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Archive for Multiplatform Publishing Strategy

Multiplatform Publishing posts focus on the latest news and best practices in online publishing.

In this section, you’ll find a collection of Internet marketing strategy guidelines from the world’s most successful online publishing experts. You’ll also find stories on the latest news for online publishers and Internet marketers.

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Mequoda’s Top 10 Multiplatform Publishing Posts

Multiplatform publishing focuses on three main types of content: online, offline and live. More specifically, websites, email, magazines, video, books and events.

Our most popular multiplatform publishing articles covered the spectrum of producing white papers, to publishing on different tablets, to publishing blogs, video, websites and creative ads.   Continue

Zinio Magazines to Get Audience Media Treatment

Zinio, the mobile app platform for 5,000 digital magazines, has acquired Audience Media with the aim to become the first content aggregator to produce “white label, branded apps for consumers,” according to Digital Trends.   Continue

Mobile Display Ads Outlook from eMarketer

In a recently released report, eMarketer surveyed digital marketers and advertisers to determine the state of mobile display advertising. Despite the expectation that mobile ad spending will increase by as much as 82.3%, there are still gaps in effectiveness and best practices. Here’s what industry insiders had to say.   Continue

Billboard Cover Sets New Bar for Digital Mags

Billboard’s new look is leading the multiplatform pack, according to Folio:.

Gone is the practical newspaperlike cover, jam-packed with ink and charts. In its place is a sleek, stylized art portrait of a given performer and a vertical flag lining the left front in a bold new font.   Continue

From Magazines to Houses: The Multiplatform Publishing Empire of Dwell

Michela O’Connor Abrams, president & CEO at Dwell Media, is no stranger to innovation. Launched in 2000 as a modernist design publication, Dwell is built on innovation in architecture, including exquisite homes, and one of the products they sell is … homes! Prefab homes, to be exact.   Continue

Mobile Ad Best Practices From MediaPost

With 91% of American adults – more than 250 million people – owning a cell phone, and upward of a third of Internet users preferring theirs as a browsing device, mobile ads are more relevant than ever. The opportunity is golden: Revenue reached $18 billion in 2013, as 80% of users say they downloaded an app after viewing a mobile ad, while 67% visited an advertiser’s site.   Continue

Ad Innovations Usher in Era of Collaboration

Companies are breaking down longstanding barriers in order to stay ahead of the digital publishing curve. Digiday’s case studies on collaboration include looks at industry trendsetters Condé Nast, Time Inc., and Gannett.   Continue

Video Challenges for Publishers

Mastering video in order to maximize ad revenue is what publishers must do to survive, let alone thrive, in today’s digital landscape. But it’s easier said than done for many.   Continue

Rising Stars Ads Get Sky-High Ratings

The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Rising Stars ads – which use rich media, video, and other breaking technology in brand-friendly units on both desktop and mobile – are seeing 70% more click-throughs than standard placements are, according to recently released data from PointRoll. And while their interaction rates lag slightly behind those of banners, eMarketer reports, the actual time spent by consumers with them is 36% higher.   Continue

Rebecca Miskin Shares Hearst Innovation Stories

In recent coverage of the Digital Media Europe conference, you can almost picture publishing personnel gathering at the feet of Rebecca Miskin like acolytes on a grassy hill in ancient Greece, hungry for wisdom and guidance.   Continue

Food Network, HGTV Mag to Sync Content

The resulting product may not reach the level of Law and Order meets Homicide, but two Hearst brands are planning a crossover episode of their own.   Continue

Identity Issues Small Price to Pay for NBC Esquire Network

AdAge reports an interesting twist in the narrative of the newly launched Esquire Network, the offspring of a licensing partnership between NBC Universal and Hearst Magazines: It’s not yet drawing the audience it hopes for and its format is still fumbling along, but it is bringing in the ad buys anyway.   Continue

Audiobook Sales Hit $1.6 Billion

As reporters of publishing news, we feel it’s important that to keep you update on all of the platforms that many publishers dabble in. To bring you up to speed, audiobook sales have hit $1.6 billion according to a new report from IBISWorld.   Continue

The ABCs of Publishing: Why Legacy Publishers Have the Advantage

Several years ago, we were working with consultant Mark Young on some strategic issues for a joint investing publisher client. Mark said to me, “Don, you’re always giving examples of the perfect Mequoda operators, but does this work for other kinds of companies other than consumer magazine companies?”   Continue

Are Publisher Content Exchanges the New Black?

