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Archive for Digital Magazine Publishing

Digital Magazine Publishing posts focus on the digital revolution that is taking place for digital magazines.

In this section, you will find posts on components for creating and publishing the best digital magazines.

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Another Print Magazine Goes Strictly Digital

Pure digital magazine publishing continues to grow amid digital medium expansion

Last week we shared a few stories on the growth of digital magazine publishing, which includes the transition away from print for a few publishers.

As lovers of legacy print media, we don’t like to see print magazines disappear from the marketplace. However, we can understand and recognize the reason for this trend, and we are excited for the future of digital magazine publishing.   Continue

Content Snippets: A Way for Digital Publishers to Build a Bigger Audience?

There’s something interesting going on online. As long-form journalism finds a place and an audience digitally, there appears to be strong interest in succinct writing as well.

Take a look at Twitter, for instance. There are nearly 3 billion tweets produced each week – all of which are 140 characters or less.   Continue

Digital Publishing Bootcamp News – Early Bird Pricing Expires Tomorrow

A lot can be said for in-person events. You not only get the direct insight from the event leader, you get to hear questions asked by other individuals in attendance. Asking your own questions of the group, and meeting people within your industry provide an invaluable experience.

While sifting through some testimonials from our Mequoda Summit East 2012, I noticed that sentiment being stated quite often. In wanting to see what attendees enjoy the most about live events (ours in particular), I’ve come to recognize a few things:   Continue

3 New Advancements in Digital Publishing

Digital magazine publishing help comes from new devices and more publications

We can see the evolution of digital publishing when new products form and significant players enter the marketplace. It brings a new life to the environment around us, and almost provides a sense of security as we realize others are committing to making digital work for their audiences.   Continue

3 Tips for Digital Magazine Publishing

Insight from the OPA spurs tips on digital magazine publishing

If you think about all the types of digital content that exists, would you expect tablet owners to be buying digital magazines more than eBooks, digital newspapers, movies or TV shows? If not, you should. According to OPA’s new survey, magazines are the top form of content being purchased on tablets. (Poynter has a nice graphic of this stat.)

Since digital magazines are clearly of interest to consumers, here are three tips for digital magazine publishing.   Continue

The Attitudes of Tablet Users

What activities are tablet users engaging in?

A new survey from the Online Publishers Association (OPA) entitled “A Portrait of Today’s Tablet User – Wave II” uncovers a variety of trends and behaviors associated with tablet users.

Do you know from your own surveys what activities are most popular with tablet crowds? According to OPA, 94 percent – the largest percentage of respondents – said they use their device to find content and information. Accessing the Internet came next (67%) and checking email followed closely behind (66%).   Continue

Spanfeller to Address Bootcamp Graduates: Sell-Out Expected

With only one week to save and 12 seats left, Mequoda announces digital publishing luminary Jim Spanfeller as Bootcamp commencement speaker

Being a premier digital publishing event requires serious attention. Beyond polishing our content and preparing the most compelling up-to-date information, we’ve decided to bring another experienced publisher along for the ride.   Continue

New Study Predicts Digital Revenue Growth

Digital magazine publishing stands firm as circ numbers and advertising revenue expect growth

Advertisers see the value in online audiences, and digital publishers will help them tap into these audiences.

As PricewaterhouseCoopers points out, “global entertainment and media spending on digital advertising and consumer formats increased by 17.6 percent in 2011.” This is a significant increase for digital, especially since non-digital spending didn’t even account for a one percent increase.   Continue

Are Tablets Reaching Critical Mass?

Some reputable industry researchers believe tablets have reached a critical mass

For the digital magazine publishing industry, an increase in tablet ownership is quite favorable. The larger population of tablet owners, the bigger the potential is for digital magazine publishers, and brands offering other digital products.   Continue

Favorable Social Media Stats Excite Digital Publishers

News on Twitter and Facebook show potential for advertising, traffic driving

I’ve been saying for a while that Twitter is, by nature, a publisher’s true friend. It is a micropublishing avenue for succinct copy, and the promotion of aligned content. Plus, when used properly, it can be very helpful in driving more traffic to your website.

