B2B Publishers’ Revenue Up in 2015, ABM’s Business Information Network Reports

In other B2B publishers news, that same ABM rebrands as Connectiv, and they’re not the only ones to change names: Niche Media has a new one, as well; plus, more on the Media General-Meredith deal

B2B publishers are some of the most forward-thinking in the magazine media industry. Why? Because you have to be to survive. We count many B2B publishers among our Mequoda Members, and they embrace our multi-platform strategy for the simple reason that it helps them generate more revenue.

By definition, B2B publishers have targeted audiences brimming with enthusiasm, but also a limited number of topics to work with, necessitating a creative and diverse deployment of repurposed content. Events, in the form of conferences, are a natural fit for them, as are white papers and other products.

Well, it’s official – whatever they’re doing is working: Overall revenues are up significantly in 2015. Our friends at Folio: have that news and much more. Let’s take a look at what they found out!

Good News for B2B Publishers and Information Services

According to a study from ABM’s Business Information Network, revenue for B2B publishers and information services reached $14.1 billion in the first half of 2015, representing a 4.4% increase year-over-year, Folio: reports.

“While display digital advertising hasn’t turned out to be the cash cow that many expected it to be as CPMs continue to sink in both the B2B and consumer digital media space, the melding of digital advertising with marketing services solutions, the rise of native advertising and digitally-driven content marketing, as well as new KPIs and improvements in viewability and delivery will keep digital advertising at the forefront of B2B media growth,” ABM Senior Director of Content and Programming Matt Kinsman writes in the report.

Is the Media General-Meredith Deal in Jeopardy?

Media General is indeed opening up talks with Nexstar, which stepped in to purchase the former after the former announced it would be purchasing Meredith for $2.4 billion back in September to create a mega broadcasting company. Nexstar then wrote a letter calling the proposal “ill-conceived” and offered to buy Media General for $4.1 billion to create its own mega broadcasting company. While Media General’s board has rejected that offer, they have authorized negotiations, casting the Meredith merger into doubt, Folio: reports.


Niche Media Holdings Rebrands …

Niche Media Holdings is now GreenGale Publishing and has made several changes in its ranks of publishing executives, Folio: reports.

… While ABM Is Now Connectiv

The aformentioned ABM is also rebranding to become the Software & Information Industry Association’s Connectiv, Folio: reports.

“The vision behind the merger was to serve the industry more broadly, What’s even more important than the new name is the refinement of the new mission. We want to be more forward looking, more involved in the demands of our members’ business. The new organization is strongly committed to helping our membership understand a business model that’s complicated by new and changing technologies. We’ve seen dramatic shifts in how our member companies are making money. New technology has changed every aspect of our companies. Every one of our member companies is conducting business differently than they did just five years ago,” Connectiv Chairman of the Board Doug Manoni told Bill Mickey.

“The association will operate very much the same way it did historically, but it will be more focused on preparing companies on what’s coming next and helping them to move forward with confidence. … The Millennials are taking on increasingly important roles. They consume and use information differently, so we recognize that we have to think about the role we serve and how we serve them very differently. Otherwise, the Millennials will go somewhere else.”

Many B2B publishers – and many more niche publishers – have found success with the Mequoda Method. Will you be next? Download our free Multiplatform Publishing Strategy Handbook and find out!

To read more about B2B publishers in the news, visit FolioMag.com.


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