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Archive for Multiplatform Publishing Strategy

Multiplatform Publishing posts focus on the latest news and best practices in online publishing.

In this section, you’ll find a collection of Internet marketing strategy guidelines from the world’s most successful online publishing experts. You’ll also find stories on the latest news for online publishers and Internet marketers.

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Online Editor Job Available

Online Editor Job Available – Diversified Business Communications.   Continue

Calls to Action Tips for Online Publishers

Online publishers building social media and email lists need to pay attention to these tips

It is increasingly difficult to convert visitors into subscribers. Many feel the fatigue of being on social media and email lists, and occasionally overlook the opportunities to subscribe.

However, there are still audience members around who want to be engaged with our content. The following suggestions are for digital publishers creating calls to actions.   Continue

YouTube Helps Journalism Evolve Online

3 popular formats to consider while creating video news content for YouTube audiences

The popularity of YouTube is not new. However, some of the most popular videos have been the focal point of Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. Over the last 15 months, the organization has analyzed the top-five most viewed videos each week to determine the nature of popular videos.   Continue

Online Publishing Jobs are Amazingly Diverse

What do you do?

Starting tomorrow, Kim and I get to spend three days with online publishing and marketing professionals in New York City. The mix of individuals includes an amazing diversity in job titles. One of my favorite parts of this three-day program is the welcome conversation.   Continue

Vision Update

As some of you know, I was diagnosed with Late Onset Stargardt’s Disease back in 1992. For 18 years, there was some mild decline in my vision. Then in the spring of 2010 after five weeks on the road, my vision declined rapidly. By 2011, the vision in my right eye was beyond 20/400. My left eye was now carrying the load at 20/150 correctable to 20/70. Over the past couple of years, everyone I know has been helping me change my life to slow the progression and adapt to living with low vision. It seems to be paying off.   Continue

Are You Semantically Prepared?

Google’s work with semantic search may lead to better results

Google will continuously work to improve search and create content areas for everything. In case you missed the May’s roll out of Google’s Knowledge Graph for semantic search, here’s some information on the topic.

As MIT’s Technology Review states, “The Knowledge Graph can be thought of as a vast database that allows Google’s software to connect facts on people, places, and things to one another.”   Continue

Job Posting: Director of Online Publishing and Interactive Media

The Director of Online Publishing and Interactive Media will manage CSPI’s online content publishing Web site, A business plan and strategy are in place for this highly visible online presence for CSPI and Nutrition Action Healthletter content, and this position will regularly measure and report on key program metrics and adjust the strategy and plan as necessary.   Continue

Social Proof: Get More Blog Comments to Sell More Products

According to Jakob Nielson, 90% of online community users are lurkers who read without contributing.

So you want more comments? Join the club. WIth hundreds of posts under my belt, I still get excited about comments.   Continue

Are Your Editors Likable?

As editors of a marketing blog, it’d be easy for us at Mequoda to shout numbers and research quotes all day long. Thankfully, we “do all our own stunts” as they say, so every bit of marketing advice we give out comes with a story of how we discovered it (or at least who told us about it). Personally, I get pretty pumped about my research and I hope most of my posts reflect that. After all, when you spend days, weeks and months coming up with the strategy—why would I short-change on the story? Shouldn’t I be excited to share it, and not water it down in bullet points?   Continue

How I Developed Analytical Editorial Skills

The impact of content marketing

There was a time when I approached being an online editor purely from a journalistic standpoint. My background, comprised of editorial and marketing experience, allowed me to focus on the ways I was communicating to my audience – yet I was unsure of the impact I was really having.

This issue is similar to a problem many editors and writers have: a lack of objectivity with their art form. We’ve all experienced it. You create a piece you absolutely love, and feel connected to, but it just doesn’t reach the amount of people you expected.   Continue

5 Ways to Amplify the Reach of Your Editors

Content marketing tips to build a bigger audience

Editors speak for the brands they work for, which means they have a much better pre-existing relationship with customers than anyone else at your company. They speak directly to readers through witty blog posts, metaphoric photos, and real-time replies to comments on your blog.   Continue

5 Tips for Today’s Online Editor

An online editor’s position is very different than the traditional editor might realize. In addition to creating great content, they have to follow particulars associated with the digital environment, including content marketing and audience development strategies.

