How Digital Publishers Make Website Changes in Search of More Revenue

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E-commerce getting more focus than display ads for some digital publishers; Guardian US looks at reader revenue; AMG/Parade partner with Made In Network

Successful digital publishers are taking the opportunities around them for the betterment of their publications and websites. Today we’re looking at organizations that are using website technology to advance their content towards more revenue.

We begin today with a content publisher that is turning its attention towards e-commerce, and moving away from display advertising. Digiday reports, “In the rush to diversify revenue streams, plenty of publishers have dropped e-commerce widgets onto their sites to drive incremental revenue. For its e-commerce push, special-interest publisher Future has overhauled its content strategy and redesigned its content platform. As a result, e-commerce revenue overtook display ad revenue on Future’s T3 tech brand for the first time last November.”


“Last September, T3 redesigned and restructured its site, honing its content to make e-commerce, rather than display ads, the dominant revenue model.”

The article continues with relevant statistics. “As a result of the changes, e-commerce revenue jumped 120 percent last December compared to the same time the previous year, according to the publisher. Now, 10 percent of the people who visit T3 make a purchase. Traffic to the site has also increased by 12 percent year over year, thanks to the changes in platform and content.”

Our next story looks at how digital publishers at the Guardian US have improved its website for more engagement. Digiday reports, “The reader contribution model is paying off for the Guardian US. After years of bleeding red ink, the 10-year-old U.S. outpost of the British newspaper is about to get in the black after having surpassed 300,000 supporters that account for one-third of its revenue.”

“The US is tracking the performance of the parent company, where reader revenue now surpasses that of ad revenue and which expects to break even by 2019 as part of a three-year cost-cutting plan.”

The article continues with the publications recent expansion. “Guardian US has benefited from the Trump bump that’s driven readership and subscriptions for The New York Times, The New Yorker and others. But while that support has leveled off elsewhere, reader support for Guardian US has continued, as the publisher has launched editorial series on the threat to public lands, environmental threats and other subjects it considers to be undercovered, to test people’s willingness to support specific coverage areas. ”

We finish today with a publisher partnership that highlights video. MediaPost reports, “AMG/Parade, the publisher of brands like Parade, Relish, Spry Living, Athlon Sports & Life and American Profile’s Community Table, is partnering with Nashville-based, video-first media company Made In Network, which builds and operates YouTube brand channels.”

“Made In Network will also assist with concept creation, channel management, video production and influencer marketing for AMG/Parade’s brands.”

This partnership brings more than video to the table. “The partnership will see AMG/Parade sell custom brand channels, as well as offer content across various platforms.”

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