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Archive for Digital Magazine Publishing

Digital Magazine Publishing posts focus on the digital revolution that is taking place for digital magazines.

In this section, you will find posts on components for creating and publishing the best digital magazines.

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Atlantic Monthly Sees Fantastic First Quarter

Online and at the newsstand, in readers and in revenue, the Atlantic Monthly outdid itself during the first quarter of 2014.   Continue

Mollie Makes to Debut Print & Digital Magazine in the U.S.

In a crafty move, media group Future will launch an American edition of Mollie Makes, its digital and print publication focusing on handmade and DIY projects that has already found tremendous transatlantic success.

Magzter Launches Ad-Based Business Model

Tech Circle is reporting that digital magazine store Magzter is launching an ad based business model.   Continue

The iPad Tablet Platform Turns 4

It’s incredible to think that it’s only been 4 years since the iPad tablet platform has been released. It’s cliche but for many people they wouldn’t know what they’d do without their tablet.   Continue

The Digital-to-Print Craze Is In Effect

Ad Week’s Emma Bazilian writes, “In recent months, customers of online-only retailers like Rent the Runway, JackThreads and Birchbox have received catalogs—yes, those old-school, printed booklets—in their mailboxes, while flash sale site One Kings Lane has been sending out “magalogs” combining decorating tips with photographs of rooms populated by the site’s ever-changing inventory.”   Continue

Washington Post Switches to Native Publishing Framework

The Washington Post is switching from an HTML5 platform to an iOS native publishing framework for their iPad app.   Continue

“Not Your Father’s City Magazine” Recognized for its Innovation

Bayou City wins Best Niche Start-up Award

We couldn’t be prouder of our client, Bayou City, for their recent recognition by Niche Media. We’ve helped with hundreds of launches over past the past three decades, yet here we are with a first: the first time we’ve ever been part of a simultaneous print-digital launch.

Now, we knew   Continue

Bloomberg Businessweek Design Headed to All Platforms

You know how you just can’t get enough of the new Bloomberg Businessweek design? Neither can anyone else. That’s why they plan on rolling out Businessweek style design changes to all of their platforms.   Continue

7 Million Flipboard Magazines Have Been Created

Are you ready for the staggering figure of the day? 7 million Flipboard magazines have been created in the first year since the feature has launched.   Continue

Robert Parker Launches ‘100 Points’ Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Life is good for Robert Parker. The famous wine aficionado is diving into Robb Report territory. S. Irene Virbila from La Times is reporting that, “The Wine Advocate has signed a deal with publishers Hubert Burda Media to publish the new international lifestyle magazine quarterly. It launches June 6 in London when Parker will appear at a consumer tasting at the wine merchant Hedonism Wines.”   Continue

Is Amazon Giving Away Money? No, the Five Largest Book Publishers Are Settling a Lawsuit

Anyone who bought an ebook on Amazon between April 1st, 2010 and May 21, 2012 just got an email with a credit usable on Amazon. Slate reports the backstory: “In 2012 state attorneys general led a class action lawsuit against the five largest book publishers in the U.S. for e-book price-fixing. In a related case, they sued Apple for conspiring with the publishers.”   Continue

Washington Times Launches New Digital Magazine ‘American CurrentSee’

Tomorrow, the Washington Times will launch American CurrentSee, “a free weekly digital magazine for conservative black Americans. The magazine, available at, aims to empower its readers to embrace an agenda of economic opportunity, moral leadership and freedom from government dependency,” says the Times.   Continue

Newsweek Pricing Makes a Splash, But Not in a Good Way

Today we bring you another installment in our ongoing magazine pricing series, What Big Publishers Are Doing Wrong.

OK, it’s not really a series. But lately we’ve been taking up the latest hot stories from the publishing industry, applying a hard Mequoda look at those publications, and finding something utterly different from the breathless coverage that other observers deliver.   Continue

The Magazine Pricing Hike Continues (And the Outlook is Good!)

We’ve said for a while that magazines are shooting themselves in the foot with their bargain pricing and it seems like they’re finally starting to listen.