In an article for SIIA, Ronn Levine recent wrote about all the content exchanges going on in the publishing world. For example, The Dallas Morning News, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, The Toledo Blade, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will now offer digital products from the The Washington Post to their subscribers.   Continue

Bloomberg CEO Confesses Multiplatform Publishing Strategy

If you haven’t heard of Medium, it’s a small little niche blog where everybody is the author. The top authors tend to be C-level execs and start-up founders and the vibe of the blog is very clean cut with minimal distractions. Now that we have that out of the way, I can say that the CEO of Bloomberg Media Group, Justin B. Smith, took to Medium in order to discuss how they’re building a ‘digitally-led, multiplatform media company’. Multiplatform, you say?   Continue

Mental Floss Cashes in on Pi Day with True Multiplatform Publishing

Do you have a holiday that only your niche nerds would buy into? Mental Floss does.

In fact, March 14th is one of their best sales days! Mental Floss is magazine that started in 2001 and caters to knowledge junkies, and according to them, “Mental Floss’s online store sees its third-highest e-commerce day on Pi Day, following Black Friday and Cyber Monday during the holiday sales season,” says co-founder and president Will Pearson.   Continue

Dwell Unites Editorial Style on Page & in Retail

Keeping the editorial style in check is hard enough for a magazine but making sure that style translates into brand merchandise is another story. Folio has an interview with Josh Mintz, Dwell’s director of merchandising.   Continue

New Editorial Direction for Muscle Magazine

Friends of Mequoda, Active Interest Media have announced that they are changing the editorial direction and look of Muscle Magazine.   Continue

WSJ Launches Native Content Division Today

Well it looks like The Wall Street Journal likes native advertising so much they decided to launch an entire native content division.   Continue

Content Marketing for Digital Publishing Consultants

“So what exactly does Mequoda Group do for a living?” people ask us.

I have been involved in Internet marketing and publishing since 1995, when I was running an agency called Blue Dolphin Direct—primarily a print direct marketing and editorial consulting firm for a variety of magazine and newsletter clients. It was during that time when the folks at ComputerWorld had the revolutionary idea that we could sell subscriptions to their print magazine via the Internet. The program took about eight months to develop and was successful, in that we were able to sell print subs at a cost per order of about $65—a little below their average cost per order via direct mail. And that was the beginning of our journey.   Continue

How to Publish a Book on Amazon with a Custom Imprint

Every publisher we work with and will work with has an archive of free, downloadable products. They are sometimes tools, recipes or knitting patterns, but they also include hundreds of white papers, ebooks and free reports. Some publishers also have printed editions of their downloads, or at least Amazon Kindle editions.

Natural Health Advisory Knows How to Recycle … Content!

More than 30 years ago, Tom Vick, Executive Editor and CEO of Natural Health Advisory, first discovered that a common ailment he was suffering from, allergies, could be helped significantly by taking pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) daily. Since then, alternative medicine and natural health has been a passion.   Continue

The Tale of the Disappearing Hyphen in Digital Publishing

Some people accuse me of being an academic wonk. At Mequoda we’re often forced to make up our own lingo because you can’t pioneer an industry to the digital shores without making up a few words. While our terminology hasn’t changed very much since we invented it, the rest of the world has been progressing in their own lingo.   Continue

Top 10 Multiplatform Publishing Strategy Posts of 2013

This year we published more than two-hundred new articles about multiplatform publishing, digital magazines, audience development and subscription websites.

Out of those 200 articles, there were ten multiplatform publishing articles that were read the most.

Multiplatform publishing focuses on three main types of content: online, offline and live.   Continue

5 Best Practices for Selling Premium Digital Content Inside a Multiplatform Publishing Business Model

The New York Times continues to lead the transformation of the subscription publishing industry. In the next few months, they’re rolling out a brigade of new multiplatform publishing products that are focused on producing higher profit margins, rather than solely focusing on revenue. As the leader of the pack, they generate the largest percentage of their revenue (56%) from their readers.   Continue

Harvard Health Masters Multiplatform Publishing

When you publish under the aegis of Harvard Medical School, your primary objective is not simply to make money; it’s to improve the health and quality of life for the general public. And protecting Harvard’s brand is of utmost importance.   Continue

Native Advertising Going Interactive

The next step for native advertising is interactive. ClickZ is reporting that the next generation of native advertising will be interactive. The new ad units use featured stories, video and mobile units. Tessa Wegert writes about one such new technology,   Continue

The Future of Digital Content as Predicted by The Motley Fool

Publishers have one major thing to think about in the next couple of years. What is the future of digital content?

