An Online Optimizing Tool for Website Homepage Design

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses essential tips for designing a website homepage and mistakes to avoid in the process

(Nationwide)—It can be difficult to balance between attractive graphic design and quick load time when it comes to websites. Engaging aesthetics are important as they do add feel to websites while creating personal connections with visitors.

However, the load time of a website is also very important. If a website loads too slowly, then it’s likely that visitors will end up navigating away from the page and going to a competitor’s website.

If a quick loading website with graphics is desired by an online publisher or content marketers, then it’s necessary to reduce the size of the images and optimize them before they go live.

There are a number of different ways to optimize images. Software programs like Photoshop can be used. Fortunately for those who do not possess image editing software, there are online based tools that can be very beneficial.

For instance, the NetMechanic offers a tool that can help optimize a website for free. While on the site, specific images can be entered, or the URL of a specific website. The NetMechanic Bot will then help slim down the size of the images without negatively impacting the quality of the image too drastically. The Bot can be found at the NetMechanic website, or within Mequoda Group’s free report on website homepage design basics.

To learn more on how to optimize images on a website in order to improve load time and properly design a website homepage, start with Mequoda Group’s free Website Homepage Design Basics.

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