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Creative Services

An online publisher called us recently in a panic. Seems his company’s newly-minted digital publishing empire was struggling, and he was losing sleep over it. Afraid that he’d have to lay off some of his new team if revenues didn’t improve. And he thought he’d done everything right – carefully developed his business model, forecasted realistic revenues, established a solid product mix – in making the jump from legacy magazine to digital magazine publishing.

Mequoda’s Creative Services had the solution for him.

Like many publishers, this one had spent so much time focusing on the exciting new digital age that he’d overlooked something as old as publishing itself: creatively and strategically promoting his information products. And that’s where we came in to rescue his company. Our Creative Services are simply unmatched in experience, training, skills and proven results.

Mequoda’s Creative Services deliver results





Does that describe any digital publishing professional you know? Maybe even you? We see it all the time.

Do you still wonder why your digital magazine products are languishing? How to get more traffic to see your carefully-created subscription websites? Why your competitors seem to be thriving when you’re not?

Many times, the answer lies in something less tangible than analytics or financials. At Mequoda, we’re committed to delivering that one, missing element: Creative. The compelling design that commands attention. The artfully-crafted words that a highly skilled, rigorously-trained professional copywriter spins to drive traffic in droves, and results in product and subscription sales in multitudes. The targeted strategy that generates fierce loyalty to your brand.

Mequoda Group offers premium, comprehensive creative services for online publishers, from email newsletters to landing page optimization to online ads, and everything in between

But why should you turn to Mequoda for these services? Isn’t everyone a writer these days? Can’t your content writers handle it? And surely your sister-in-law the graphic designer understands publishing in the digital age, doesn’t she?

No. Nein. Non. Nyet.

Emotional promotional: Proven

Maybe you’re not as panicked as our online publisher mentioned above. But if you’ve ever wondered, even once, if your email efforts, sales letters, brochures, banners and other promotional efforts could be better … if you’re wasting time and money on ineffective website copywriting … how to get the creative resources you need, only when you need them … Mequoda has the answer for you. We’ve spent more than 30 years thoroughly testing all kinds of copy. We’ve written B2B, B2C, B2I and more. Using our trademark style of emotional copywriting – in which we first identify a compelling need that resonates with your specific audience, and then demonstrate how your product meets that need – we’ve written to knitters and telecommunications companies and biopharma CEOs. Our efforts have lifted response rates as much as 30 to 50 percent for our clients. And we have literally thousands of documented tests at hand to help us find exactly the right email marketing strategy for you.

Can you say the same for whoever is writing your copy now?

How can we help you?

We’ve just demonstrated emotional copywriting on this page. Let us tailor it to your products in …

Rapid Conversion Landing Pages: A Mequoda specialty, the RCLP (also known simply as a conversion landing page) is used to entice a user to enter into a low-risk transaction. This type of landing page is used when there is no cost to the user (such as a free offer) or when payment is delayed and includes options (a bill-me later offer).

Sales letters: These can serve as blog posts, email marketing and landing page copy.


  • Renewal emails
  • Press releases
  • Banners
  • Space ads
  • Text ads
  • Product descriptions

… and much more.

Design services

Mequoda prides itself on finding and retaining the most talented, experienced designers who understand that it’s not about winning awards (though they often do), it’s about selling your information products. Our top designers have a combined 70 years of experience, and are not just graphic artists, but web specialists, so you get the specialized focus you need to succeed in digital publishing, whether you need an ad, banner, logo, print brochure or any other graphic element.

Website optimization

New tools such as Google’s Content Experiments have a lot of promise, but do you really want to learn them yourself? Unless you’re a large organization, you probably don’t have the technical staff on board who can maximize your website design scientifically. We do, and when you hire Mequoda’s Creative Services, it’s like having our staff as your staff – without the overhead. Landing page optimization is our bread and butter, and we’ll find out exactly which combination of our renowned copywriting and design comprise a profitable Internet marketing strategy for you.

Getting started is easy

You can begin working with Mequoda Creative Services on an a la carte basis, and you’ll always get the flexibility you need without the overhead of hiring your own staff. Better yet, if you need as little as 10 hours per month of Creative Services work, our Gold Member Consulting Program, including regular meetings with one of the industry’s most respected digital marketing strategists, may be the right solution for you.

Gold Member benefits:

Once we understand your products and mission, 10 hours a month of Creative Services time can be the catalyst for improving your email and landing page conversion rates. The program includes a quarterly strategy meeting with our CEO and lead consultant, Don Nicholas, to establish your audience development and direct marketing priorities. As a Gold Member, you’ll also have unlimited access to our extensive webinar training series on demand, and “front row” tickets for each new webinar program. Add to that the guaranteed lowest rate for our twice annual Summits where members of the Mequoda Community come to share the best new ideas for digital publishing, audience development, and subscription marketing. Think of it as a complete package for supercharging your digital marketing efforts!

Call us, write us!

To schedule a strictly no-obligation call to discuss your situation and needs, call our Member Services Manager at (508 435-1008) or e-mail ( We look forward to discussing your needs and seeing how our experience, best practices, and programs can work for you.