How does website architecture play into revenue generation?


How does website architecture play into revenue generation?

The publishers that have seen the most success in generating online revenue are those whose websites are architected to be completely in-line with their revenue goals. For example, one of the most successful product-driven publishers we’ve had the pleasure of working with was Johns

They generate all their revenue from selling their own white papers, bulletins and reports. If you visit their site, you will find topic pages that are completely aligned with their products (arthritis, back pain, cancer, etc.). They then have product in each one of those topic pages, which essentially act as “sponsors” for each topic page. Each piece of content on that site and in their email newsletter that talks about arthritis is sponsored by arthritis product. has seen success in selling advertising sponsorships on their site, in large part due to the 25 individual topic pages they identified and architected around, such as Wireless Technology, Wireless Networks, Mobile Banking. It’s as if they have 25 mini-sites they can sell sponsorships around.



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