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Archive for Subscription Website Publishing

Subscription Website Publishing posts focus on what to consider when building and operating a subscription website.

In this section, you’ll learn the difference between membership and subscription sites, how to build a successful subscription website, increase sign-ups, align content, and the best practices for running successful subscription websites.

Free Download: Learn how to choose the best subscription pricing and single-copy pricing strategy for your subscription websites and subscription apps when you download a FREE copy of our How to Use Contrast Pricing to Increase Subscription Revenue report today.

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Reasons Why It’s Important To Define Your Website

Follow this website design guidelines to make sure you don’t confuse or scare off potential customers

When a user lands on your homepage, your website should tell them exactly what you do and how your website can help them. Are you trying to sell something? Are you a content creator? Who is your audience?

To communicate strategic intent, you must know two things:

1. What are your users trying to do at your site?
2. What do you want them to do at your site?

At least one of those goals should be a way to monetize the visitor. Clear strategic intent is much easier to achieve when the website has very simplified functionality. Complex websites confuse users.   Continue

Membership Website Conversion Tips

Five must-have features for membership website conversion

After reviewing statistics for website visitors, are you wondering why traffic is up and conversion is down? How could so many visitors not become subscribers? What is your membership website missing?

Here are the top five must have features to convert visitors into a subscribers.   Continue

Rapid Conversion Landing Page Optimization

How to select the topic and keywords to create an effective Rapid Conversion Landing Page

The first step to creating an effective Rapid Conversion Landing Page is choosing the topic. Selecting the topic begins with keyword analysis. This precedes copywriting and requires a different skill set.

Begin by talking with your publisher, audience development manager, keyword analyst or consultant — anyone who is familiar with your publication’s keyword universe.

In preparation for writing the RCLP, open your Google Visibility Report and determine your target keyword phrases. The Google Visibility Report (GVR) tracks the volume and competition of each keyword phrase, and monitors the website’s rank on each. Alternatively, you could meet with colleagues who can suggest keyword phrases to be researched as part of preparing the Google Visibility Report.   Continue

Online Advertising and Website Design

A few tips to sell more online advertisements with strong website design

Website design isn’t just important to the users that visit your website, it is also important to the advertising that you want to engage in with your website.

Every online publisher wants to have a highly efficient and effective website. Having this type of website will encourage return visits and generate revenue through direct product sales as well as online advertising.

When it comes to offering online advertising on your website, are you capable of doing so? Is your website designed properly so that online advertisers will want to work with you?   Continue

Video Landing Page Guidelines

Different ways to incorporate video into your landing pages

Looking for a better way to communicate with visitors? Online companies need a way to improve the “know, like, trust” factor with potential customers. One way to accomplish this is through video.

As my father will tell you, in the good ole days, a customer looking for the latest information on a TV, would visit a retail electronics store and chat with ‘Don’, the knowledgeable salesman. Since Don was a nice guy who seemed to know everything about the TV and maybe even some secrets to improve the picture or sound quality, the customer would buy it.   Continue

Subscription Websites Can Change Industries

And technology is allowing this to happen

I wrote an article a number of months back discussing the record industry. As I see it, and many would agree, it’s a flawed system ruled by those who aren’t making an attempt to adapt to the changing tides.

I originally wrote the article before the iPad was introduced. And before the use of mobile devices skyrocketed (According to PC Mag, 96% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 19 own a mobile device.)   Continue

New Free Podcast Released on Website Archetypes Including Subscription Websites

Subscription websites are gaining in popularity and this free podcast goes over different subscription website archetypes

Download a free digital copy of the Mequoda Digital Media Podcast: An Introduction to Subscription Websites now

Our Mequoda Pro members had the opportunity to experience our Building Subscription Websites webinar this week. The webinar included experienced publishers Don Nicholas and Phil Ash as they went through the process of building subscription websites.

Our new Digital Media Podcast: An Introduction to Subscription Websites was inspired by this webinar. We see the tremendous value that subscription websites can have for online publishers. They create an environment where their content can continuously be updated while utilizing a model that can operate a renewal process and keep overhead costs down.   Continue

Want to Increase Sign-ups for Your Membership Website?

How to use paid and earned media to build your membership website

Most publishers continue to rely on paid media to generate traffic for their membership website. For good reason – paid media works. And it’s often easier to buy website traffic than to rely on earned media.

Basic paid media sources for building your membership website:   Continue

What Price is Right for Access to Your Site?

