Discover a Successful Content Marketing Strategy for 2011

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses the content marketing strategy that successful online publishers and content marketers are using

(Nationwide)—Studies have shown that content marketing is going to be a main focus for Internet marketers and online publishers during 2011.

This is so because content marketing is an informative, unobtrusive way of promoting products while forging long-lasting relationships with an audience.

Although many are hoping to tackle content marketing in 2011, not everyone has a proper content marketing strategy in place. Fortunately the Mequoda Group has compiled a free report that discussed the content marketing strategy in detail.

Those aspiring to become content marketers are doing so as they realize that content marketing in the digital age is rapidly replacing other forms of traditional marketing. Internet users have shown that they do not like interruptive advertisements and content marketing has been the method to appease these users.

Furthermore, the most successful, special-interest online publishers have been following the ways of the Mequoda System – a content marketing strategy of best practices outlined by the Content Marketing Strategy 2011 free report.

This new free report from Mequoda Group discusses the topic of content marketing and includes the seven principles to a successful content marketing strategy. These principles include:

Content Marketing Strategy Principle #1 – Understand user needs

Content Marketing Strategy Principle #2 – Use many platforms

Content Marketing Strategy Principle #3 – Leverage organic media

Content Marketing Strategy Principle #4 – Build user relationships

Content Marketing Strategy Principle #5 – Maximize customer value

Content Marketing Strategy Principle #6 – Empower your organization

Content Marketing Strategy Principle #7 – Manage by exception

For more on these seven principles of the highly successful content marketing strategy, start with Mequoda Group’s free Content Marketing Strategy 2011.

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