A new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project called “Twitter Use 2012” shows that Twitter is being used more than ever before. Twitter’s “use on a typical day” is at 8%, higher than last year’s record of 5%. It’s total use, between daily and non-daily users, is at 15%, higher than 2011’s record of 13%. The biggest growth is currently seen in the 18-24 year old demographic.   Continue

Updated Digital Publishing Suite Has New Potential

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite made the initial ascent into digital magazine publishing easier for digital publishers. Now, updates have been made to Adobe DPS, which may make the software even sweeter.

From its inception, Adobe was focusing on helping digital magazine publishing work easier on tablet devices. Their reach, however, has changed a bit as they are going beyond the tablets and thinking smaller…smartphone smaller.   Continue

Understanding All Aspects of Digital Publishing

From the seven pillars to publishing digital magazines and streamlining digital asset workflows, the three-day Digital Publishing Bootcamp covers all areas related to digital publishing success.

The time to register is here, as seats quickly fill up and we get closer to the end of early bird prices.

For the digital publishing professional seeking insight on the changing times, the following sessions at the Digital Publishing Bootcamp will provide you with the latest strategies for maximizing success in the digital realm.   Continue

Digital Magazine Publishing Firsts

3 stories about digital publishing that are bound to get publishers’ attention

Every week we write about the digital publishing industry for a few main reasons.

First, it is our mission to help print publishers transition into the digital age. As an unfamiliar ground to many, we share strategies for utilizing their legacy content to build new audiences and develop their place as a reputable authority on the subjects they cover.   Continue

One Thing Digital Publishers Can’t Forget: Human Elements

Retaining online audiences requires an emotional touch

Even as a digital native, I occasionally find it difficult to comply with the digital landscape. In the pursuit of engaging content, it’s possible to end up on websites that feel completely dead. They are uninspiring, cold, and too digital.

As digital magazine publishing continues taking form, there is an expectation for all websites to have a human element. And this isn’t just about being able to share content socially with your friends, it’s about a natural way of interacting with the content we are exposed to.   Continue

Important Information on the Google Website Optimizer

In case you missed the news, as of August 1st, 2012, Google Website Optimizer will no longer be available as a standalone product.

Changes like this aren’t new in the world of Google (I still lament the killing of the Google Wonder Wheel). However, the capabilities of Google Website Optimizer, which has been used by an enormous amount of Internet markets and digital publishers, will not be put to rest.

Are eBooks Making Digital Publishers Hopeful?

New data shows the potential behind eBooks

According to the 4th Annual eBook Survey of Publishers, conducted by Publishers Weekly magazine and Aptara, there’s a major increase in eBook revenue.

As reported by Virtual Strategy, the survey revealed “a 100% year-over-year increase in the number of publishers making greater than 10% of their annual revenues from eBooks.” This includes 36% of publishers, compared to 18% in 2011.   Continue

Potential in Digital Magazine Publishing Engagement

Tablets are leading to interesting digital magazine publishing engagement from users

Digital publishers have been looking for clear indications on how audience members are using tablets to interact with their content.

With the same hopes, I looked at a few of our own stats in addition to looking at the information shared by other reputable sources around the Internet.   Continue

3 Tips for Launching a Digital Magazine Publishing Business

If you’re starting a new digital magazine publishing business, consider these tips

Beginning any business can be daunting. Digital magazine publishing businesses are certainly no difference, although there are tips and strategies for launching your online business.

The following tips are offered to help while planning your online business launch.   Continue

All-Access Pricing That Benefits Publishers

Digital magazine publishing takes on a new revenue opportunity

It was a bit groundbreaking when Next Issue Media announced all-access pricing in April. The service is currently only available on Android devices, and offers access to over 30 popular titles. Supposedly, iPad will be available in the future.

Following suit on the all-access model is AnyTime, offered by PixelMags. This service is a bit different than Next Issue Media’s all-access offering, and presents a great opportunity for digital publishers.   Continue

New Apps: A Digital Magazine Publishing Evolution

What will digital magazine publishing apps look like in the future?

What comes to mind when thinking about the first generation of apps? Over the past four years, we’ve seen this technology change the way mobile devices are used. Digital magazine publishers and brands have developed apps and placed them in digital app stores for the chance to reach new audiences.

