12 Free Landing Page Templates

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses 12 landing page templates and how to maximize Internet marketing conversion rates by using the correct one

(Nationwide)—Many pages of a website are landing pages. If users are coming to a website via search engines or via targeted traffic, they are “landing” on the website through any number of pages.

Landing pages are necessary components of your entire online marketing strategy. For online publishers and Internet marketers, a landing page should be looked at as any webpage that begins a transaction or relationship.

The end goal of this transaction can be any of the follow:

-A subscription to an email newsletter

-The purchase of a product

-The downloading of a digital product

-A sign-up for an event

-The completion of a survey

-The joining of a membership-based organization

A well-crafted landing page with strong conversion architecture will maximize the possibility that the user landing on the page will take the desired action.

All of your website’s incoming links should be pointing at landing pages that have conversion architecture so users can begin their transactions.

To learn about 12 specific landing page templates that are designed for maximizing Internet marketing conversion rates, start with Mequoda Group’s free 12 Master Landing Page Templates.

Receive a free digital copy of the 12 Master Landing Page Templates now.

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