Ten years ago, the question might have simply been “What is the future of content?” But as we predicted back then, the future is digital. So where does that road lead?   Continue

Stuart Hochwert Inducted Into Mequoda Digital Publishing Hall of Fame

Established in 2006 to honor individuals and organizations who advance the art and science of digital publishing, the Mequoda Digital Publishing Hall of Fame now includes nine members.   Continue

10 Fastest Growing Mequoda Websites of 2013

Each year, as the Mequoda team gets together with our Gold Members at our annual Mequoda Gold Member Summit, there’s a bit of magic in the air, it feels like a family reunion. And like a family, we get together to share with each other all of the great things we’ve made happen over the past 365 days.   Continue

Our Top 10 Content Marketing Strategy Posts

This week, as we pack our bags for Boston and get ready to mingle with publishing professionals at the Mequoda Intensive, we decided to take some time out to share our top posts. The content marketing strategy posts below feature our most popular tips on business strategy, SEO, marketing, copywriting, PR and hiring. They have been viewed more than any other content marketing and business strategy posts on our website. If you have any favorites, please let us know in the comments!   Continue

How BLR Recycles Content on Many B2B Platforms

Mequoda has worked with many publishers over the past 10 years. If I were to describe the “average” Mequoda client, it would be a small to medium, independent publisher with one or more titles in narrow consumer or enthusiast niches. Yes, we have worked with huge multinational publishers as well as single-title startups. And, we have also worked with a number of traditional B2B publishers as well.   Continue

The New Yorker Embraces Multiplatform Publishing (And Does it Better Than Most!)

The New Yorker just boasted a milestone of 10.7 million unique visitors to their website from across the globe. Meanwhile, their circulation is up 17.7% year-over-year to 1.05 million.

Editor Nicholas Thompson says that the jump in traffic has to do with their new emphasis on breaking stories and web-only stories. He also claims they’ve been working on basic SEO and Facebook open graph integration.   Continue

Vida y Salud Launches the Latina Health Letter

Of the more than 100 websites I’ve worked on during the last 20 years, none has given me more personal satisfaction than Vida y Salud.

Each year, the site helps millions of Spanish-speaking visitors understand how to improve their health and the health of their families. The site’s global reach, easy-to-understand content and highly engaged audience have made it the number one Spanish language health website in the world.

Vida founders Carl Kravetz and Aliza Lifshitz, M.D., whom the Latino community knows as la Doctora Aliza or Dra. Aliza, are both Certified Mequoda Masters and Members of the Mequoda Hall of Fame for both their accomplishments and continued support of other Mequoda operators.   Continue

Ed Coburn Joins Mequoda as CSO & Lead Consultant

After three years of single digit revenue growth, I was beginning to wonder if Mequoda Group was a mature company. While we had experienced double-digit growth from our launch in 2004 through 2009, things had certainly settled down.   Continue

The State of Publishing After Penguin 2.0

It was just a couple weeks ago that Matt Cutts announced Penguin 2.0 and made content publishers fear for their long-tail lives, as he often does, usually without so much of a warning.

In the days immediately before and following the release of Penguin 2.0, many of our Gold Members clients expressed concern about what exactly Google was looking for in their newest algorithm update and whether they would be affected. Although Matt Cutt’s video seemed pretty simple and straightforward as he explained what we should expect from Google in the next few months, it was never particularly specific.   Continue

Content News: Branded Content Takes New Form

Are you surprised content marketing and social media are legitimate Internet business models?

Content marketing was poised to be one of the top Internet business models because it isn’t gimmicky like other forms of online advertising. Most true forms of content marketing allow users to sample content before making a purchase. Perhaps that’s the way marketing should always be.   Continue

10 Content Marketing Mistakes That Get Mequoda Editors Fired

To put this post together, we banged together the heads of everyone on the Mequoda team to consolidate some of the mishaps that have occurred with our clients. There have been some truly talented print editors that were either let go, or left by themselves because they couldn’t weather the print to digital transitions. Ones that refused to SEO their content and wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars in content that had to be re-optimized later.   Continue

How to Create a Profitable Website

I’m a big fan of planning.