Is Apple Newsstand Getting Sloppy with Digital Magazines & Newspapers?

In a harsh but honest review from Talking New Media, D.B. Hebbard says that the Apple Newsstand is starting to look like a “dumpster.”

Is it warranted?

His claim is that they’re not paying enough attention to the quality of the content and so it’s getting harder and harder to find the magazines you want. This isn’t unlike the basic app store, where many apps can have almost identical names and apps themselves can be nearly identical but still be included – making the user experience not user friendly. Not to say anyone is doing better than Apple, but we all know everybody holds them to higher standards.   Continue

In-House Digital Publishing Help

If you are unable to attend any of our live workshops, but realize the information is crucial to future success, we provide options for you.

This comes to mind as a gentleman recently reached out, informing us that he wasn’t able to attend one our of recent events of seas, but has the willingness to travel for the course.

Investment Europe Upgrades from Replica to Hybrid Digital Magazine

If you’re looking for a European investment magazine for your iPad you’re in luck. Investment Europe from Incisive Media has just launched on Apple Newsstand.   Continue

Scientific American Pricing: When Good Publishers Go Bad

What is a “lifetime” product? At Scientific American, it’s their brand-new all-access bundle of print magazine, digital and a massive 150,000-article archive, dating back to the magazine’s first issue in August 1845.   Continue

SPIN Launches iPad Magazine

For those of us who spent our teen years in the 90’s, SPIN was somewhat of a magazine staple for anyone even remotely interested in music and pop culture. In recent years it’s been kind of a rollercoaster for the SPIN brand, though. They were sold for less than $5m in 2006, relaunched in a bigger format in 2012 and then sold again to Buzzmedia, who took them out of print the same year.   Continue

Check Out the Bay Area News Group’s First Native Magazine App

It’s always good to see a native magazine app released. It means progress!   Continue

InStyle’s Ariel Foxman Talks Magazine Branding

Knowing your audience is everything when it comes to magazine branding, and InStyle editor Ariel Foxman definitely knows his audience.   Continue

Maxim Magazine Sold to Texas Investor Sardar Biglari

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Maxim magazine sold to Texas investor and owner of Steak N Shake, Sardar Biglari. He purchased the publication for an estimated 10 to 15 million dollars.   Continue

The Economist Sees Google Plus as an SEO Tool

The New York Times is reporting on the mystical world of Google Plus. Publishers will be interested to hear what The Economist thinks about Google’s social network.   Continue

Making the Digital Magazine Leap from Replica to Reflow: Bonnier Counts on New Readers, New Ads

Field & Stream gets it right the second time
If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know that we’re big fans of Bonnier Corp. for its embrace of digital technology. You can read more about the digital edition of Popular Science here, and about Bonnier’s advances in tablet magazine advertising here.

Meanwhile, forward-thinking publishers like   Continue

Digital Magazine Replicas Are Way Up in Canada

Marketing Mag Canada is reporting that new AAM numbers on digital replicas have tripled in the last year. In December 2012, the digital replica circulation was 42,000.   Continue

Small Niche Digital Magazine Sells Like Gangbusters … but Apple’s Newsstand isn’t the Main Source

The “World’s Largest Circulation Biblical Archaeology Magazine,” as Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) bills itself, lives in a small niche, parented by a nonprofit organization. It’s dedicated to studying the oldest civilizations in the world.

Yet it’s had a digital magazine since September 2012, well before many other niche publishers, and it’s making this commitment 21st-century technology pay off in a big way.   Continue

Partnerships Are Part of TV Guide’s Digital Publishing Strategy

Deadline is reporting that TV Guide has partnered with CBS Interactive in a cross promotional content deal. David Lieberman writes   Continue

How to Start a Magazine Company in the 21st Century

Some folks like to talk about the decline of magazines. And yet, the Google search question “how to start a magazine company” is asked 1,680 times a year (and 1.1 billion pages are served up in response), so it seems that not only are magazines not dying, there are still new ones being born.