Charging for Access More Than Open/Shut Case

The SIPA online marketing forum recently brought up the issue of newspapers charging for access to their websites. This came in response to the Boston Globe’s announcement a couple weeks ago that it will split its digital news brands into two distinct websites, keeping free while establishing a subscription-only pay site,, which will feature all the content produced by the newspaper’s journalists.

Last year, paidContent’s Joseph Tartakoff wrote about some daily newspapers that charge for access to their websites, drawing many interesting comments. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette offers online-only subscriptions, which include access to an electronic edition. Print subscribers get online access for free. This has been a huge success story; print circulation has hardly dropped since the pay wall went into effect in 2002.   Continue

Website Design Guidelines for Content Webification

Creating additional user benefits for your print product by creating a new experience on the web

When you build a website for your print product, it’s extremely important to make sure that your website adds something to the user experience other than doing what they can already do through your print product.

In some cases, like with Guideposts, they allow users to share their own stories, a toolbar that people can install in their browser, games, amongst lots of other neat tools. What they’re doing is taking their content and recreating it as many ways as possible so that they’re adding a benefit to their content by making it more interactive.   Continue

Subscription Websites and “Content Bundles”

Content bundles are strategic components some publications are utilizing; are they worth it and do they intrigue you?

If you tune in to the Mequoda Daily often, and I hope you do, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been discussing subscription websites a lot lately. We have been doing so with good intentions. Frankly, we see the potential and value behind subscription websites to be greater than ever before due to new technological devices and online practices that have received excessive attention.

For instance, there’s the iPad. I won’t elaborate too much on this since it’s been discussed so much everywhere since it came out. However this device has intrigued consumers and has opened them up to the idea of paying for premium content.   Continue

Last Chance to Discover The Subscription Website’s New Position Among Digital Publications

Consumers are showing awareness and acceptance of digital publications, learn how your publication can benefit from a subscription website

Register now for our Building Subscription Websites webinar, which will be presented live on October 12th

Although subscription websites have been around for almost a decade, they are now becoming more important than ever to publishers.

Why is this so?   Continue

Rapid Conversion Landing Page Guidelines

How to create a rapid conversion landing page metatags template

Rapid Conversion Landing Pages build circulation for your free email newsletters. The more value they create — and deliver — the more effective they are at building your subscriber file.

The rapid conversion landing page (RCLP) strategy works equally well for B2B and B2C websites, for large publications as well as small publications. That’s because of the power of the word “free” and the value of reliable information in a freemium with an irresistible title. Popular freemiums include a reports, white papers, software, tutorials, tips, even patterns; really anything a user can download for free.

The following RCLP metatags template can serve as a helpful reminder of the elements required for a Mequoda Best Practice Rapid Conversion Landing Page.   Continue

The Process of Building Subscription Websites

And why it’s more important than ever to do so

Traditional print publishers are realizing the power and potential behind the Internet. As they saw their print subscriptions and profits fall, publishers began looking for alternative methods for delivering their content. Thankfully for them, the iPad emerged on the scene and brought a media-rich experience with it.

Then, some publishers began to realize that the Internet, smartphones and tablets could be utilized to offer subscriptions to content-filled websites and apps. This allows users to access the content on the go.   Continue

Are You Annoying Your Readers?

First impressions are important; use this information to adjust your website strategy

We have all experienced websites that make you cringe. They can do so in a number of ways, but the outcome is typically the same: the user leaves the site as fast as possible.

Is your website sending the wrong signals and scaring away users before they can get a grasp on what it is you provide? If so, you will need to examine your tactics and take a look into some reasons as to why users leave websites and don’t bother to come back.   Continue

Landing Page Optimization for Mature Audiences

20 tips for creating a senior-friendly landing page

The number of users over 65 is continuing to rise. In addition to social networking and emailing, a good percentage of them are spending time with age-appropriate pursuits such as leisure travel, personal health care and financial concerns.

If the over 60 crowd is your target audience, here are the top 20 “Tips From The National Institute On Aging And The National Library Of Medicine” to make your landing pages senior-friendly.   Continue

The Wireframe Process and Subscription Websites

Helpful tips on creating a website prototype before the actual building process begins

Before designing a website, it’s important to map out what the website will look like. If you don’t do this, the process will be virtually impossible to do correctly. We refer to this process as creating a website wireframe.