Take a look at a few of these requirements below.   Continue

Creating a Business Plan for a Growth Market

Three elements to communicate to potential investors

When developing an online business, the market you choose is important. Although the services you offer, and the methods for generating revenue may change, being part of a growth market is crucial.

There has been a rocky road for those of us who love books, magazines, and newsletters. Five years ago, very few wanted to invest in magazines. Now, however, equity bankers are looking at publishing as a growth industry. This hasn’t been the case in easily a decade. Some might argue three or four decades.   Continue

7 New Discoveries About Marketing to Millennials

Let’s face it, if millennials were a brand, then the “Occupy” movement didn’t do much for their image. It did however reinforce the enormity of the upcoming consumer generation and the influential pull they are having on spending and media consumption.

As a publisher, the reason this matters to you is the same reason why we conducted the extensive 7-week Digital Native Study back in the fall—because their habits should be accounted for in your ten-year plan. Have you watched the video?   Continue

Internet Ad Revenue Hits New High

There is a power in curation. Publishers get the opportunity to show their audiences the breadth of their knowledge on a subject by providing them with the best content – and providing extra value through insight and perspective.

Curators are valuable in today’s digital world, where there is so much content that users have a hard time sifting through it all. In addition to providing your own content, do you curate any information relevant to your industry?   Continue

What to Know About Protecting Your Content

The nuts and bolts of protecting your content

SIPA’s quarterly Memorandums From Counsel are written by the highly esteemed law firm of Levine Sullivan Koch & Schulz, L.L.P., specifically for SIPA. With a new one due to come out shortly, let’s quickly review the Winter 2012 issue (titled The Nuts and Bolts of Protecting Your Content)—in case you missed it. These Memorandums are member benefits, so to see the full text or to receive the next issue, you have to be a member.Topics for the Spring 2012 issue include: (1) Emerging legal trends in social media marketing; (2) tips for handling subpoenas and newsroom searches, and (3) briefs on copyright legislation and Copyright Office fees.   Continue

The Value of Making New Technology Part of Your Everyday

Making new technology part of your everyday

Rachel Yeomans, marketing director of social media for Astek—and the person who helps us run our Wednesday noon (Eastern) Twitter Chats (today’s topic: SEO)—is a great study in “what’s happening now.” In one of her recent posts on the Astek blog, she went through her daily routine—and this was not your grandmother’s, or even father’s, or even older sister’s routine. But it is very much worth taking note:   Continue

SIPA Member Profile: Stillwell Reveals His Sales Secrets

Ryan Stillwell, Vice President of Sales, Mortgage Success Source, LLC, Holmdel, N.J.

SIPA: How did you get into this business?
RYAN: I was a branch manager for Wells Fargo and Originated loans for GMAC. The GMAC office was shared by a company called The Mortgage Market Guide. I was asked to join the MMG team which was just in its infancy with a couple of employees. We grew the business and the company built up momentum. In 2007, 13,000 people were using us for data. I was responsible for building up our customer service operations and sales departments in-house and over in India. MMG was then sold to UCG which merged it with another product that assisted Loan Officers (Loan Toolbox). This was how MSS was born.   Continue

Murphy’s New Approach Will Improve Workplace

Murphy to explain new hiring guide at SIPA 2012

“Ask your employees one important question: would you rather work short-staffed or with someone with a bad attitude?” On a video promoting his new book, Hiring for Attitude: A Revolutionary Approach to Recruiting and Selecting People with Both Tremendous Skills and Superb Attitude, Mark Murphy (pictured left) clasps his hands, looks straight at us and smiles. This is going to be good, we think, and we’re right.   Continue

New Tool Builds Segments for Internet Marketers

A new product caught my eye recently, as it boasts the ability of combining “real-time product level data with click and purchase behavioral and demographic data into a single source.”

