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Reviews and Testimonials 2018

Don’t take our word for it, see what recent attendees had to say about their experience at the Mequoda Summit.

Video Testimonial 1 | Video Testimonial 2 | Video Testimonial 3 | Video Testimonial 4

Video Testimonial 1

“Brilliant stuff – can’t wait to figure out how to apply it to our current web strategies that we’re tackling during this transition.”
—Stephanie Church, Editor-in-Chief, The Horse

“Really professional well-run and coordinated conference with great access to some really interesting peers in their field
—Matthew Smith, General Manager, Canongate Partners Pty

“It was my first time here and I had an exceptional time! The Summit is an excellent place to gather current and future information as well as the perfect networking event to share successes and learning opportunities.”
—Natalie Yelen, Content Lead, Active Interest Media

“Great Summit. Lots of changes since I attended in 2006 – I won’t wait 4 years until I return again!”
John Fitzgerald, Director of Business Planning & Online Commerce, Automotive News

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Video Testimonial 2

Gary Ellis, CEO, Compass Marketing

“Jam-packed with actionable results-based information that will enable us to acquire more customers and make more money selling our products. A terrific value for the time and money spent that over-delivered on the promises made in the promotions.”
—Bob Kaslik, VP Consumer Marketing, Aspire Media

“Useful, example-rich presentations to help take your online efforts to the next level.”
—Erin Hallstrom, Online Marketing Manager, Aspire/Interweave

“Great & diverse group, but the techniques could be applied across industries—not just for magazine publishers, but any direct marketer looking to move to an online business model.”
—Maureen Bevan, Director, Professional Education Institute

“Extremely useful and relevant information with guidance and suggestions on how to make these ideas work on your site.”
Jackie Flaherty, Manager, iProduction

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Video Testimonial 3

Sean Bailey, Editor-in-Chief,

“If you’re in publishing, go to the Mequoda Summit. Everything presented is worthwhile and useful for any publisher.”
—Brandon Clay, Copywriter, All Star Investor

“If you want to make more money online—and have all the tools to make this happen, listen to Mequoda.”
—Chuck McCullagh, Senior Vice President, Magazine Publishers of America

“Useful, example-rich presentations to help take your online efforts to the next level.”
—Erin Hallstrom, Online Marketing Manager, Aspire/Interweave

“A good conference for those looking for tactical best practices used by old and new publishers across a broad spectrum of fields.”
—Peter Gudmundsson, CEO, Beckett Media

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Video Testimonial 4

Gary Grimes, Marketing Manager, Elliott Wave International

“Overall the Mequoda Summit was an extremely rewarding experience. Don Nicholas is undoubtedly an expert in his field and delivers an information packed, fast-paced quality presentation over two days. Any publisher who is serious about capitalizing on the power of the Internet should not miss an opportunity to attend the Mequoda Summit.”
—Joseph Belotti, President,

“I can make my company more money because I attended the Mequoda Summit.”
—Kimberly S. Brown, Editor in Chief, Blood-Horse Publications

“Don and the whole Mequoda team are very helpful and make the experience enjoyable as well as extremely useful.”
—Tom Kelly, Publisher, Vermont Life

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