Content Marketing Made Simple


What suggestions do you have for Content Marketing best practices?



Content Marketing Suggestion #1:

SEO everything: Keep your keyword universe open while working on your second draft or editing an article. Include your keywords whenever possible to help increase organic marketing. However, only add them to your content when they fit contextually. Keyword stuffing is a black hat SEO practice that will take credibility away from your content and anger Google.

Content Marketing Suggestion #2:

Use as many platforms as possible: Leveraging content throughout different platforms is a key component of content marketing. If you produce written content, and you believe your audience would be interested in an audio or video component as well, it is not hard to take your evergreen content and record it in these formats. Today, video or audio recording devices can be purchased at relatively low prices and still help create quality content.

Content Marketing Suggestion #3:

Be a valuable source of industry content: In addition to writing about content aligning with your products and events, cover the news that is relevant to your audience. This will show audience members that you care about the entire industry and not just your agenda.

Content Marketing Suggestion #4:

Give away free content: Whether it’s new or recycled content, you should give away freemiums in exchange for an email address.

Content Marketing Suggestion #5:

Interact with your community: When writing articles with pressing topics, ask your audience to share their thoughts and opinions. When they do share thoughts, be sure to respond in a timely manner.

Content Marketing Suggestion #6:

Utilize social media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have more or less created a revolution. If you haven’t joined, you should. These social networks give you a new opportunity to share your content. At Mequoda Daily we tweet every one of our articles and build our audience with these notifications.

Content Marketing Suggestion #7:

Make contacts through PR: Sending search engine optimized press releases through online PR websites can get notices about your freemiums on Google news and in front of more is one of my personal favorites.



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