First-generation apps were basically what you could expect from new technology. Some had operating issues, including loading too slowly, freezing, and not being compatible with specific devices. Although some app developers have found success, especially when it comes to developing games, there are higher expectations for the next generation of apps.   Continue

Digital Magazine Publishing App Strategy

5 ways to monitor and optimize your digital app publishing activities

Digital magazine publishing apps will not sell themselves. It may be unfortunate, but they do not exist under the pretext of ‘build it and they will come’. There is no lack of competition with the sheer volume of apps in digital stores. Hoping that people will stumble upon your app and buy it or download it are lofty hopes.

If you are currently throwing ideas and strategies against the wall, hoping they will stick, there are better ways to approach your digital app strategy. The tips below are designed to help you market and track the results of your campaigns, leading to an understanding of the lifecycle that exists for your digital products.   Continue

Digital Publishers Build Links to Drive Traffic

Some links are certainly better than others. Any SEO will tell you that a link from a reputable site, organization, or government entity will be more favorable than a link from a site containing black hat SEO, or worse (like malware).

Link building is one popular method for increase website traffic. When done correctly, it can help develop much larger audiences. However, when done incorrectly, it can now lead to penalties from Google, as the recent Penguin update has impacted websites with an excess of low-quality links within its pages.   Continue

What’s Next for Digital Publishers?

The future cannot be easily predicted, but current observations can be made to help design a picture of the digital future that may not be too far from reality.

For instance, we knew the mobile Internet and mobile devices were going to have an impact on publishers. We just didn’t realize how impactful it would be originally. We are now finding and outlining the new digital revenue streams that exist due to new technologies. We’ve already seen apps, ebooks, and digital magazine publishing that utilizes clickable ecommerce. We’ve seen the importance of organic audience development through popular social networks, search engines and reputable link building. So what’s next for digital publishers?   Continue

10 Magazines Who Talk Back on Twitter

It’s the “social” in social media that makes it so effective. Consider how the always sassy and witty @ColonelTribune has built a following of more than 807k followers as compared to its more corporate counterpart @ChicagoTribune with just 83k followers. While both accounts are run by The Chicago Tribune, the Colonel plays the role of community facilitator by encouraging feedback and responding to their readers.   Continue

4 Core Goals for Digital Publishers on Twitter

Beyond the followers of your content, Twitter is its own community. People use the social network to share and consume information. As a digital publisher, you are a valuable source of information that people want to hear and learn from.

Digital publishers who are new to Twitter should consider these six core goals, which dictate your activities on the micropublishing social network.   Continue

5 Rules We’ve Learned From Apps

Digital magazine publishing can succeed with the help of well-designed apps

Digital magazine publishing relies on app and tablet success. Fortunately, these two markets are growing quickly; global tablets are predicted to reach 760 million by 2016 and digital publishing apps are expected to account for 80% of app downloads in 2016, alongside games, social networking, and e-commerce.   Continue

3 Ways Apps Can Help Digital Publishers

Most app producers will not make money off their product. In fact, 80% of respondents in App Promo’s First Annual Developer Survey said that they don’t generate enough revenue to support a standalone business.

However, publishers who have other products and revenue streams may be able to leverage their existing audience into engaging with their app.   Continue

Is Developing Apps Right For You?

If you want an app to be successful, it needs to be marketed

I’ve been asked before about the costs associated with developing apps. I really don’t love giving the “it depends” answer, but that is really the best answer.

Some major agencies charge tens of thousands of dollars for custom apps that encourage a high-level of interaction, and carry all the proverbial bells and whistles. Some smaller agencies will create a basic static app for $1,000 and a more complex app for around $5,000.   Continue

Learning How to Publish Through Multiple Devices

According to Forrester, 760 million tablets will be in use worldwide by 2016. Yet many publishers do not have a tablet publishing strategy in place.

How can legacy publishers succeed in digital magazine publishing, or use eBooks as an additional revenue stream if they do not have the big picture figured out? There isn’t a lot of time to waste because the current evolution is happening quickly. New changes take place weekly; do you know which require attention and which should be ignored?   Continue

Is This Where Your Digital Content Should Be?

A look at quickly growing app categories

Not every medium will work for every digital publisher. Some digital publishers focus solely on their written content – be long-form editorial or fiction.

Other publishers have the digital revolution to thank for their expansion into becoming a more complex media company. This type of digital publisher is already transitioning from being digital magazine publishing and ebook publishing, to creating video and audio content.   Continue

Targeting Mobile Devices for Digital Magazine Publishing

We are all familiar with Apple’s reign atop the tablet market. They were the first to enter with the iPad, and have continued to dominate as they upgrade the device for public consumption.

