New Digital Subscriptions Offered by WIRED, School Zone, and The Telegraph

Double Subscription Revenue With an All-Access Offer

These new digital subscriptions are focused on building engagement with readers through different strategies

We continue to see new digital subscriptions arise among subscription websites. Some of these new subscriptions are focuses on changes made by existing publications, while others are completely new ventures being offered to audiences.

The Telegraph, for instance, is one digital subscription getting a new look. Subscription Insider reports, “Last week The Telegraph, owned by Telegraph Media Group, announced that it is dropping its metered paywall in favor of a digital, premium subscription service called Telegraph Premium. Much of The Telegraph’s content will now be free, including breaking news, sports, entertainment, social, media, travel, lifestyle and culture news, but a significant number of daily stories will be reserved for premium subscribers.”


This approach allows the publication to offer a lot of high-quality content for free, while still reserve a premium option for the more unique and in-depth journalism the site has.

One of the new multiplatform digital subscriptions being offered aims to help educate kids. School Zone recently announced the release of Anywhere Teacher. According to an article announcing the release, Anywhere Teacher is “a new multi-platform, supplemental learning subscription for kids that is accessible across platforms and devices. Kids can log into any computer or device to access to practice essential reading and math skills with books, games, videos, flash cards, songs and music, printable workbook pages and more. Geared toward kids from ages 2 to 8, Anywhere Teacher was created by a team of educators, editors, designers and programmers.”

Anywhere Teacher is following along the multiplatform paradigm, giving it a greater chance to succeed as it meets users throughout a variety of accessible locations. For instance, multiple children in a family can use the platform on various devices at the same time.

The next publisher announcing a digital subscription plan comes from WIRED. An article reports, “Wired is taking subscriptions to a whole new level with a $4,000 a year membership program called the Emerging Technology Council. WIRED says this council is a joint effort between WIRED Media Group (WIRED, Ars Technica and Backchannel) and Traction Technology Partners, which specializes in connecting enterprise leaders to the world’s most transformative technologies and start-ups.”

WIRED is looking to make technology more understandable by innovators from all over. The company shares more about the process of the Emerging Tech Council on its website. “Through a series of eight virtual events, two face-to-face meetings, and other benefits throughout the year, we keep members ahead of the twists and turns of technology. Our peer-to-peer network is invaluable for inspiring different thinking, solving problems, and making connections to the innovators that are making the future real today.”

An interesting aspect of this council is the price tag stamped on it. At $4,000 per year, we’re seeing the existence of major niche subscription offerings and the recognition that large price tags can be placed on them with the right audience attached.


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