survey now

Digital magazines are a hot topic for us at Mequoda Group.

This new component of multi-platform publishing is going to truly lead publishers into the digital age.


Will Apple’s Plan for Publishing Spell Success?

Some arguments point to “yes”

By now, most publishers are aware of Apple’s plan for digital publishing.

The plan has received mixed reviews so let’s take a look at what it will mean for publishers and consumers alike.   Continue

3 Keys to Successfully Transitioning Traditional Media in the Digital Age

Learn how to successfully manage digital transformation at the Mequoda Summit West 2011

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, I discussed the direct connection between the USPS and the publishing industry. A fundamental change is taking place as the USPS will eventually go away as a distribution system in the not-too-distant future.

In order to avoid becoming a victim of this change, publishers need to focus on a digital multi-platform strategy.   Continue


A look at changes that may affect all print publishers

I just purchased 500 shares of UPS. Let me explain why…

Last week I was standing at the mailbox waiting for my postman. As many of you probably know, we’ve had a lot of snow and ice in the Boston area.   Continue

Creating the Perfect Digital Magazine

Discuss the most important characteristics of a digital magazine at the Mequoda Summit West 2011

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, I talked about building a digital magazine subscription website and the future of digital magazine publishing.

Although it’s unclear how the future of digital magazines will look, there are some characteristics I believe will be incorporated in the most successful digital magazines of the future. I originally outlined these characteristics in a post entitled “The Perfect Digital Magazine”.   Continue

3 Thoughts on Digital Magazine Subscription Websites

Concerns that need to be addressed by publishers

The point of the digital magazine revolution appears to still be unclear to some.

For instance, I recently read an article entitled “A Race Between Digital and Print Magazines” from Bits, a New York Times blog.   Continue

How to Address a Mobile Retail Strategy

Efforts for each stage in the purchase funnel

To achieve retail success with mobile device users, it’s important to understand how the devices are being used.

The holiday shopping season of 2010 is a good place to start this process of understanding audience usage of their mobile devices for making purchases.   Continue

iPad Ads Boost Engagement, Attitude and Purchase Intent

New study shows promising signs for digital publishers

A new study, which was commissioned by Adobe, found ads in digital magazines performed better than traditional ads.

The areas where digital ads excelled were engagement, attitude and purchase intent, which outperformed traditional ads by as much as 70 percent.   Continue

The iPad’s Impact on the Tablet Market

Some remarkable statistics for the online publishing world’s game-changer

After seeing data on 2010’s tablet market, it’s hard not to agree that Apple’s iPad has been a game-changer.

During the 4th quarter of 2010, the iPad drive tablet sales up 45%, and in the process, took 90% of the market.   Continue

In-App Purchases Become a Growing Revenue Stream

New data shows growth for in-app purchases

Mobile apps are an evolving industry. With an estimated 60 million Americans owning a smartphone, the evolution in mobile apps can mean a new revenue stream for online publishers.

The market of mobile apps has grown significantly, as all major application stores have experienced triple-digit increases.   Continue

Long-Form Journalism and the iPad

Can the iPad renew an interest in long-form journalism? Some think so

The iPad was seen as a “game-changer” since it’s debut in 2010. Now some believe it will help revive long-form journalism.

According to Wikipedia, long-form journalism, or narrative journalism, is the interpretation of a story and the way in which the journalist portrays it, be it fictional or non-fictional.   Continue

Survey Shows iPad Owners Interested in Magazine Editions and Advertisements

A study of satisfaction and usage for the iPad

Can you imagine a platform where users enjoy the associated advertisements? According to a recent study, the iPad is that platform.

The study, conducted by UM and Time Inc., included magazine readers’ response to advertising on the iPad. The majority of the results were positive as 86% reported “striking photos and bright visuals” being highly regarded as elements that caught their attention.   Continue

The iPad and Web Apps

The “iPadification” of mobile apps

We have been talking about the impact devices like the iPad will have on the online publishing industry since the tablet device was released.