Towards late 2011, the Kindle Fire started making waves. In the fourth quarter of 2011, 4.8 million Kindle Fires were shipped. The impressive sales data led to speculation that the Kindle Fire would become a relevant competitor in the tablet market. New data however is not aligning with that speculation as the number of units shipped dropped to 750,000 last quarter.   Continue

The Holistic Approach to Digital Publishing

The Digital Publishing Bootcamp is characterized by the comprehension of all its parts

There isn’t only one piece to digital publishing that has to be understood. From how your going to create the best content, to how your going to distribute it to mobile devices, there is an entire digital strategy that needs to be addressed.

The Digital Publishing Bootcamp is one such program that focuses on the holistic aspect of digital publishing. It is designed to take all things digital, and put them in context of where they fit into your overall digital publishing strategy. It isn’t a tactics course; it’s a strategy program.   Continue

Digital Publishers and Online Marketers Turning to Tablets

Consumer confidence appears high with tablet devices

Tablets play a major part in making a digital revenue stream viable for publishers. Recent statistics have shown that digital publishing apps are one of the main sales destinations for tablet owners.

eBooks also present a relevant digital revenue stream. The market has seen tremendous growth as sales have increased by 300% for the second year. Additional information shows that eBook readers consume more content, including print books, than other consumers.   Continue

Barnes & Noble and Microsoft Form Partnership

The digital e-reading market just got a little more interesting as Barnes & Noble recently announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft.

Consumers have the opportunity to benefit from this partnership, as a Windows 8 application will be used for Nook. This will provide “one of the world’s largest digital catalogues of e-Books, magazines and newspapers to hundreds of millions of Windows customers in the U.S. and internationally,” according to Book Business.   Continue

Tablet Competition Heating Up, Again

When the iPad was originally released, it marked the beginning of the tablet competition. Since that time, other devices have reached the market, including Kindle, Nook, and Android-powered tablets.

Today, we are seeing new life in the market as it’s been reported that the Kindle Fire has captured half of the Android Tablet Market.   Continue

Avoiding the Mistakes of Publishing Predecessors

Over the last decade, our consultants have seen many publishers fail in building an audience, and a viable business, online. We hate to see it, we really do. But we need to pay attention to these instances so we can report it to our clients and tell them what not to do. That’s typically a part of our live events; we tell the attendees what strategies they should be using, and which they should avoid, so they can find success in digital publishing.

Digital publishing success is not trial and error anymore. Although testing the waters of new resources that develop is expected, there is a much more elaborate set of strategies that should be the main focus for digital publishers.   Continue

Analyzing Media Habits of Digital Natives

The Digital Publishing Bootcamp will provide an exclusive look at survey results from digital natives

Positioning your business to satisfy the media consumption habits of digital natives – those born after 1980 – is critical to sustaining success.

And regardless of the technological adoption that has taken place with many digital immigrants, digital natives are still a very unique group of content consumers and customers.   Continue

Digital Magazine Publishing Growth Expected with Tablets

Digital publishing is a main category for tablet app buyers, reports ABI Research

When digital publishers started targeting smartphone users, there was an opportunity to bring digital content to a highly portable environment. However, digital magazine publishing has not flourished on smartphones. The size of the devices and the digital content itself don’t seem to be the best fit for each other.   Continue

The Foundation of Digital Magazine Publishing

Before diving down into the changes behind the digital revolution, you need to understand the foundation of it. There are fundamental decisions that need to be conceptualized, then planned out. Creating a detailed plan makes success more likely for those embarking on digital magazine publishing.

Our Digital Publishing Bootcamp is a multi-day intensive for publishers, CEOs, and managers who want to understand the changes taking place in the digital publishing industry. The tips, strategies, and up-to-date information forecasts the moves you should make during the next five years.   Continue

Adobe Launches Creative Cloud

Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription service offers digital publishers the chance to try an array of tools from Creative Suite 6, including Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition – the program responsible for delivering digital magazines to tablets.