According to Wikipedia, a wireframe is “a basic visual guide used in interface design to suggest the structure of a website and relationships between its pages.” Wireframes help designers maintain a consistency between pages throughout a website. The importance of wireframing lies in creating user expectations, developing a familiarity with the site and within the communication process between content creators, engineers, developers and clients.   Continue

Another Major Publication Set to Offer Digital Subscriptions

The Boston Globe is joining the digital revolution

Who’s next? The Boston Globe announced yesterday that the online version of their newspaper would be moving locations, from to, and switching to a paid subscription website model. This change will take place the second half of 2011.

For publishers to stay relevant, and in business, this trend will continue to happen with mainstream and niche publications through the coming years.   Continue

Hands-Off Twitter Add-Ons For Your Landing Pages

Try adding a “Tweet It” button to your landing page templates

By adding social media elements to your landing pages, you’re taking the hands-off approach and letting your customers pass the word along on their own.

If you have something important to pass along, like a free book, webinar or other type of product, you can try incorporating “Tweet It” buttons on your website.

Portals and Email Newsletters: Two User-Friendly Website Archetypes

Two money making website archetypes for online publishers

Online publishers and editors are always looking for ways of growing their audience. For most, this involves increasing the number of email subscribers on their email marketing lists.

It is, of course, very important to be continuously looking for new audience members. Or better yet, be visible to audience members who are searching for the content you provide. That’s why SEO, social media marketing, link building and distributing press releases are important marketing strategies within the online environment.   Continue

3 Noteworthy Landing Page A/B Test Results

Landing page optimization tips from A/B tests that made a big difference

If you’re not testing your landing pages, then how do you know whether your products are not selling, or if it’s the landing page that is not doing a good job of selling the product? Check out these examples of landing page A/B tests that boosted results 31% to as much as 131%.
Lesson: Play with design elements

In this test, according to

Subscription Websites Going Forward

How changes in technology and media consumption will put an emphasis on subscription websites

I apologize in advance for saying it again, but the iPad has changed the online publishing environment. Not only from a mass communications standpoint, but also from a subscription website standpoint. Why? Because the iPad has begun to make consumers aware of the digital subscription concept. Therefore, subscription websites are even more of a hot topic than in the past.

Going forward, the deliverable in the world of tablets and mobile devices are downloadable issues. These issues could be a component of subscription websites, with additional archived information living within the subscription website itself.   Continue

Great WP Plugin for Online Editors: Editorial Calendar

Simplify your editorial management strategy when you add a visual editorial calendar to your WordPress blog

There’s this new(ish) WordPress plugin out in the wilderness that has been getting some buzz lately and it’s called Editorial Calendar by Zack Grossbart.

The big bloggers like Brian Clark of and Chris Brogan of (amongst other sites) are singing its high praises, so we thought it deserved a shout-out.   Continue

Subscription Website Archetype: The Membership Website

What is a membership website and what makes it a subscription website archetype?

A Membership Website is an online destination—in and of itself. It may be structured as a “pure-play” site or as a “companion” website. Either way, members or subscribers register and pay to access information, organized library-style by topic of interest, or research information or find answers to a question.

The Minimum Information Unit is a person or member and all the information that member shares via their member profile, forum posts, file uploads, links and other data. The Ladders, and SSUG are benchmark sites for the Membership Website Archetype. All three require registration and payment for full access. One-day memberships generally have the highest fee, while annual memberships usually offer the lowest price and the most benefits.

A Membership Website is a subscription website archetype since it generates the majority of its revenues from user access fees. This website business model is similar to a print newsletter or magazine that accepts little or no advertising, relying primarily on user support. Membership websites often sell other branded information products that may include books, events and print periodicals at special member-only rates.   Continue

Awards Finalists Can Get Your Juices Flowing

Awards Finalists Start the Creative Juices Flowing

The finalists for min’s Editorial and Design Awards were announced today, and it provides a good chance to look at some of the best in categories that are close to our mission. Winners will be saluted on Nov. 8, 2010, from 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. at the Grand Hyatt in New York City.

1. Under Blogs, IDG Enterprise – Enterprise Software Unplugged earns finalist billing. Just looking at yesterday’s entry shows that this is a very entertaining and informational blog. Thomas Wailgum is at Oracle’s annual mega-conference and reports on some of the most popular tech terms making the rounds. “Optimize. Good Lord, if I have to hear one more ‘optimize’ utterance, I might take a run at that America’s Cup trophy [being kept there] and let those two serious-looking security dudes beat the crap out of me.”   Continue

Website Homepage Design Guidelines for Persistent Navigation

Is inconsistent navigation leaving users feeling lost on your site?