This tool is the Segment Builder from iGoDigital’s Customer Intelligence Engine. It collects the habits of customers in real-time and creates a profile of them.   Continue

SIPA Member Profile: Bopaiah Focuses on Her ‘Studies’

Minal Bopaiah, Editor, Subscription Site Insider, Anne Holland Ventures Inc., Newport, R.I.

How did you come to this industry?
Circuitously. I was the international editor for Boston Metro. Then I decided on a different route and got a Masters in psychology. A job at Sesame Street followed that combined my experience in psychology and media, and I really saw the power of what media can do to change people’s minds. So I returned to journalism, where the nonprofit model was becoming much more common. But good intentions are not enough—even nonprofits need to apply some business sense. I’m happy to now work for Subscription Site Insider, which allows me to learn more about the business end of digital publishing while still letting me apply my knowledge of psychology to enhance my writing.   Continue

See How You Do on Our Publishing Quiz…

A challenge from some SIPA 2012 speakers

Take this mid-week quiz concerning speakers at the upcoming SIPA 2012 Conference, May 20-22.

1. Which of these choices is NOT on Jeanne Hopkins’ list of seven indications that your mobile marketing may—ahem—not be so good?
a. Your marketing approach isn’t local
b. You’re looking at the wrong metrics
c. Your website is not mobile-optimized
d. Too many people in your company understand your mobile strategy
Hopkins from Hubspot will be speaking with Jeremy Dempsey from Integrate on Marketing Automation, Monday, May 21, 11 a.m. – noon.   Continue

SIPA Member Profile: Freer Keeps Spidell All Accounted For

Lynn Freer, President, Spidell Publishing, Inc.®, Anaheim, Calif.

How did you get into this business?
I was doing tax returns but was not an accountant or bookkeeper. I was actually a French literature major in college. Then I started doing some writing and contract work for Bob Spidell who owned the company. The combination of writing and taxes appealed to me—Spidell provides education and research solutions to tax professionals—so I bought the company from him in 1997.   Continue

My Digital Publishing Incubator: Exploring Internet Business Models

17 strategic questions that your next digital publishing business plan must answer

I got a call last week from a colleague who has been thinking about launching his own digital publishing business for several years. Like most of the people who come to me for help, he has assets. Over the years, I’ve discovered that assets are very helpful in making a new launch successful faster. He is a well-known expert in his field with many important and influential contacts that can help him launch his new venture. He has content having successfully published a number of best-selling books closely related to his topic. He has a database of email fans and followers. He has a network of potential employees, contractors and advisors including me. And while he does not have a publishing or media brand, it won’t be difficult to turn his well-known byline into one, with the right marketing plan.   Continue

How to Start Your Own eLearning Program

It May Be Time to Get on the eLearning Curve

According to the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) 2011 State of the Industry Report, money spent by organizations on learning and development of their employees increased by 13.5% last year. In the U.S. alone, more than $68.5 billion was allocated to external training providers.   Continue

SIPA Member Profile: Gale Ushers Company Into New Places

Tom Gale, President, Gale Media, Boulder, Colo. and Publisher, Modern Distribution Management

What takes up most of your time these days?
I’ve spent most of the past year and a half integrating the acquisition of a market research company that focuses on industrial markets and wholesale distribution channels—the audience of our newsletter and website. This is our next step in transitioning from a 45-year-old B2B newsletter into a publisher of industry research, software and market analytic tools, where we are the primary source for qualitative and quantitative research for wholesale distribution executives. Beyond that, I spend my time moderating webcast events and building long-term sponsorship and advertising relationships. I’ve handed off most content roles to a great editorial team, but continue to speak at industry events to advance our cause. Occasionally I try to run a company, but I’ve had better luck hiring the right people who make that a small part of my job description.   Continue

Six Clear Messages for Our Digital Future

Six valuable messages and the sessions to cover them

The keynotes, sessions and speakers for SIPA 2012, May 20-22 in Washington, D.C.have all been carefully selected to deliver the most relevant and timely information possible. Here are some excellent tips from speakers pertaining to their sessions or keynotes.

