Community Building with Subscription Websites

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses 14 guidelines and 13 case studies for designing subscription websites

(Nationwide)—Some of the most successful websites let their users generate 99 percent of their content. The websites that can do this become leaders in building communities that draw in users and get them to read and post.

Websites with frequent postings are not only encouraging constant traffic due to fresh content, but they also generate thousands of pages of content. Generally there is a new page created for each topic covered. This massive amount of content and pages helps to drive search engine optimization through the roof.

To grade the many websites the Mequoda Group has researched, a scorecard has been developed with the main criteria for successful subscription websites. In order to receive a grade of an “A” for Community Building, it’s necessary to clearly invite visitors to become involved with other members.

Having a strong community behind a website is the difference between attracting a massive audience and not. The Internet is a very interactive place, and with new technology like mobile devices and the iPad, it’s easier than ever to have audience members participate with a brand even on the go.

Building a community alongside a website’s content will also show the audience members the dedication and knowledge that an online publisher possesses. The more trust created through a large community, the more audience members that will likely join that community.

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