With inconsistent navigation, the ‘Back’ button is your best friend. An important aspect of good website homepage design is persistent navigation. It’s one of 14 points we analyze using the Mequoda Website Scorecard, what we believe to be the top 14 best practices for the running a Mequoda system.

Navigation bars and sidebars are best left constant, regardless of where the user moves on the site. If the navigation tools change, or users have to dig to find the information they want, they are likely to go to a better-designed competitor.

Does your persistent navigation reflect the depth and breadth of your content? Does it provide quick and easy access to customer service? Is it intuitive? Is it consistent throughout your site?   Continue

Uses for Subscription Websites

Content from the Mequoda Summit Boston 2010

At last week’s Mequoda Summit Boston 2010, Don Nicholas and Phil Ash hosted an interested session on subscription websites. In today’s digital landscape, it’s easy to see the value in the many subscription website models that exist. As an online publisher, how familiar are you with subscription websites? More information on subscription websites will be added to the blog in the next few weeks since content producers and Internet marketers can greatly benefit from the parameters set for content consumption.

“What is a subscription website?”

That question might be harder to answer than expected, mainly because there are different types of subscription websites. Some subscription websites offer a vast majority of content for free, with only a miniscule amount requiring a subscription for access.   Continue

Why You Should Test Long vs. Short Copy

Landing page guidelines for writing and testing long copy salesletters

In almost every A/B split test we’ve ever done, or convinced a publisher to do, long copy prevails when trying to make a sale. A well-done long copy landing page will beat short copy four out of five times.

Why? Here’s our theory. Long copy tells them as much as they need to know – and much, much more. We know that nobody truly reads an entire 5,000 words salesletter. However, they do skim salesletters and they do find what they’re looking for in all that copy. More importantly, they end up buying a product that they know more about than one they know less about.   Continue

The One Mistake Publishers Make with Video Landing Pages

The newest landing page template – video landing pages

Today I was talking about web video with Patrick Hughes, Production Director of VisualPost and presenter at this weeks Mequoda Summit. While we’re always doing case studies on other publishers and talking to them about their own videos, I thought it would be nice to get a perspective from someone in the field who produces web video for a living.

My big question to him was this: “What is the one biggest mistake that publishers make with video landing pages?”   Continue

Subscription Websites a Model for Profits

Your Pass to Building Profitable Subscription Websites

When you log onto MLP Profits, you immediately see substance—and potential. (MLP stands for Master Limited Partnerships.) The substance lies in the weekly articles in the left column and features such as How They Rate and Alerts and Getting Started in the middle. A welcome video from the co-editor and various links and bios dominate the third.

The potential comes from the numerous invitations to sign up for this newsletter and the many others in this “family.” But you never feel uncomfortable; rather, you feel good about the information and—if you’re in this business—inquisitive about the money-making possibilities.   Continue

How “Early To Rise” Got My Attention with a Video Landing Page

A shocking subject line and email led to a simple, yet effective video landing page

Yesterday I got an email from Early to Rise, a blog and email newsletter for people who are looking to be more wealthy and successful. On most days, I tend to browse over their emails, even though they are a great resource for excellent copywriting samples. Really, if you’re a copywriter you should absolutely subscribe to their email newsletter to bask in the brilliance of some of their promotions.

With that said… yesterday I got an email entitled: “The offensive video sent to you”.

Who doesn’t love offensive videos right? So you read the subject line thinking, oh my, they’ve been hacked. Someone send me a dirty video through their account and they’re apologizing.   Continue

Subscription Website Archetype: The Reference Website

What is the reference website and why is it a subscription website?

The subscription website model is simple: pay-for-access.

Most subscriptions are sold on a time interval. One-day memberships generally have the highest fee, while annual memberships usually offer the lowest price and the most benefits.   Continue

4 User Tasks for Website Homepage Design

Successful website homepage design allows visitors to achieve their goals

Is your website properly designed to meet the expectations of your visitors? Often times websites encourage visitors to take an additional step, be it a request for more information, a visit to a different web page found at the website, or the step of making a purchase.

While studying Mequoda Website Models, we have come across five commonly used tasks that users engage in. These common tasks make up for 80 percent of user activity at the sites we looked at.   Continue

Landing Pages that Maximize Email Conversion Rates

Our Rapid Conversion Landing Page Optimization Guidelines free report includes eight steps for creating high performance RCLPs

Download our free report Rapid Conversion Landing Page Optimization Guidelines now

Building a database of potential customers is the backbone of online marketing. It is a main piece of online revenue generation, and it houses the audience that appreciates the content and products you produce.

