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A step-by-step outline for how to plan, create, and publish a successful new digital magazine.

Dear Publishing & Marketing Professional,

You’re invited to join us on March 16 at 1pm ET for a FREE webinar, Giving Life to Your New Digital Magazine Idea where you’ll discover how to build a digital magazine from the ground up.

At Mequoda, we have developed, designed, tested, and deployed dozens of digital magazines. We’ve built these digital magazines using best practices derived from today’s most successful publishers, and we’ll show you how you can do the same.

How to go from 0 to 100 with your digital magazine

Do you have an editorial team that can support both free and paid content? Does your development team have experience working with periodical publications? Do you have expertise in marketing a digital magazine?

Our team has been launching successful digital magazines and their support systems for nearly two decades. Some of our early and current systems include a print component, while others are 100% digital.

As you might imagine, we are continuously exploring, refining and documenting what it means to be a magazine publisher in the 21st century. With the 2020 launch of Food Gardening Network, we had the opportunity to plan and create a brand new digital magazine brand from scratch using everything we’ve learned over the years from publishers large and small, consumer and B2B.

What you’ll learn on March 16 at 1pm ET in our FREE webinar, Giving Life to Your New Digital Magazine Idea.

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Discover the Must-Have Components that Should be on Your Phase 1 Launch Checklist

In Giving Life to Your New Digital Magazine Idea, you’ll discover:

  • How to launch a magazine that is 100% digital and that meets your business plan goals
  • Five editorial frameworks that should be married into your digital magazine publishing system
  • The interlocking content and reader engagement goals you should consider
  • How to identify a top-flight technology stack that can support top-tier digital magazines
  • The editorial and marketing team required to run a new digital magazine

You’ll dive into a real-life case study of a digital magazine launch that implements all of the above and more.

You may have attended one of our seminars, webinars, or workshops in the past. If so, you know that at our core, we are teachers on a mission to transform the legacy magazine publishing industry into a digital-first, multiplatform publishing industry that will succeed and grow for decades, and beyond.

You’d also know that we are lifelong testers, committed to the continuous improvement of the methodologies we practice and teach. And while it may be reasonable to assume that best practices for creating magazines haven’t changed in the past few years, the reality is the practices for building digital magazines have evolved significantly and continue to do so every day.

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We’ve discovered new publishing methods that have revolutionized how we publish and market premium content, and how consumers engage with that content. As a result of continuous testing and implementing these new methods, we’ve seen online subscription order volumes double and triple. We’ve seen reader engagement double and triple. And we’ve seen online subscription revenue and profits double and triple. These have been very exciting times!

Over the past 20 years, our team has been innovating, testing, improving, and documenting a step-by-step digital publishing and marketing methodology with hundreds of best practices that have helped our partners—and can help you—use their magazine media brands, content, and organizational resources to build engaged audiences and create highly profitable subscription and membership websites.

Join me and Mequoda’s CEO, Don Nicholas, as we share and demonstrate how publishers are thriving in 2022 with profitable digital magazines. And because we want you and your team to attend without impediment, we are presenting this webinar absolutely free!

We believe you’ll find that this 90-minute free webinar marks a turning point in how you see your digital magazine, its future, and its potential to survive and prosper in the new digital-first, multiplatform publishing world.

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So why are we sharing this information with you in our Giving Life to Your New Digital Magazine Idea webinar for FREE? Because that’s what we do best! We are teachers at heart and it is our mission to help the magazine industry prosper. You’ll leave this webinar packed with all the know-how to move forward with successfully launching your new digital magazine idea.

The only caveat is that seats are limited to the first 97 attendees to help ensure a successful Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

Register today so you don’t miss out, and please pass this along to colleagues and any friends in the industry who may benefit from this webinar.

Don and I will be available at the end of the webinar to answer your questions and help you relate our methodology to your organization and goals.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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Kim Mateus
Chief Strategy Officer, Mequoda Systems, LLC
Program Leader, Giving Life to Your New Digital Magazine Idea

PS: Seats are limited, so please register today so you won’t miss out on this important event.

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