1. “There is going to be a moment when ebooks are about $50 apiece. That is the magic number and when we reach that point there is going to be a new, [more] huge than there is today, reading explosion… This year products will be coming out that have beautiful color video refresh rates and are reflective. That is the next barrier. We have to get away from the glare problem on these devices. So you get the glare problem solved, easier to read, greater ability to reproduce fonts as they are supposed to be reproduced and at a lower price point and then the question is why would I want to read that on paper.”   Continue

Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today

A Refresher Course in Good Marketing Ideas

Send email from a person, not a company. Check search traffic when choosing blog titles. Include brief surveys on thank-you pages. These are just three of 20 “Low-Hanging Marketing Fruit” listed in an excellent article on Hubspot Blog last week. It’s a good refresher course for some things we may know but may not always remember to do. Let’s go through a few of them—adding some comments more specific to SIPA members.   Continue

Members Reveal Their Most Successful Current Initiative

Eight SIPA members tell what the single-most successful thing their company is doing now

1. More than one portfolio company I’m working with today is having success using the same process: 1) Identify very specific unmet information needs of a very specific audience, horizontal or vertical. 2) Discard any information need which cannot be addressed using scalable technology. 3) Take the surviving concepts and productize them as online solutions using the techniques discussed at every SIPA meeting. I call this process “big data meets B2B.”
—Tim Baskerville, Media Service Group   Continue

‘Social’ CEOs Emphasize User Experience

Ides of March is good time to evaluate role of ‘friends’

Is it still all about who our friends are? On this fateful day many, many years ago, Julius Caesar thought he knew who his friends were—turned out Brutus wasn’t such a good one after all. Facebook keeps rolling along with the activity of our “friends” as its major engagement tool. I was able to catch The Social Network again this week—it’s still an impressive tale to go from putting up a box for your relationship status to where they are today.   Continue

Thinking ‘Young’ Does Have Its Benefits

The Young and the Rest of Us

As SIPA approaches our 1,000th Linkedin group member this week, we were wondering how to mark the occasion and I came across this from the blog Online Dominance:

“Rewarding is most effective as a retention tool, and not an acquisition tool, Britton says. [That’s Matt Britton, founder and CEO of Millennial generation marketing agency Mr. Youth.] Offering a prize to your 200th follower might get you a few more fans, but they’re only there for the free stuff and not because they’re huge fans of your business. On the other hand, rewarding your existing fans is a great way to bolster their connection to your company.”   Continue

Did Facebook Convince You to Start Buying Ads Too?

According to Peter Kafka on All Things Digital, Facebook brought in 3.15 billion ad dollars last year, saying that “revenue increased, in part because it served up 42 percent more ads, and in part because it was able to charge an average of 18 percent more for each ad it served.”

And right before last week’s big Facebook announcement, Kafka predicted that Facebook was “still selling the sellers, trying to convince them to send real money — Google-sized money, or better yet, TV-sized money — their way.”   Continue

SIPA Member Profile: Pines Manages His Business and His Lists

How did you get into this field?

Mitch [Eisen, the CTO,] and I met on our first jobs after college. Then about 6 or 7 years later in 1999 we were both between things and he called me to see if we wanted to do something together around the Internet. Our first product was not email-centric; it was an online contest using a TV station’s programming. It was called The Prediction Machine. (We may be dusting it off now.)…After a while, it was hard selling it though—kind of a one off. So in about 2000-2001, we had a 2-day meeting to find something else. We had been sending emails out twice a week for this and decided to try to expand on that.   Continue

Songwriter’s Death Reminds Us of Power of Collaboration

Songwriting Brothers Show What a ‘Small World’ Can Do

One day in the early 1960’s, Walt Disney called brothers Robert and Richard Sherman into his office “and gave them a book by P. L. Travers about a magical nanny named Mary Poppins. ‘He said, Do you know what a nanny is?’ Robert Sherman recalled. ‘And we said, ‘Yeah, a goat.’” According to a New York Times obituary for Robert Sherman yesterday, the two songwriters returned with ideas for the film’s story and what would become several classic songs: “Chim Chim Cher-ee” (the Academy Award winner), “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and “A Spoonful of Sugar.” Another song of theirs, “It’s a Small World (After All),” inspired a ride in all Disney theme parks.   Continue

