Content Marketing Strategy #1 – Understanding User Needs

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses the seven principles of the content marketing strategy that successful online publishers and content marketers are using

Content marketing has become a token of the special interest media experience.

In fact, it’s been reported by the Meltwater Group that Internet marketers will be working to make content marketing a priority of theirs in 2011.

The need for content marketing has trumped the old, traditional methods of interruptive marketing. Nowadays, the online community is about sharing worthy information with your friends and family. There is a desire for trust, and if consumers aren’t experiencing the level of trust they deserve, they will not bother spending in these times of economic hardship.

Fortunately, content marketing has created interest with audiences while building a positive reputation for the online publishers and content marketers associated with the process.

Content Marketing Strategy #1 – Understand User Needs

Internet users have become self-aware in modern times. They realize their importance to companies and refuse to be persuaded by intrusive marketing messages. Ultimately, these self-actualized users seek answers to their problems and information from trusted sources.

This is where content marketers can shine by providing their audiences with the content they seek.

Typically, when searching for special interest media, users highly value a first-person experience from a combination of experts, colleagues and peers.

As a content marketer, your goal is to create the most accurate content by compiling first-person knowledge from reputable sources and making it available to your audience through various platforms.

You can then use your content to market for other products. Live events are the best high-fidelity user experience, with offline experiences following. Content marketers that do not engage in live events have also found success by offering downloadable media, like books, special reports, video pieces or audio podcasts.

Successful content marketing will begin with understand your users’ needs. After you discover what will make your audience happy, you can begin working towards that goal with the content you produce and the process in which you promote it.

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