These changes won’t be strictly due to the iPad – other tablet devices, web trends and additional technology will play a part as well.   Continue

Ways to Monetize Tablet Apps

The models that have been working for tablets thus far

Since tablet devices are a new breed of technology, not too much is known about them so far.

This includes ways online publishers can utilize apps on the devices to generate more revenue for their company.   Continue

New Media Trends: Top 5 Digital Magazines Sales for iPad [STATS]

You may be surprised at which magazines are making their digital mark with iPad editions

A new report from AdAge, sums up the first six months of sales data for iPad edition magazines. With statistics showing the average iPad owner is skewed toward males under 35, it’s no big surprise that science, techie and men’s magazines are leading the pack.

Here’s how they stacked up:   Continue

A Forecast on Projected Global Tablet Sales

How many tablets do you think will be sold this year?

Whatever tablets are used for, be it business purposes or the personal consumption of content, the trend is expected to continue for years.

Apple’s iPad is surely a big part of this market and has been an integral part of sales, which are expected to reach 19.5 million units sold worldwide by the end of this year.   Continue

Mobile Ad Spending Going Up

Estimates predict more than $2.5 billion by 2014

When a medium becomes popular, advertising dollars typically turn that way. Since smartphones are increasingly popular, we have seen ad spending go in that direction.

But how lucrative is that industry exactly? How much money is really going to the mobile advertising world?

According to   Continue

The Top 10 Facts About Digital Readers

The revolution is being televised…on digital readers

The Harrison Group and Zinio announced the results of a national consumer survey this week. According to the press release, the survey was designed to “measure the extent to which tablet-based technologies, dedicated eReaders and related smart technologies benefit American consumers and their lifestyle interests.”

The results mentioned in the press release were incredibly telling about the future of digital readers. As a summary I have compiled the top ten facts announced in the survey’s press release.   Continue

AMC 2010 Coverage: From the Page to the iPad

Three magazine panelists share their company’s use of iPad apps

Moderator Abbey Klaassen, Editor, Advertising Age began the session asking panelists if technology is making their lives easier or harder and the answer seemed to be yes and yes. Men’s Health and Women’s Health brand editor Matt Bean, who’s been responsible for more than 20 mobile applications, noted that it’s been a challenge for them to figure out which opportunities to pursue first, as things are constantly changing, but noted that chasing every opportunity won’t necessarily make life easier.

Scott Dadich, Creative Director, WIRED and Executive Director, Digital Magazine Development at Conde Nast noted that their focus in this first year has been around replicating the full magazine experience on the iPad. They have spent a lot of time thinking about the reader and how they are likely to react and interact with a digital platform like the iPad.   Continue

iPad App Ideas for Publishers

New media trends show that the iPad is bringing magazines back to life – why are we still resenting it?

The iPad is everywhere. It’s being used at Posh NYC restaurants as wine lists and menus, and it’s being doled out at hotels pre-loaded with newspapers.

So why is it that publishers are still struggling to come up with ways to use this device to sell their products? There are a few publishers doing a pretty rockin’ job with the iPad and have totally embraced the interactive nature of the device.

Is No-Subscription the New Digital Subscription Model?

People Magazine Thinks Not

It’s funny. When everyone first thought that online subscriptions were a good idea, they coupled print and online subscriptions. It just made sense. When people are asking for a digital version of your publication, why not just increase their monthly subscription and include both versions?

Somewhere along the lines, many publishers saw how well this model worked and split the two subscriptions apart, leaving a digital-only subscription and a print-only subscription. Smart publishers let the combination package remain, but raised rates, forcing subscribers to choose.   Continue

Why Legacy Publishers Should Recruit at Journalism Schools

And the new media skills of some journalism students   Continue

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The Future of Digital Magazines

Digital editions are quickly creeping up on the magazine industry. If you are a magazine publisher and haven’t looked down this avenue, you might have another thing coming. You might think that users prefer paper, but you’d be surprised to know that users now prefer to have both, and you don’t really have a choice unless you’re prepared to be the underdog.   Continue