Hybrid Archetype

Mequoda Hybrid Archetype

A Mequoda Website Satellite Archetype that combines the strategic intent, or goal, of 2 or more website archetypes. A print example would be newspapers or magazines, where they generate revenue from subscription sales and advertising. Many publishers chose this model online and make a lot of money. The challenge with this archetype is designing the website’s architecture to be simple and effective, to avoid user confusion. WSJ.com is a best practice Mequoda Hybrid Website.

WSJ.com is a prime example of a successful Mequoda Hybrid Website. WSJ.com is one of the world’s most successful newspaper websites. It derives revenue from a hybrid of sources: membership access fees, print subscription sales and CPM advertising. While WSJ.com is a very robust example, all Mequoda Hybrid Websites derive significant income from two sources, users and sponsors.


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