SIPA Member Profile: Lubka Raises Profile and Issues in Canada

Lidia Lubka, publisher/editor, EcoLog, Toronto, Canada

What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
After graduating with a journalism degree, while trying to find a job in publishing in Toronto (more opportunities in the U.S.), I took a position with a social services agency, organizing the agency’s archives for a book. It was sort of a publishing job, I told myself, though the pay was so low that I actually could have qualified for the social services. [Eventually,] I landed an editorial position on two legal publications with Carswell (now Thomson). After a year, I jumped ship to another publishing company, Southam (later Hollinger, now Business Information Group) where I rose from an assistant editor to publisher/editor of legislative publications, which I still am today.   Continue

Awards Update and a Round-Up of Industry News

On Awards, Content, Integration and European Privacy

It’s all about awards here at the SIPA office for the next couple days. The deadline for our SIPAwards competition is tomorrow, March 2. We’ve been very pleased with the enthusiasm so far among members (old and new) in responding to the new categories we’re offering. What will also be of great benefit are the many successful ideas, campaigns, blogs and websites that we are being alerted to that we were not aware of before. I can then pass those successful entities on to you in these articles and in Hotline. So please keep the entries coming in!   Continue

Six Creative Ways to Get Your Message Heard

You Can’t Just Rest on Your Good Scents

At our local farmers market, one of the most popular vendors sells sausage. Their “trick” is that they cook up delicious samples for people to try. On Saturday, I was indulging when the vendor shouted something like, “Hey everyone, get your sausage samples here! Just out of the pan!” A woman next to me said to the young man, “Oh, come on, you don’t have to shout anything. These things sell themselves by now.” To which he replied, “No, I definitely do – people respond to that.”   Continue

Google Allows Users to Delete Search History (and Other Over-Hyped SEO Problems)

Google has always used your search data in order to deliver you the most relevant search results. This is why they’ve beat out every other search engine in terms of content curation and prioritization. User data, like search queries, power the search engine and allow it to come up the right answer to whatever question you’re typing in. Google is very transparent about this.   Continue

SIPA Member Profile: White Leaves Banking to Follow His Passion

Dwight White, Copywriter and Marketing Strategist, St. Augustine, Fla.

What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
My first job was in banking. I worked with a major financial group for 13 years, starting as a bank teller. For much of my time I held senior positions in loans, life insurance sales and as an investment advisor. But I always felt there was something else I wanted to do. And so, I later left the corporate world of finance to go into advertising sales.   Continue

Refocusing Your Online Editors

A change that editorial directors need to pay attention to

Put an online editor job underneath a microscope; what do you see?

The initial look shows a content creator; someone who understands subject matter, and ideally, is passionate about the topic. Online editors are able to churn on content that is informative and thought provoking on a regular basis.   Continue

‘It’s the Human Friction that Makes the Sparks’

The Importance of the ‘Collide and Meet’

There’s a really interesting article on The New Yorker magazine site titled Groupthink: The Brainstorming Myth by Jonah Lehrer. He reports that when Steve Jobs designed the Pixar headquarters, he designed it so that “Everybody has to run into each other.” He said that the best creativity happens when people collide and meet. So mailboxes were moved to the lobby and everything else, including the only bathrooms, were placed in the center of the building.

Darla Anderson, a Pixar producer, told Lehrer: “[Steve] really believed that the best meetings happened by accident, in the hallway or parking lot. And you know what? He was right. I get more done having a cup of coffee and striking up a conversation or walking to the bathroom and running into unexpected people than I do sitting at my desk.”   Continue

Focusing on the Most Popular Mobile Activities

What is the purpose of a mobile site?

There are three activities publishers should focus on while considering their mobile initiatives.

First, there is email. In May of 2011, nearly 40% of mobile devices owners reported using their device for email. And that was before more recent growth in the mobile device industry.   Continue

16 Categories Make the SIPAwards Your Chance to Shine

12 Good Reasons to Enter the SIPAwards

“To be good is noble; but to show others how to be good is nobler and no trouble.”
“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.”