Beyond Digital Publishing Suite and the other classic programs like Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, the Creative Cloud includes Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge for HTML5.   Continue

Opportunities for Digital Publishing Success

There is often news to share relating to the digital publishing environment

From new online strategies to digital magazine subscription statistics, the amount of information that comes forward for online publishers can help streamline their efforts and lead to increased success online. And amidst new Forrester predictions that 760 million tablet devices will be installed by 2016, the opportunities for digital publishing success exist.   Continue

How to Generate More Revenue with Apps

Selling a digital subscription to a magazine app is the game plan for many digital publishers as it brings them continuous revenue. However, one-off digital products in the form of apps can be another way to pique the interest of subscribers and non-subscribers alike, while creating multiple opportunities to generate revenue.

With one-off apps, publishers can target people who have never purchased before at a lower price point, or free. It can be another way of expanding your digital footprint with current subscribers. And in addition to providing the app, you can offer sponsorship or advertising within it to different companies. In this case, if you were selling the one-off app, and offering sponsorship of it, you’d have the chance to generate revenue in two different ways.   Continue

Discovering the Future of Digital Publishing

Apps have been touted recently as the beginning of the end for physical media. Although I don’t necessarily agree with that, they play a major part in the evolution of the digital footprint.

The variation in app creation is an interesting feature of these digital products. Apps can be free, or premium editions costing money. They can be highlighting content, or they can be selling specific products. Above all, apps should be media-rich, interactive, and properly functioning.   Continue

Kaslik Joins Digital Publishing Hall of Fame

Bob Kaslik shares five keys for digital publishing success

Few people know more about digital publishing and marketing than Bob Kaslik. Since 2008, he has managed the creation, operation, and optimization of 10 robust digital publishing communities including Interweave’s flagship Knitting Daily.

On April 11, Kaslik joined eight other industry professionals in the Mequoda Digital Publishing Hall of Fame including his boss, Clay Hall, who was inducted in 2009.   Continue

Digital Publishers Battle a Changing Environment

Three changes the digital publishing industry must recognize

We’ve seen a lot of changes from being in the online business and digital publishing markets since the early 2000s. When we first began teaching publishers about developing audience’s online, social networks like Facebook and Twitter weren’t around. At that time, blogs were the main source of social activity.

Computing devices were also quite different then. Laptop and desktop computers were the options. Today, there are additional mobile devices; tablets and smart phones are expected to surpass desktop computing in usage.   Continue

Defining Your Audience Through Digital Personalities

The IBM Institute for Business Value recently released a report entitled ‘Beyond Digital: Connecting media and entertainment to the future’.

The report was compiled to help media and entertainment companies understand audiences better. As the opening sentence of the executive summary states, “The new behaviors of connected consumers – which include social viewing, distracted viewing and viewing on demand – have greatly impacted M&E providers.“   Continue

Digital Publishing Remits: Getting 75% from Apple

While there were dozens of great ideas circulated at last week’s Mequoda Summit in Colorado, one in particular was so simple it stands out in my mind.

John Bolton, group publisher at Interweave, has been negotiating, if you could call it that, with Apple, Zinio, Barnes & Noble and other digital affiliates.

As he points out, the negotiation is pretty one-sided. He has, however, figured out a way to receive five extra points from Apple and it’s incredibly easy to do.   Continue

Digital Magazine Publishing Roundup: Publisher Partnerships

A recap of informative pieces on digital magazine publishing

Digital magazine publishing is experiencing changes, including a Hulu-like model for unlimited digital magazine consumption. Major magazine publishers, who have partnered to create this venture, are leveraging this new app.

Next Issue Media released an “all-you-can-read” app that gives users the opportunity to consume all the digital magazine content they want for $9.99 per month. Next Issue Media is the creation of five major global publishing houses, including Conde Nast, Meredith, Hearst, News Corp., and Time.   Continue

5 Major Digital Publishing Changes

A look at digital publishing changes and a glimpse into the future

This summer alone has seen some major changes that can affect the digital publishing industry. Although some of these changes won’t directly impact digital publishers, these changes may certainly change the way they operate by putting a focus on the Internet community. Let’s take a look at some of these changes.   Continue

The Most Important Habit for Digital Publishers

Measurement needs to remain as a central part of online business development

The Mequoda Summit West 2012 kicked off yesterday in Lakewood, CO. The day was full of insight from an array of diverse publishers who are active in the digital transformation.

During the Summit’s introduction, Don Nicholas, CEO of Mequoda Group, shared a very important notion.   Continue