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This free report from Mequoda Group discusses tips for better email copywriting that will maximize email conversion rates

(Nationwide)—Email is a major way online publishers generate revenue online. Studies have shown that most people decide whether or not to open an email by quickly glancing at the subject line and the sender’s name. In order for publishers to generate the potential revenue that’s available through email marketing lists, they need to get their email delivered, opened, read and converted.

Email copywriting is a factor in whether or not an email is opened, read and acted upon. Listed below are three tips for consumer email copywriting:

Email Copywriting Tip #1 – Send a welcome email: Use this email to remind email recipients that they signed up for the email newsletter. Make this email personal by using their name and pointing them to a section they will be interested in. Thank them for signing up and reiterate how often they will be receiving the emails.

Email Copywriting Tip #2 – Keep it personal: In the world of consumer email marketing, it’s important to realize that the user probably does not need the content, but wants it. Being transparent and casual in your email copywriting will build trust and relationships.

Email Copywriting Tip #3 – Include a product in your welcome email: While you have the user’s attention, don’t pass up on the opportunity to offer them a best-selling product. Include a casual advertisement in the right nav or at the bottom of the email. The point of the email is not to sell a product, so do not come off too strong with the promotion.

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