I don’t think Mark Twain was referring to awards in that first quote, but he certainly could have been. SIPA thrives on the successful campaigns, ideas and initiatives of its members and their desire to share those with fellow members. Usually that comes in the form of a webinar or a session at a conference or a roundtable meeting or a post on the Listserv. But once a year, it comes in the form of the SIPAwards.   Continue

George Washington’s LinkedIn Profile

George Washington’s LinkedIn Profile   Continue

6 Tips for Building a Company East of Germany

What to Know for Building a Company East of Germany

At a reading Tuesday at the Austrian Embassy here in Washington, D.C., author Catalin Dorian Florescu presented his new novel, Jakob beschliesst zu lieben or Jacob Decides to Love. (There was some debate over whether one can decide to love, but we’ll leave that for another day or week.) Florescu was born in Romania in 1967 and immigrated with his parents to Switzerland where he now lives and works.

At some point in the discussion, the phrase “Eastern Europe” came up, and Florescu expressed his displeasure. He said that most countries in that part of Europe would like to move on from the term that brings a sense of a lower class. I was reminded of this as I looked over Reinhard Sander’s presentation from last year’s SIPA Munich Conference. The session was titled, “How to Build a Publishing Company in Eastern Europe – Experiences and Conclusions from Two Decades of Doing Business East of Germany.”   Continue

Join the Conversation; It Will Help Us All

‘Chatting’ With Peers Can Be a Good Thing (like today)

Conversation from last Wednesday’s SIPA Twitter Chat:
What system do you use to host/run your webinars?
For webinars: @BeaconLive and @ReadyTalk thus far – what do you like about the platforms?
Used Conference America before … very reliable … anybody thought about web ex, citrix, or 24/7
I like Beacon’s easy-to-use platform. It takes about five minutes to show speakers how to use it.   Continue

How Best to Track Yourself and Clean Your Digital Slate

An early spring clean-up, the digital way

We had an instance last week where a member googled herself and found a SIPA document on an unauthorized site. It was a good heads up for us to try to get the site to do the right thing and take it down. I was reminded of this as I just re-read a recent article in The Washington Post titled “Time to Clean Out Your Digital Closet” by Melissa Bell.

In that article, Bell advises that you track yourself. In the past, I’ve been a bit reluctant to do this on a regular basis, maybe not wanting to actually see where I might be showing up. But obviously, it’s a good thing to get in the habit of doing. “Set up Google Alerts ( on your name, nicknames or personal businesses,” Bell writes. “Google will e-mail you any time new information about you is put online. To see what’s out there now, check It’s a search engine that lets you search by name, address or e-mail. A search on it reminded me of a LiveJournal blog I hadn’t seen in years. I made a copy of my youthful exuberance and deleted it.”   Continue

SIPA Member Profile: It’s all ‘Academic’ for Harrington Gould

Jeska Harrington Gould, Managing Director, Research, and SIPA Europe Chair.

SIPA: What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
JESKA: My first job was assistant to the post boy at a big Dutch Publisher based in central London—but it was a fill-in job before college. I decided to become a publisher after one week and never left.   Continue

How Wary of Your Social Media Life Should You Be? Very.

How Wary of Your Social Media Life Should You Be?

So you think that your next prospective employer or business associate won’t notice your Facebook posting of a “funny” picture on a family vacation or an unruly comment after one of your teams lost, or a tweet you sent after a political debate? Think again. A study from chartered psychologist Rob Bailey presented at a British Psychological Society Conference in Chester, U.K. last year found that “65% of respondents said they were likely to look at a potential employee’s online presence prior to interviewing them.” 65%!   Continue

Extensive Training Options Offered in Mequoda PRO

60+ hours of educational webinars await you on-demand

The education process has come a long way in a short time. Remember the days when going to a class or a library were the most popular ways to learn?

The Internet has changed that. And although school and libraries are still relevant, information seekers have more options.   Continue