Stipla Dives Into The Digital Magazine Publishing Frontier

Stipla is a new interactive iPad magazine that tells the stories of people from around the world. Cool Hunting’s Nara Shin writes, “Stipla combines writing with panoramic photographs.   Continue

Top 10 Digital Magazine Publishing Posts of 2013

We often hear about predictions for digital magazines; how they will grow, the revenue generation expected throughout the industry and the time frames associated with these numbers. These predictions are important, as they help publishers better prepare for the future. What’s more interesting, however, is discovering how people who are already consuming digital magazines are enjoying their experiences.   Continue

Google Play Newsstand: Taking Digital Magazine Publishing a Step Beyond

When we first heard about Google’s new Play Newsstand for Android devices … we were underwhelmed.

“Ah,” we thought, “Google is about to prove once again that they may understand search, but they just don’t get premium content.”

“If they’re trying to take blog feeds and news feeds and tell us it’s a newspaper, oh no it’s not,” we said.

“The tablet respects books, newspapers and magazines as unique mediums. You can’t just disaggregate content and still call it a book, newspaper or magazine,” we said.   Continue

TIME Enters The Modern World of Digital Magazine Publishing

At last.

We’ve noted here that it seemed simply astounding that a publisher with the vast resources of Time Inc. was putting out a blurry product. TIME magazine – granddaddy of all American news publications, 90 years young, and one of the few major players with a healthy OMI, was, until its Nov. 4 issue, publishing non-retina display enabled issues.   Continue

Nutrition Action Doubles Traffic With New Mequoda System

On October 14th, a print newsletter publisher blossomed into a multi-platform publisher. That was the day we helped launch one of our newest Mequoda Systems,, the home of a health newsletter that’s celebrating its 40th year this upcoming January.   Continue

Outside Shows Vigor in Digital Magazine Publishing Efforts

As a 36-year-old, Outside magazine from Mariah Media is, naturally, quite physically fit. Established in 1977 by Rolling Stone co-founder and publisher Jann Wenner (also current owner of Men’s Journal and US Weekly), the magazine was sold to its current owner in 1979.

Since 2010, it has also had the luxury in terms of audience exposure of a sister satellite television network, Outside Television. Presumably that has helped it survive the print magazine downturn; since 2010, just after the iPad’s debut and digital magazine publishing was born, Outside has lost a miniscule 0.2% of its circulation, and stands at 685,164 as of June 2013.   Continue

Digital Magazine Statistics: AAM’s Top 25 Digital Magazines by Circulation

Every six months, the Alliance for Audited Media issues its top 25 lists of reporting magazines for various data points. Most recently, this past June, it issued its list for the first half of 2013, including digital circulation, and the media promptly went with this theme:   Continue

Sports Illustrated’s New Paywall

This is a paywall experiment you should watch. Adweek is reporting that Sports Illustrated is testing a new pay wall system. Lucia Moses writes.   Continue

MAD Magazine Offers a Haywire Digital Edition

The last time I read MAD magazine was as a young teenager. The thing I loved the most, besides Spy vs Spy (the Wikipedia link is included for you young people), were the tiny cartoons that showed up randomly throughout the magazine. I literally loved the randomness and the need to search each page from top to bottom, like an I Spy book, then turning the magazine whichever way was necessary and holding it up to my face to make it readable.   Continue

Popular Science Turns its Digital Edition Around

Popular Science, founded in 1872 and now owned by mega-publisher Bonnier Corp., is the fifth-oldest continuously published magazine in the United States. But as old as it is, its focus on cutting-edge technology has served it well, allowing it to stride into the digital age with authority.   Continue

Mequoda Tablet Study Video Answers: What Do Digital Readers Want?

Mequoda’s 2013 Tablet Study has been making the rounds in the industry, especially because it surprised a lot of pundits. Why? First, because we’re the first researchers to ask respondents about access to a tablet, rather than ownership. What with family sharing and all, we found that a whopping 55% of respondents have access to a tablet – not the 20-something number most studies reveal.   Continue

TRVL Magazine App Takes Publishing Industry on an Adventurous Ride

iPad-only magazine blows up the envelope gorgeously

It’s not often that someone defies conventional wisdom so profoundly and still makes a success of it.