And I believe that your website is a reflection of your entire business and business model.

A visitor to your website should quickly be able to understand your mission, your audience, the scope of your content, and even how you make money.

It always surprises me that people don’t start the process of building a profitable website by building a website plan. While the website planning process can seem complex, it really can be boiled down to answering a few simple questions:   Continue

Organic Marketing Consulting 101

These 10 organic marketing programs are perhaps the best organic marketing definitions

Organic marketing focuses on the shift from spending money on marketing to spending time on a disciplined strategy, proven to increase traffic and get your message out with paying for it.   Continue

Can Digital Publishing Solve Your Revenue Problems? I Say YES.

Mequoda’s only purpose in life is to prevent any other publishing company from going out of business, ever. That’s why we offer our decades of experience, proven best practices and user-friendly Mequoda Method for digital publishing success in our three-day Internet Marketing Intensive, the definitive training course in publishing and marketing content online.   Continue

Digital Content Marketing Trends for 2013

Digital content marketing drives surge in digital product sales for publishers

While many organizations have discovered the power of digital content marketing to sell products and services, perhaps no organizations are being impacted like the publishers of books, magazines, newsletters and videos.   Continue

Understanding Mequoda SEO Analytics

Discover how Harvard University uses analytics to gain Google visibility, increase website traffic and sell premium content

Google Analytics should be every online publisher’s best friend … but most don’t have a clue how to use it.

Mequoda Group, a leading consultant to online publishers including The Motley Fool, Consumer Reports, Crain Communications and International Data Group, will be sharing some of its secrets to SEO analytics at the SIPA 29th Annual Digital Publishing and Marketing Institute, Dec. 12-14 in Miami Beach.   Continue

Planning on Quitting Your Day Job?

Are you planning on a new start in the always-changing digital environment?

Developing an online business can lead you to financial independence through a growing medium. It can also lead to many headaches amid complete failure.

Are you prepared to start an online venture? Do you have the skills needed to stay relevant in Internet marketing and online business management for the foreseeable future? We’re in a time of great change and immense possibilities; big opportunities can spell success or downfall, and it’s all dependent on your Internet marketing knowledge and skills.   Continue

5 Simple Ways to Make Editorial Management Easier

Your editorial guide to making work days a little shorter

So you’re the new editor of a daily online blog, takes with editorial and audience development responsibilities. You might be posting five to 20 or more new blogs per week. Since online editors are the new online marketers, you’re probably tasked with a few other things too, like writing landing pages, email newsletters and anything that requires great writing.

So how can one person manage all of this content? I can tell you from experience that it’s not easy, but these five simple steps should at least make your day a little less hectic.   Continue

Building Digital Networks

Developing new channels and partnerships gives strength to online publishers.

Offering content for little or no money puts direct emphasis on the need to have volume. To succeed as digital publishers, it’s necessary to develop a digital retail network and affiliate networks so you have more sources for selling and promoting your content.   Continue

Tips to Keep in Mind While Selling Online Advertisements

Insight taken from Dan Ambrose, online advertising expert

New types of online advertisements are intriguing. They are a bit different than traditional advertisements and are welcomed by consumers.

Regardless of the acceptance of new online advertisements, it’s important to keep other parts of online advertising in mind as well, since it’s not just about creating media-rich advertisements that viewers will enjoy. Online advertising also includes capturing new revenue streams, selling integrated programs, designing factors for accommodating online advertisements and successful sales strategies, among others.   Continue

Clay Hall on Aspire Media

A few minutes with Clay Hall

I’ve known Clay Hall for more than 30 years and have had the pleasure of being his consultant for the past seven. Clay is a familiar voice in our community, having attended seven Summits as both participant and speaker. With the sale of Aspire Media to F+W Media, I think it’s a good time to give everyone an update on his current thinking about digital marketing and publishing before he disappears into the forests and rivers of our great country for an extended period of time.   Continue

Three Tips for Managing an Online Business

Don Nicholas recently interviewed Clay Hall, the founder of Aspire Media. Earlier this summer Aspire Media was sold to F+W Media, and the interview focused on key questions related to running a digital media company in current times. Take a look at this interview with Clay Hall, in case you missed his insight on managing a digital media business.   Continue