Therefore, building and maintaining the database is crucial to the success of an online publication.   Continue

Write Better Landing Page Headlines with a “Big Promise”

Attempt to fix a problem when you choose the Big Promise headline for your landing pages

A great headline is really an advertisement for an advertisement. It grabs the reader’s attention with such force that they can’t resist reading the next sentence. They read your headline and think, “I need to know what comes next”, much like an episode of LOST.

OK, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I can tell you that a bad headline won’t get your potential customers anywhere, and it most certainly won’t get them off “the island”.   Continue

Why an Article is a Landing Page & Why You Should Care

Identify your landing page templates and discover why articles are your #1 best sellers

Landing page templates aren’t just for taking names and selling products. Those are steps #2 & #3. Some landing pages, like an article landing page, is the introductory first step that convinces them to move on.

There are lots of landing page templates out there. After all, when someone puts in a keyword, you’re hoping they’ll “land” on your site one way or another. If you’re doing it right, every page on your website also either captures an email address or sells a product.   Continue

6 Great Looking Landing Pages & Why They Work

Landing page optimization tips that can work for both B2B and B2C publishers

Would a name-squeeze page work as well if it went by any other name? Yes it would, and that’s why we call it a Rapid Conversion Landing Page, or RCLP for short. Some people call it an email capture page as well. All jargon aside, the point of this page is to collect an email address by offering away a free product.

The more value these landing page create—and deliver—the more effective they are at growing the database. A Rapid Conversion Landing Page can be long or relatively short. It can tell an entertaining story, as does the RCLP for the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law (link below).

5 Ways to Boost Renewals for Subscription Websites

Does your subscription website promote customer loyalty?

Many subscription websites have come and gone over the last decade. There are a few subscription websites have figured out exactly what it takes to succeed. What can we learn from their mistakes and successes? Let’s look at one successful subscription website –

My father and I have recently joined in an effort to find our roots and create our own family tree. I must say, they do an excellent job of keeping my interest peeked and my subscription renewed.   Continue

The Article Landing Page Template

One of the twelve landing page templates found in our 12 Master Landing Page Templates free report

Download our 12 Master Landing Page Templates free report now

As an online publisher, I was happy to see our publishing schedule increase. We are now releasing more content on a daily basis so our audience, new and old, can stay current with information vital to successful online publishing and marketing.

A more frequent publishing schedule also helps in the world of organic search engine marketing. Each article we produce contains keywords so search engines will pick up the content.

To publish articles, we use an article landing page template. The article landing page is required to do two things. First, it must attract targeted website traffic. It does this by including the keywords as mentioned above. Secondly, it must be able to convert visitors into email subscribers, registered users or preferably, buyers.   Continue

Good Website Homepage Design Builds Brand Preference

Brand preference leads to repeat visits and increased website traffic

One aspect of the Mequoda Best Practices we analyze is brand preference. How does the website homepage design aid in branding? It should clearly support and build brand preference, which encourages repeat visits.

Did you know that over 50% of Amazon’s visitors arrive by directly typing in the browser? How can you create that type of strong brand preference?

It all starts with good website homepage design. Here are a few examples to follow:   Continue

How Many Landing Pages Do You Have?

You may have more landing pages than you think

I was recently speaking to a friend about online publishing. He is a content producer and was curious about the options for organic marketing and search engine optimization.

After about ten minutes of conversing he began discussing his website. A very important lesson popped into my mind around this time.

He was talking about his landing page. Yes, “landing page” in singular form. I allowed him to finish his thought then chimed in.   Continue

One Good Reason Not to Have a Membership Website

Membership websites require content and effort – don’t attempt building one if you haven’t got either

While a Membership Website can be a profitable addition to a publisher’s online strategy, the decision to launch one must be carefully considered. If the publisher has been sponsor driven print, a Membership Website may be a bad idea unless the publisher can come up with some clever way to populate both a free website and a paid membership website.

Your free website includes your blog. Some publishers only repurpose print content, while many others create fresh original content to publish on their website, or Internet Hub as we like to call it. Your Internet Hub is the face of your brand. It tells people exactly what type of quality your content has, and whether it’s worth spending money with you.

