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Archive for Mequoda Pro Q&A

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Tools for Better Analytics

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Business Plan Development

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Free content vs paid content – how much should you give away as a draw to get a subscription?

Why do I rank high in but not in other countries?

Which CMS is Right for You?

How long would you say it takes to build a store app? Say if we have 500-1000 products?

What happens in Google when I submit my press release to multiple sites?

Building Email Circulation

SEO Question

What does it mean to have good website “affordance”?

What is a “post-Google” CMS?

Do you ever purge your email subscribers based on whether or not they open or click on the emails?

What is the difference between paid and earned media?

Is there an average conversion rate for potential clients who have reached your order page?

What is the difference between “online publishing” and “online retailing”?

Does adding links and nav buttons cause Landing Page leakage?

Why does “storytelling” sell so well in copy?

Is My Double Opt-In Rate Percentage is Normal, High or Low?

For letter landing pages, which font and type size is best?

Why do you Google the your keywords “in quotes” to get their competition?

Who should operate a subscription website?

Is there a correlation between how well a pub does with a one-shot in the print Amazon store vs. Kindle?

Is there a market for $100-$1000 reports through eReaders?

Do you see 3G carrier subsidies to help mitigate costs for the Apple Tablet?

Will Amazon Kindle accept ePub format?

Should I publish books to Kindle, and issues on a platform with higher remit?

What are the highest price products so far observed on eReaders?