Association Magazines – Not Just for Members Anymore?

Association magazines have potential for B2B publishing success; plus, Facebook Instant Articles, the latest personnel moves, and more

Can association magazines transcend membership readers to engage in some serious audience development? One big name in the business is offering a resounding yes. We have to agree, of course. Legacies, startups, brands, B2Bs, and, yes, professional groups – the world of publishing welcomes all, and the right blend of content and distribution will help you appeal to many different kinds of consumers, in addition to making you an authority in your field. 

With a built-in niche publishing strategy, association magazines have an advantage over others. The Mequoda Method will help you maximize that advantage. We have a stable of B2B and association magazines already, and find tremendous success with them, because they’re run by businesspeople who know how to come up with a plan and stick to it. has more on the potential of association magazines, plus more news on Facebook Instant Articles, Verizon’s publishing experience, and the latest in industry personnel moves.

Association Magazines Can Expand Audience Beyond Members

Fascinating interview on with John Maisel, publisher of Electrical Contractor, the flagship magazine of the National Electrical Contractors Association. Under discussion is association magazines’ ability to become industry voices that have B2B-like appeal for a readers outside of their membership.

“Editorially, the mission is to provide a broad menu of award-winning content that addresses the varied and changing informational needs of our audience, and deliver that content cross a broad venue (print; various digital media, web, apps, e-newsletters, social media, video, webinars, etc.). Audience engagement is routinely measured and monitored for new opportunities,” Maisel tells Tom Zind.

“I firmly believe that with all that’s going on in the publishing business (print, digital, VR, etc.) most associations have a tremendous opportunity to grow their share of voice over the next several years in whatever channel they operate. With many of the traditional B2B ‘big guys’ in a severe state of disruption and confusion as to direction, etc., associations are in a unique position to offer leadership, direction, stability, and dominance in their respective spaces.”

Nielsen to Measure Facebook Instant Articles

Nielsen will soon track performance of Facebook Instant Articles content, reports.

“Nielsen’s Digital Content Ratings – launched last year in partnership with Adobe, who helped provide analytics—look to apply daily measurement to the performance of digital-media content (both static and video) across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Nielsen says measurement of audiences on gaming consoles and other over-the-top devices will be available soon, as well,” Greg Dool writes.


“As the number of channels publishers pursue in the race to reach consumers continues to increase, the goal of providing advertisers with total audience measurement at times seems loftier and more elusive by the day. Nielsen’s Digital Content Ratings are essentially an attempt to contextualize digital audiences in the same way Nielsen has measured TV ratings for decades. The ratings are currently available to Nielsen clients, with a syndicated roll-out expected sometime this quarter.”

Brands as Publishers: Verizon’s Experience

Another excellent interview on, this one with Verizon Vice President of Corporate Communications Torod Neptune discussing his company’s foray into publishing.

“Brand journalism is at its core using journalism practices to redefine ‘news’ and how we communicate that news on behalf of our brand. So in order to reach journalists and other stakeholder groups in context of this new reality, we have to take a different approach to engagement beyond traditional media relations/print journalists. We know developing media that matches what our brand stands for with what our audiences care about is a more effective way to develop a dedicated online following, shape media coverage and drive measurable business results,” Neptune tells Tony Silber.

“In terms of what’s the same, our business still remains relationship-based, which will remain a constant, regardless of how we choose to drive for brand influence across the platforms where we choose to tell our stories. Ultimately, brand journalism combines traditional brand management and storytelling, bringing them together around a new and dynamic communications platform.”

Latest Peregrinations for Publishing Executives

Hearst has named Michael Hainey as executive director of editorial for Esquire and editor-at-large for Town & Country, reports. Plus, Melissa Harris-Perry is now editor-at-large at; Marcus Weisgerber has been promoted to global business editor at Defense One; and Jamie Elden is the new president and CRO at Nylon.

Association magazines will benefit from the Mequoda Method as strongly as any other publishers. If you’re a “member” of one, download our free Multiplatform Publishing Strategy Handbook today to get started!

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