But that’s what TRVL magazine has achieved.

TRVL is the first magazine published only in a mobile version, having been founded in 2010 by Dutch partners Jochem Wijnands and Michel Elings (who supposedly compared their love of travel at a party and launched TRVL the next day).   Continue

Prss Offers Free Pay-Per-Download iPad Publishing Platform

iPad publishing for the rest of us. Thats what the Netherlands-based company Prss hopes to achieve with their new platform. Prss hopes to be faster than other publishing platforms and encourages magazine publishers to use them.   Continue

The Atlantic Weekly: An Experiment or a Brilliant Strategy?

What do you when your website already publishes every word that appears in your premium print and digital publications for free? Um, well, uh … if you’re The Atlantic, you take the same content and put it another paid publication. The reason? Apparently, just because.

When The Atlantic launched its new weekly digital-only publication, The Atlantic Weekly, earlier this month, Senior Editor Geoff Gagnon told Folio, “We’ve already got a really good paid product that people can see for free, it’s called The Atlantic magazine.”   Continue

Black Belt Magazine: 9,600 Digital Subscriptions in 12 Months

Debate rages in magazine land about the future of the industry, and especially the role that digital magazine publishing will play in that future. But at least at Active Interest Media, there’s little doubt about what’s keeping Black Belt magazine in fighting trim, and there’s plenty of earned optimism about the digital future.

Black Belt sold 9,600 digital subscriptions since debuting its app in April 2012. That volume puts it in the top third of AIM’s 42 magazine products, all of which have digital editions. “We’re excited about the consistent growth month over month,” says Andrew Clurman, AIM President & COO.   Continue

$3 Billion: Get Yourself a Piece of the Digital Magazine Action

The Internet is swimming in articles and blogs in which pundits opine that the tablet revolution isn’t that big a deal for the magazine industry. Nothing to see here, they say. Move along. One blogger even cites one of our very own tablet study statistics – that only 26% of tablet users prefer digital to print magazines – as proof that the tablet is merely a flash in the pan.   Continue

Magazine News: Publishers are Focusing on More than Digital Magazine Software

Digital magazine publishing success considers tablet growth and mobile sites too

Digital magazine software initially focused on the app. Although this is still a prominent part of digital magazine publishing, many publishers are starting to look at the bigger picture by considering the value of mobile websites, the tablet market, and even print content.   Continue

Magazine News: The Evolution of Magazine Publishing Software

What began with devices has now turned to software.

Digital magazine publishing software is evolving to focus on a better user experience. In turn, online publishers are partnering with platforms that afford more freedoms to their users.   Continue

Why Millennials Love the Men’s Health Digital Magazine

It’s always a good time when a woman gets to read a men’s magazine as part of her job.

I swear I was researching whether Men’s Health advertises their digital edition on their website when I got sidetracked by the “100 Hottest Women of All Time” feature – I just had to know what millennials know or care about anyone not currently starring in primetime TV or the latest action movie.

(Quite a lot, it turns out: silent star Clara Bow, 1950s glam Hollywood hottie Rita Hayworth and a dancer I never even heard of from the 1930s were all included, right along with all the usual supermodels and Hottie #1 Jennifer Aniston. Color me surprised!)   Continue

Digital Magazines Dominate by 2020

Did you ever think that consumers would prefer digital magazines over print magazines? We do, and we think it’ll happen within the next seven years.

And that judgement isn’t even based on speculation.

We just completed our first annual 2013 Mequoda Tablet Study, which revealed that in 2013, 55% of internet users own or have access to a tablet.   Continue

Digital Publishing Turns Things Around at The Atlantic

My assignment last Friday was to review the app created by The Atlantic, a 156-year-old publication that was born from the minds of Boston’s intellectual elite – hardly a publication you’d expect to be leading the way in any creation of the 21st century.   Continue

How the iPad is Saving the Publishing Industry

Anyone who doubts that the iPad is the most important media-related technological innovation in all of human history should re-read those dates. And the exciting thing for those of us who live and breathe magazines is that we get to live through it!   Continue