Audience Development in the Age of Digital Video

eMarketer reports on the effectiveness of video content, and Snapchat as an audience development tool; Time Inc. launches video-based food publication

Audience development is a major umbrella term online. There are a variety of ways online publishers develop audiences online, from content partnerships and social media to email and press releases. Today we’re taking a look at the use of digital video as an audience development tool, and media brands that are engaging with it.

We begin with some research from eMarketer on types of content created and its effectiveness, according to U.S. content marketers. “Nearly three-fourths (74%) of those polled created research and original data, and the same percentage created infographics and product reviews. Some 70% of content marketers said they produced video.”


According to the data, 13% of those surveyed found video content to be the most impactful, placing it fourth in line behind product reviews, infographics, and research/original data.

A different report from eMarketer takes a look at Snapchat’s effectiveness as an audience development tool. eMarketer reports, “Snapchat usage among adults of all ages is growing. eMarketer increased its US usage projections for 2017 by more than 5%, predicting 70.4 million people in the US will use the platform.”

“What’s more, many people are turning to Snapchat’s Live Stories to watch live streaming video. Data from UBS Evidence Lab found that Snapchat held on as the third most popular channel for live video consumption. YouTube and Facebook Live took the top spots, respectively.”

“The UBS study found that a majority of US social media users watch video on Snapchat. Fully 84% of respondents said they did, though younger people were more likely than their older peers to do so.”

Finally, we move to a publisher who is focusing deeply on video content. AdWeek is reporting on Time Inc., which is launching a video platform called Well Done. “The new brand will feature videos designed specifically for social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram with a presence on Pinterest as well.”

“Well Done is a first-of-its-kind food brand for Time Inc. developed to live on our social channels,” said Alan Murray, CCO of Time Inc., in a statement. “The team is producing short, dynamic videos with the latest tips and trends we know our audience craves. We see Well Done benefiting from our deep relationships and expertise in the food category, as well as the massive video and social reach of the Time Inc. network.”

“Time Inc. sees over 120 million monthly video views, and Well Done will leverage its data and personalization expertise and what it calls its “state-of-the-art test kitchens and video studios,” which are located in Birmingham, Ala.”

Will video become a bigger part of audience development campaigns for publishers? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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