Relationships Matter Here and in Miami

Examining the Ties That Bind Between Marketers, IT, Copywriters and Customers

At the much-anticipated Marketing Conference in Miami, Nov. 10-12, Greg Krehbiel of The Kiplinger Washington Editors will lead a session titled Top 10 Things Marketers Need to Know About IT. “With online marketing more important than ever,” the description reads, “marketing managers need to have a strong working relationship with the IT department…This very practical session delves into the most common and vexing problems in the IT-marketing relationship, and offers proven solutions from interviews with professionals on both sides.”

Krehbiel raised this very interesting topic on the SIPA online marketing forum a couple months ago, and the responses gave a glimpse of just how good a session this will be.   Continue

A Simple Formula for Maximizing Landing Page Conversion Rates

Follow these simple landing page guidelines to start converting visitors into buyers more quickly and effectively

The easiest way to get a customer to complete a transaction on your landing page is to create a great looking landing page with an irresistible offer that is easy to complete.

As a general rule, commercial websites should use the “real estate” of their landing pages conservatively. Whether your strategic objective is to get the visitor to sign up for a free email newsletter, buy a product or start a trial paid subscription, your landing page needs to be tightly focused on a single intention—getting the reader to take action.

Re-Define “Landing Page”: It’s Every Page

Discover new landing page templates when you re-define “landing page”

Many people think that a landing page is just one type of page.

Actually, many pages on your site are landing pages. If a web surfer arrives at your site via a search engine or via targeted traffic, such as a link in email, that person is “landing” on your site.

Where do they end up? On a landing page, of course.

A landing page is an indispensable component of your online marketing campaign. We define a landing page as any webpage where a willing buyer and seller can start a transaction. It’s the first page on your website where a visitor enters the ordering process.   Continue

Creative Apps for Creative People

Ways designers may use the iPad

I may have some creativity inside, but graphic and web design do not fall into the category of artistic ability I possess.

A number of the articles I have been reading about the iPad say it will not bring any added benefits to the world of graphic design and web design because of its simple interface and the methods used for operating it.   Continue

Setting up a Landing Page’s Meta Data

Landing page optimization doesn’t begin and end with copy and a good call to action – it needs to be found first

Setting up a landing page means starting with the basics. What is the title of the product? How am I going to sell it? What keywords am I using to make sure people can find it in search engines?

Having a great landing page doesn’t just mean writing good copy and search engine optimizing your content. It also means having a clean and elaborate back-end that lives up to the copy on the page.   Continue

BLR Profile Tips Straight Out of Site

BLR Profile Gives You ‘Backstage’ Information To a Very Audience-Friendly Company

“We do everything we can think of to get visitors to the site,” says Bob Brady, founder and president of BLR—Business and Legal Resources. “We use paid search, organic search optimization, email promotions, demo disks…. anything that makes sense, because you’re never really sure what might work.”

BLR’s formula does work and has been for many years. That’s one reason why this leading compliance information company is profiled in SIPA’s latest management report, Building Subscription Websites That Sell: A Marketing Perspective. The profiles in this report give you very workable examples of many kinds of successful subscription websites.   Continue

Website Design Review of Golf Vacation Insider scores well, but adding video and encouraging user-generated content could bring it to the next level

We put Golf Vacation Insider to the Mequoda Website Design Review Scorecard test. This popular website is aimed at those who go on golf vacations or who are interested in places to play golf. In addition to the site, publishes a free email newsletter and books on golf travel. Managing Editor and golf travel veteran Craig Better works closely with the editors of Golf Odyssey, a monthly paid newsletter and website, to provide free, concise insider travel tips to subscribers at least three times a week.

We put Golf Vacation Insider to the Mequoda Website Scorecard test. This popular website is for those who are interested in places to play golf or go on golf vacations. It has no paid advertisers and does not sell products, thus providing visitors with “expert, honest, and unbiased” golf vacation information.

1. Strategic Intent: A

This site is a free content website, but it is related to the site Golf Odyssey, which is a paid newsletter site.   Continue

Designing Rapid Conversion Landing Pages for Successful SEO Campaign Management

Nine steps for converting visitors into subscribers during SEO campaigns

A key component to SEO campaigns is the rapid conversion landing page (RCLP). A successful RCLP will convert visitors into email subscribers and aid in your organic search engine marketing work.

Each free informational product you produce needs an RCLP that you can begin to build after your keyword research for the topic is complete, and before you release the product to your email list.   Continue