A Best Practice on Landing Page Optimization

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses eight steps landing pages that maximize email conversion rates

(Nationwide)—The Internet has changed traditional journalism. Nowadays writers are responsible for creating and marketing their work when placed on the Internet. Writing the copy for a rapid conversion landing page is no exception.

To engage in proper landing page optimization for a free report’s landing page, it’s important to start with a keyword analysis. This is an exercise in determining what your audience is interested in and what they search for.

The best terms to use are ones that have a lot of people searching for them, without a lot of competing websites. The number of searches can be determined by using the Google Keyword Tool. The amount of competing websites can be found by searching for the keyword phrase in Google with quotation marks around it.

Additionally, keyword phrases should appeal to the author of the report or the subject matter it discusses. Other good search terms are ones that relate to existing editorial content, or have a connection to new content that can be researched and produced with ease.

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