Do Press Releases Lead to Duplicate Content?


How does submitting press releases to online press release sites affect Google ranking in terms of duplicate content? If you do get penalized are you supposed to post separate releases to each of the sites, as well as your own?


Duplicate content is to be avoided on your site but not a worry when syndicated across other domains… Google will sort through the various posts choose one instance for the highest placement based on a multiplicity of factors that include the post date on each site, the links to the press release on each site and the Page Rank of each site.

To maximize the link building impact of your press releases:

1. Post your press release once and only once on your domain.

2. Post each press release first and wait abut 72 hours to let Google find the post and credit your domain as the content originator.

3.  Post your release to the premium websites next and allow 72 hours for Google News, Yahoo News and other aggregators to pick up the release.

4. Post your release on free secondary websites.

Note: Make sure all the above press releases link to the post, RCLP or SLLP at your site that is the source of information beyond the press release, thus making that URL the ultimate original source of content on the press release topic.



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